Ways To Join Atalanta Football Academy

A roadmap to entering the Atalanta Academy is revealed in this post (ways to join the Atalanta Football Academy). Whether you’re a young footballer hoping to play at the Gewiss Stadium or a diehard fan curious about the academy, this is your journey to La Dea’s heart. Your trip to the Atalanta badge begins here, with trial opportunities that reveal the academy’s ideology, close-knit teamwork, tactical genius taught by skilled coaches, and the clamour of passionate Bergamo fans.

Overview Of Atalanta Football Club

Atalanta, a professional football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy, goes by the name Atalanta or Bergamasca Calcio. Having climbed up from Serie B in the 2010–2011 season, they now compete in Serie A.


Some of the nicknames for Atalanta include La Dea, the Nerazzurri, and the Orobici. Students from Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi found it in 1907. When playing, the team members don black shorts and shirts with vertical blue and black stripes, paired with black socks.

Their home games take place at the 21,747-seat Gewiss Stadium. People often refer to Atalanta as the “Queen of Provincial Clubs”. This is because they are the most consistent team in Italy, not based in a major city.


In addition to 62 Serie A seasons, the club has also played in 28 Serie B seasons and one Serie C season. They’ve had a feud with the nearby Brescia club for a long time.

The group is known for its young development plan, which has turned out many skilled football players who now play in Europe’s top leagues. After playing in Serie B, the team won the Coppa Italia in 1963 and made it to the Cup Winners’ Cup semifinals in 1988.

This accomplishment, along with Cardiff City’s, is still the best by a club that isn’t in the top flight in a major UEFA tournament. Another thing is that Atalanta played in the UEFA Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup) for five years and made it to the playoffs twice, in 1991 and 2022.


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Historical Performance Of Atalanta Football Club

Atalanta is known by many names, such as La Dea, the Nerazzurri, and the Orobici. It was set up in 1907 by students at the Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi. They wear black shorts, black socks, and blue and black shirts with stripes going up and down. Their home games are held at Switzerland’s Gewiss Stadium, which has room for 21,300 people.

People in Italy often refer to Atalanta as the “Regina delle Provinciali,” which means “queen of provincial clubs.” This shows how consistent it is compared to other Italian teams that aren’t in regional cities. It has been 60, 28, and one season since Atalanta last played in Serie A, Serie B, and Serie C.

The nearby club, Brescia, and the local team have been competing against each other for a long time. Many skilled players who went on to play for the best European teams came from Atalanta’s youth school, which is well-known.

More Information

The team won the Coppa Italia in 1963, and they made it to the semifinals of the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1988, when they were still in Serie B. Along with Cardiff City, this is still the most impressive showing by a team from a lower league in a major UEFA tournament.

Atalanta also played in the UEFA Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup) for four seasons. Their best performance was in the 1990–1991 season, when they made it to the playoffs. After two years in the UEFA Champions League, Atalanta reached the 2019–20 quarterfinals.

The Atalanta Football Academy

Atalanta’s youth system ranks sixth in Europe, after Real Madrid, Barcelona, and three French clubs..

Their success extends to the number of players making it to the first division, with 22 competing in Serie A, 32 in Serie B, and 3 abroad during the 2007–08 season.

Additionally, Atalanta’s youth system has not only been successful in producing more main squad players but has also earned recognition in top national leagues, securing a total of 17 national championships from 1991 to 2014.

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Enrolling Into Atalanta Football Academy

To learn how to become a member of the Atalanta Football Academy, please adhere to the instructions provided in this section. Also, you can complete your registration on their official website by clicking the “SIGN UP” link located on the page’s bottom.

During the registration procedure, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Personal details of a parent or legal guardian
  2. IBAN and account holder information of a parent or legal guardian (for refund purposes).
  3. Personal information of the child.

Information will be collected during registration to create the invoice, and you cannot change the billing details once registered. Please review your subscription details carefully before confirming.

Only Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, and Amex credit cards, prepaid cards, and Postepay are accepted during registration.

Federal laws forbid practice training initially, but you can attend training sessions once activities have started and before registering.

About Atalanta Football Schools

Atlanta BC demonstrates its dedication to young individuals and their families by offering them the opportunity to train with its coaches for an entire season.

This initiative allows children and families to gain insights into the successful strategies that have made the Youth Sector of the Atalanta Football Club highly renowned throughout Europe.

The Atalanta Football School is a reputed institution where skilled Atalanta BC coaches teach new players..


1. Two weekly workouts

2. A few weekend-only sporting events per month (tournaments, friendly games, etc.)

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What Is The Duration Of The Football School Program?

The Football School typically starts in late September or early October and concludes by the end of May. Also, it includes a winter break from mid-December to the end of January or early February, contingent upon approval from the relevant authorities regarding the resumption of youth activities.

Atalanta Football Camps

Atlanta established the Atalanta Football Camp as a summer initiative. Also, it provides the opportunity for young girls and boys to receive coaching from Nerazzurri coaches. Furthermore, it allows them to gain insight into their training techniques.

Families can choose from various locations across Italy, not limited to just Bergamo and Lombardy. However, there are specialized camps for women’s football, options for overnight stays for a complete immersive experience, and camps at the Bortolotti Center in Zingonia, where aspiring Nerazzurri players can train on the team’s fields.

Atalanta Football Camps offer a comprehensive experience that encompasses not only football but also education and training for those interested in the Nerazzurri youth sector’s methods.

Atalanta Football Club Stadium

Located in Bergamo, Italy, there is a stadium known as the Stadio di Bergamo. Due to sponsorship, its name was changed to Gewiss Stadium in July 2019. This venue serves as Atalanta’s primary stadium and has a seating capacity of 21,000 people. The playing field spans 70 metres in width and 120 metres in length (equivalent to 130 yards).

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Atlanta has consistently demonstrated their value by developing players, which makes them a shining example in a football world where money and business rule.

Their emphasis on youth recruitment and a sustainable club management approach sets them apart. Meanwhile, emulating their strategy could be beneficial, especially for clubs positioned in the middle of the league standings. We trust you’ll find this article on joining the Atalanta Football Academy informative.


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