Ways To Enter The Fulham Football Academy

Are you residing in Fulham and would like to play football on a professional level? Then you should read this post. The topic we shall treat is “Ways To Enter The Fulham Football Academy”. Other aspects of the article are an overview of the Fulham Football Club, Fulham FC foundation, details of the Fulham FC Academy, trials at the Fulham Academy, and Fulham Football Academy tryouts.

Overview Of The Fulham Football Club

With the assistance of knowledgeable and committed staff, Fulham offers a cutting-edge football development and education programme. Their advanced coaching techniques and technology at the Fulham Football Academy in Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6PT, aim to enhance player performance.


They actively scout promising talents to join their programme and are highly selective in their choices due to intense competition. This is in light of recent changes to the football academy system.

Under the updated rules, Academy Category One clubs are now allowed to recruit players nationwide (ages U12+). This rule adjustment by the FA aims to enable the best talents to participate in top-notch academies, even if they don’t live nearby. Previously, Category One teams could only bring in players residing within a 90-minute travel distance from the Academy.


This expansion of talent selection enriches the pool of domestic players for international competitions, providing top talents with optimal opportunities for success. Consequently, Fulham Academy has witnessed a rise in the engagement of host families, offering secure family environments to accommodate young, gifted individuals.

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Fulham FC foundation

The Fulham FC Foundation is the club’s official charitable organisation, and it works to make the community healthy, welcoming, and successful.


The Fulham FC Foundation works hard to improve people’s lives through sports. They connect Fulham FC with kids and adults all over south-west London. Fulham FC Foundation helps a lot of different people in the community, including disabled teens and young adults, refugees, adults who don’t have many friends, people who are having problems with their mental health, and many more.

Every year, the Fulham FC Foundation makes a difference in the lives of more than 10,000 people. Fulham FC Foundation uses sports to motivate and involve people, which improves their physical and mental health and helps people in our community feel more confident and linked with others.

A big part of Fulham FC’s job is to figure out how they can improve people’s lives. You can see who the Fulham FC Foundation is helping and what effect they are having by reading the following:

Today, the Fulham FC Foundation runs 25 projects with eight main themes:









As a Fulham Family member, you can attend motivational sessions in Hammersmith & Fulham, Wandsworth, Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, and Surrey. These sessions are all meant to help people reach their goals.

All of this would not be possible in Fulham FC’s Foundation history without the help of fans, sponsors, and the club itself. The Fulham FC Foundation has a unique link with the club that makes the services and lives of those who take part much better.

Details Of Fulham FC Academy

Fulham takes immense pride in its rich history of nurturing athletes, not only for the First Team but also for various sports-related and unrelated fields. Notable individuals who have passed through the system include Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, Paul Parker, Sean Davis, Moussa Dembélé, Marcus Bettinelli, Ryan and Steven Sessegnon, and Harvey Elliott.

The current Fulham Academy continues to uphold this tradition, with 40 players having made their senior debuts since the start of the 2011–12 season.

Also, the Academy achieved Category One status under the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) in July 2012, signifying its dedication. The rebuilding of the Motspur Park Training Ground in 2016 highlights the Academy’s importance to the club’s present and future objectives.

The Academy’s scouting efforts have brought together talent from local, national, and international sources, with some players even representing their countries at different age levels.

A key focus of the Academy is personal growth within a high-performance setting, fostered by a close-knit community. All players, spanning from the foundation phase to the under-23s, embody the academy’s core values known as the 3 Hs: honesty, humility, and hard work.

Trials At The Fulham Academy

At the Fulham Academy, being selected for a trial is dependent on staying in the right places at the right times. Some football players choose to directly contact clubs by sharing videos showcasing their gameplay. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that clubs receive an overwhelming number of these videos weekly and lack the time to review them alongside their regular tasks.

Consequently, the most effective approach to securing a trial at Fulham Academy is to register for a spot in the Fulham Football Academy.

By participating in these football schools, which are open to everyone, individuals gain a valuable opportunity to attract attention. Scouts frequently identify promising young talents during football academy sessions and extend invitations for trials at Fulham Academy’s development centres.

It’s also a smart move to enrol your child in a football academy once they reach an appropriate age. This choice allows them to progress alongside their peers, as classmates will likely be engaging in similar activities, aiding in skill enhancement.

Email your information to


Telephone: 0203 871 0811

Post: Fulham FC Foundation
Fulham FC Training Ground
Motspur Park
New Malden

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Fulham Football Academy Tryouts

The Fulham Football Academy Recruitment Procedure

This Academy manages a network of scouts operating at local, national, and global levels. These scouts observe matches and identify potential players aged 7 to 18. If a scout proposes a player to the recruitment team, the suggestion goes through a comprehensive evaluation before any decisions are made.

How To Apply For Open Trials At Fulham Football Academy

From time to time, they conduct specialised open tryouts. All necessary information can be found on the internet and in the designated region. The academy consistently keeps track of young players at local clubs or schools before considering them for a training session.

If you wish to submit your playing CV to the academy, be sure to provide a schedule of your team’s upcoming matches, along with their timings and locations.

Additionally, they require information about your football background, which includes your birth year, playing position, previous teams you’ve been a part of, and any honours earned while representing your national team.

Feel free to include recommendation letters or references that could support your application. Only players with EU passports or valid “leave to remain” documentation are eligible for the tryouts.

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Observing A Fulham Academy Scout

Fulham Academy scouts often avoid wearing club attire, making them inconspicuous. This approach aims to prevent players from feeling pressured and ensure their performance isn’t influenced.

Scouts will contact coaches or managers before reaching out to parents, so you’ll only know about their attendance through your current club’s communication.

Getting the Attention of a Fulham Academy Scout

Prospective players have the chance to undergo trials with scouts from the Fulham Academy. While some players might be fortunate to catch scouts’ attention during games, Fulham is aware that valuable talent could be overlooked. To address this, they offer players the option to reach out directly using the provided contact information.

While they may not be able to respond to every application due to the high volume, this approach remains a viable way for young players seeking to enhance their football skills to inform scouts about themselves and secure a trial opportunity at the Fulham Academy.

Necessary data to get scouted for a trial at Fulham Academy:

  1. Resume of players
  2. Letter of application
  3. Essential player details comprise their role, age, birthdate, stature, mass, contact details (email, phone, address), previous teams, records of past tryouts, and accolades from school, regional, or county levels.
  4. Locations where players should be present
  5. To provide the scout with a list of your team’s upcoming matches, along with the location and start time.

Fulham Academy evaluates applications, and they will then decide whether or not to send a scout to the game.

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Qualities That Fulham Football Academy Scouts Seek

They acknowledge the existence of diverse player types, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. When evaluating a player, they assess their technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social attributes, along with factors like relative age effects and maturation rates.

To ascertain a player’s potential superiority over current registrants, they also analyse how they compare to the existing Academy players. The character of a player is a vital aspect that the Academy’s recruitment team values.

Fulham Academy Syllabus

At Fulham Academy, the training plan is split into separate modules for physical and tactical training. There is also a special scheme for goalkeepers. This split can be seen in the example given:

1. The Fulham Academy’s professional development stage

2. Youth development phase

3. Foundation stage

4. Youth and professional development phase

5. Foundational goalkeeper development stage

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The Fulham Academy came into existence to invest in the potential of young footballers and provide them with essential resources. They include: coaching, networking, health, and lifestyle guidance to build a successful football career.

If you live in the Fulham catchment area and aspire to a football career, the Fulham Academy provides the optimal chance for success.


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