Top Football Academies In Morocco

Millions of football fans call Morocco’s magnificent beaches—which stretch from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic—their favourite playground. Everywhere you look, from the alleys of Moroccan towns to the villages and real douars, football clubs and academies, international-caliber stadiums, homes everywhere, and most importantly, in Moroccan hearts, football is there.


The cordial greeting extended by the people and His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the national heroes who have flown the Moroccan flag symbolises this unity around shared ideals of love, family, passion, and pride in being a part of this Kindgom of Light.

Top Moroccan Football Academies To Check Out

1. Barça Academy Morocco

Using the same training programmes as at the FC Barcelona training centre “La Masia,” the BARCA Academy Maroc seeks to provide your child with high-quality instruction and supervision.

Our football school caters to youngsters between the ages of 5 and 15, encouraging their personal growth and awakening via athletics while honouring FC Barcelona’s core principles and methods.

Our coaches are FC Barcelona employees on a temporary basis, and they will provide the necessary technical, tactical, and physical skills to advance, study, or master the game of football through age-appropriate training sessions.

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2. PSG Academy, Morocco

The Argan Golf Resort complex (route du Barrage) is home to the Marrakech football team, Paris Saint-Germain Maroc Academy.

There is an academy for kids and teens at this football institution.

You can hire soccer fields from this centre as well.

All Moroccan youth between the ages of 6 and 17 have the chance to experience the principles of a prominent European football team through the Paris Saint-Germain Morocco Academy. This course has its basis in a customised training approach and distinct working methodology.

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3. LEAD Academy

The academy’s goal is to provide top-notch instruction and sports to enable Morocco’s future leaders. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that our student-athletes have access to fresh chances both when they are still at LEAD Morocco and after they graduate and enter the workforce.

As an academy, we will have access to international professional football clubs, the African Leadership Academy in South Africa, conferences worldwide, and, of course, the top colleges and employers in Morocco for our graduates.

The Academy provides top-notch academic programmes, professional football instruction, healthy eating, medical attention, and assistance with soft skills. Our student-athletes usually arrive at the academy at 8:30 am and stay until 6:00 pm. Following academic instruction at El Massira Primary School, kids receive professional football training, theoretical classes, life skills, and leadership instruction, along with lunch.

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4. Raja CA Academy

The Moroccan football team Raja Club Athletic uses Raja Club Athletic Academy (also known as Raja CA Academy or just Raja Academy) as their training facility and academy headquarters. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in the construction, which was eventually finished in 2021. Raja CA Academy held its first team training in March 2022 and formally opened on September 22, 2022.

Apart from the facilities used by the first team, it also houses the club’s academy system, which provides its young football players with lodging, education, and top-notch football development in collaboration with the Raja-Oasis Sports Complex.

The Raja-Oasis Sports Complex was the first Moroccan academy to implement the “sport-study” model, which combines football with education, and was also among the first facilities in Africa to meet international standards. The Royal Moroccan Football Federation’s technical department selected it as the top club training facility for 2021.

5. Aspire Academy

For youth ages Under-13 through Under-18, Aspire Academy runs a football programme. Talented boys have the opportunity to practice at the Football Talent Centres located around Qatar from the age of 5 to 8, and then join the Academy’s feeder teams from 9 to 11, before becoming able to join the Academy as full- or part-time student-athletes at the age of 12.

The players receive instruction from a multinational staff with the goal of exposing them to other football schools. They also learn how to handle varied play styles by playing elite teams from around the globe.

We provide players with ongoing challenges. We measure their ability to quickly adjust to various conditions by placing them in a competitive setting. Players are encouraged to think creatively and unconventionally. What will set our players apart from the competition is how they approach circumstances and make judgements.

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6. Valencia CF Academy, Morocco

An academy rich in morals. As essential components in both male and female players’ growth and also in people’s development. As Valencia CF’s identity and DNA are evident on the pitch of play, the VCF Academy is currently introducing updated research with the core values that comprise the working philosophy that has been carried out for the last 30 years.

“Train people, develop footballers” is the motto that drives all of the VCF Academy’s activities in relation to its dual educational mission. With extensive effort completed over the last few seasons, this slogan is now being thoroughly examined.

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7. RCDE Academy, Rabat, Morocco

The goal of the RCDE Academy Rabat is to promote RCD Espanyol de Barcelona’s name and expertise abroad. Our brand is associated with an organisational structure built on professionalism, comprehensive training, and the efficacy of our youth academy’s operational procedures.

The aim is to provide players with the opportunity to enhance all of their skills, always under the guidance of an RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Director of Methodology.

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8. Mohammed VI Football Academy

The Mohammed VI Football Academy, also known as the Académie Mohammed VI de Football in French, or ʽakādīmiyya Muḥammad as-sādis l-kurat al-qadam in Arabic, is a football academy in Salé, Morocco. King Mohammed VI officially opened it in 2009 with the goal of transforming Moroccan national sports.

The academy’s objectives are to advance Moroccan football and assist youngsters in realising their dream of competing in a professional league.

The Academy first welcomed patrons in September of 2010. It serves about fifty individuals who are in the 13–18 age range.

The king personally provides financing for this instructional sports facility. A portion of private investments from ONA, Maroc Télécom, Addoha, BMCE, CDG, and AttijariWafa Bank have also been given to it.

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