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Asia is a continent that is becoming more and more influential on the world football scene. Numerous football academies in Asia have become hotspots of potential in recent years, developing young players and turning them into stars who shine both at home and abroad.

To become a professional football player, you have to start by honing your talents and developing your game. As football becomes more and more popular in China, the country has made significant investments in the construction of top-quality training centres and academies to develop its own players.


We’ll look at some top Chinese football academy in this post, where aspiring players can get excellent instruction and growth opportunities.

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Top 8 Best Football Academies in China

These eight academies stick out as the top choices when it comes to honing your skills and catching scouts’ attention.

1. Shanghai juju football Academy

This accelerated 3-year programme is available for ages 13–15 at this academy run by former Chinese national team star Ju Zhe. By the time you are 16, you should have acquired the knowledge, strategies, and work ethic necessary to compete at the professional level.

The school offers year-round instruction with an emphasis on decision-making, positional play, technical proficiency, and psychological readiness. To put your skills to the test, you’ll participate in simulated games, video analysis, and regular internal matches.


Exercises for injury prevention and strength training specific to football are also part of the programme. Rapid improvement is possible with demanding sessions, small classrooms, and top-notch instruction.

The academy frequently takes part in youth competitions and leagues, both domestically and internationally. Pro clubs in Shanghai may scout you if you put on consistently strong performances.

2. Shandong luneng Football Academy

The goal of this renowned academy run by Shandong Luneng FC, a Chinese Super League team, is to develop young players into well-rounded individuals. They recruit young people between the ages of 6 and 19 to play on age-specific teams in professional leagues and competitions.

You will participate in physical, tactical, technical, and audiovisual training specifically designed to meet your developmental goals, all under the direction of skilled foreign advisors and domestic coaches. You can go far in your career by becoming proficient in the fundamentals, focusing on a certain role, and building your level of fitness.

The school also prioritises leadership development, intellectual advancement, and psychological readiness. Its all-encompassing method seeks to develop you into a mature football player prepared for the professional ranks.

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3. Shanghai Shenhua football Academy

Many people rank the Shanghai Shenhua Football Academy as one of the best youth development initiatives in Asia. They have access to top-notch trainers and facilities because they are Shanghai Shenhua FC’s official academy in the Chinese Super League. For their youngest teams, the programme takes in talented young athletes between the ages of 6 and 15.

The goal of the programme is to develop football players who are well-rounded in terms of their technique, tactics, fitness, and mindset. You’ll get to practice every facet of your game, including passing, dribbling, shooting, and placement. The trainers use tried-and-true training techniques to enhance your abilities and judgement.

The programme regularly puts you to the test in games against elite young teams. In addition, you’ll take part in a lot of regional and local competitions. Outstanding performers could receive recommendations for admission into the Shenhua FC youth teams and development squad.

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4. Dalian Wanda football academy

The Chinese company Dalian Wanda Group runs this elite young academy, which offers both top-notch education and extensive football training. The school accepts students between the ages of 6 and 15 and offers tuition-free instruction in addition to rigorous daily training under licenced domestic and international coaches.

Developing technique, strategy, inventiveness, awareness, speed, strength, and a winning mentality are the main objectives of the well-rounded programme. You’ll play small-sided games, positional drills, video lessons, and competitions against the best junior teams.

Graduates have gone on to play for professional teams, international leagues, Chinese Olympic teams, and young national teams. The program’s top-notch coaching, resources, and approach may turn your untapped potential into an elite skill.

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5. Beijing guoan youth academy

China’s Beijing Guoan Youth Academy has played a significant role in nurturing the nation’s youth. It adheres to a thorough player development curriculum with a focus on physical conditioning, tactical awareness, and technical skill. Players from the programme have played for local and foreign teams as well as represented China at different levels.

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6. Juventus academy, Shanghai

Juventus Academy Shanghai was established in 2018 with the goal of giving young people in Shanghai the same calibre of football instruction.

The Juventus Academy is the club’s annual football school designed to help participants improve their skills by using the Juventus training system. The basis of usage is the age and ability level of the players, wherever the course is held. Football schools exist both overseas (International Academies) and in Italy (Scuola Calcio Italia).

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7. Guangzhou Evergrande football academy

One of the biggest teams in the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC, owns and operates this academy, which offers top quality training in modern facilities. The institution uses a wide-ranging scouting network to find outstanding young talent from throughout the nation.

The highly skilled instructors use an advanced curriculum that includes martial arts, gymnastics, futsal, and swimming. The goal of this multifaceted method is to improve your reflexes, flexibility, balance, and coordination in order to develop football intelligence.

The institution has a proven track record of turning out elite football players; numerous alumni are currently engaged in professional leagues in China and Europe. Under the knowledgeable supervision of professionals, you can grow greatly if you have the aptitude and motivation.

The academy also frequently participates in young competitions both domestically and on a continental scale, giving them excellent exposure to international football. Outstanding performers could draw the attention of scouts.

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8. Csl elite football Academy

The Chinese Super League runs this ambitious, state-funded academy with the goal of developing a new generation of competitive Chinese football players. You will receive instruction from seasoned domestic and international coaches if you gain admission into the demanding five-year residential programme.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing the appropriate attitude, physical fitness, tactical understanding, and technical proficiency. You’ll engage in small-sided games, film analysis, positional drills, classroom training, and complete 11v11 matches.

Furthermore, modern facilities, assistance in sports science, and competitive play against international young teams offer the best conditions for reaching your full potential. For this reason, the school regularly plays friendlies overseas and competes in international youth competitions.

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How to Join a Chinese Football Academy.

For admission to one of the best Chinese football academies, you will require:

You need to have a legal passport and video clips of your most recent performance.

  • Outstanding football skills and promise for your age group
  • a strong work ethic, a will to do better, and a readiness to comply with coaching directives
  • excellent physical health and lack of serious injuries
  • Desire and commitment to pursuing a career in business
  • the ability to handle intense training mentally
  • Good conduct, self-control, and collaborative abilities
  • Regarding residential schools: Qualifications in education and test results for the academic programme

However, only the most gifted young players with the necessary attributes to succeed at the highest levels of football are admitted to these prestigious academies.

Therefore, obtaining top-notch instruction at a reputable school can be the ideal approach to translating your potential into on-field success in China, as the country is actively seeking to develop its own football talent.


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