Top 10 Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students 2023

Top 10 Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students 2023

Switzerland is famous for having some of the best schools and universities in the world. But for foreign students, the cost of school can be a big problem. That’s why scholarships are so important for making it easier for people to learn in Switzerland.
This post lists the top 10 scholarships in Switzerland for International Students in 2023. These scholarships give students the fund and opportunities to go to university in many areas, such as business, engineering, the sciences, and more. You can find scholarships that fit your needs in the Top 10 Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students 2023.

There are awards on our list from well-known Swiss universities, groups, and government agencies. We carefully looked into and chose the awards based on how well-known they are, how much help they offer, and the chances they give to foreign students.
If you want to study in Switzerland but can’t because of money, don’t let that stop you. Check out our list of the best scholarships to get closer to your job and school goals.


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Benefits of studying in Switzerland for international students

There are many good things about studying in Switzerland for foreign students. First, Switzerland is known for having a great education system. Many of its universities are regularly ranked among the best in the world. The academic programs are tough, which makes sure that students learn everything they need to know about their chosen area.


Studying in Switzerland also gives you the chance to learn about other cultures and make friends with students from around the world.
Switzerland is also a center for study and new ideas. Universities in the country have close links to businesses, which means that students can use the latest technology and study centers. This gives students the chance to work with professionals in the field and gain real-world experience, which makes them more employable after they graduate.

Switzerland also has a high standard of living and is a safe place for foreign students to live. The country’s beautiful scenery and lively towns offer a lot of cultural opportunities outside of school. Switzerland is also in the middle of Europe, which makes it easy to visit nearby countries on weekends or school breaks.
In conclusion, learning in Switzerland gives foreign students a chance to get a world-class education, do research, become immersed in the culture, and live in a safe and comfortable place.

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Overview of the Swiss education system

The Swiss education system is known for being both excellent and broad. There is a lot of emphasis on actual training and study in this field. There are three stages of schooling in the system: basic, secondary, and higher.
In Switzerland, all children must go to primary school, which usually lasts for six years. It gives you a strong base in math, writing, and general information. There are two levels of secondary school: lower secondary and upper secondary. Lower secondary education focuses on helping students learn new things and improve their skills. Upper secondary education, on the other hand, offers more focused academic or professional classes.

Higher education in Switzerland is very well thought of, and there are many programs available at universities, colleges of applied sciences, and trade schools. Universities focus on research and theory studies, while universities of applied sciences focus on hands-on learning and study that is useful in the real world. Vocational schools teach people how to do specific jobs.

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Importance of scholarships for international students

Scholarships are a big part of making it easier for foreign students to study in Switzerland. The price of school, housing, and other living costs can be a big problem for many students. The money from scholarships helps students pay for their schooling so they don’t have to take on too much debt.

Also, scholarship make Swiss universities more diverse and open to people from all over the world. They get smart students from all over the world, which makes the school a lively and welcoming place to learn. International students bring new ideas and experiences to Swiss schools, which makes the academic and cultural life better.

Scholarships also give kids the chance to do well in school and follow their interests. Students can focus on their studies, do extracurricular activities, and do study and community service projects when they don’t have to worry about money. Scholarships also give students the chance to meet new people and find jobs, which gives them an advantage in the global job market.
Finally, awards not only help students with their finances, but they also make Swiss colleges better and more diverse generally.

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Criteria for applying for scholarships in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland and want to apply for grants, you should learn about the unique standards and factors of each program. Different scholarships may have different requirements, but there are some things that all of them should have in common.

  1. Academic Excellence: A lot of grants require you to have done well in school and show proof of your accomplishments and prizes. High grades, scores on standardized tests, and letters of approval from teachers or tutors are all examples of this.
  2. Field of Study: Some grants are only for people who study in certain areas. Make sure that the scholarship’s goals match up with the school you want to attend.
  3. Language Proficiency: Depending on the grant and the language used for classes at the university, you may need to show proof that you can speak and write the language well. This can be shown by taking tests of language skills like the TOEFL or IELTS.
  4. Need for Money: Some grants give more money to students who can show they need it. Make sure that the information you give about your finances is correct when you apply.
  5. Personal Statement or Essay: A lot of scholarship forms need you to write a personal statement or essay about why you want to get the grant and what you hope to achieve. Customizing your essay to the scholarship’s needs is important, and you should show how you fit in with the scholarship’s goals and beliefs.
  6. Important: Pay close attention to the due dates for each grant application. If you miss a date, your application could be thrown out.
    Therefore, knowing the standards and conditions for awards will improve your chances of getting money to pay for your studies in Switzerland.

Top 10 scholarships for international students in Switzerland

  1. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships:
    • The Swiss government gives awards to foreign students at all levels of study. These grants pay for living costs, health insurance, and education.
  2. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship:
    • ETH Zurich gives grants to excellent foreign students who are working toward a Master’s degree based on their academic performance. The grant pays for both education and living costs.
  3. University of Lausanne Master’s Grants:
    • International students who want to get a Master’s degree can get grants from the University of Lausanne. The grants give students a monthly stipend and don’t charge them for tuition.
  4. EPFL Excellence Fellowships:
    • These are grants given to exceptionally smart foreign students who are working toward a Master’s degree. The grant pays for the student’s schooling and gives them money every month.
  5. University of Geneva Excellence Master’s Fellowships:
    • The University of Geneva gives grants to excellent foreign students who want to get a Master’s degree. The grants cover school costs and give students a monthly income.
  6. UNIL Master’s Grants:
    • International students who want to get a Master’s degree at the University of Lausanne can get grants. The scholarships pay for school and give the winners a monthly wage.
  7. Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Scholarships:
    • The Geneva Academy gives grants to exceptional foreign students who want to get a Master’s degree in international humanitarian law and human rights. The scholarships pay for school and give the winners a monthly wage.
  8. IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships:
    • These scholarships are given to outstanding foreign students who apply for the MBA program. A big chunk of the school costs are covered by the grants.
  9. Graduate Institute Scholarships:
    • The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies offers scholarships to international students pursuing a Master’s degree. The scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend.
  10. University of Bern Excellence Scholarships:
    • The University of Bern gives scholarships to great foreign students who want to get a Master’s degree. The scholarships pay for school and give the winners a monthly wage.

Scholarship application process and deadlines

In Switzerland, the steps for applying for scholarship may be different based on the program. But there are some steps that you should always remember.

  1. Research: To start, look into the grants that are out there and pick the ones that fit your school goals and budget.
  2. Gather papers: Get all the papers you need for the application, like diplomas, letters of reference, proof that you can speak the language, and a personal statement or essay.
  3. Send in Applications: Make sure you follow the directions given by each grant program and send in your applications by the due dates.
  4. Interview: As part of the selection process for some grants, you may have to go through an interview. Learn about the goals of the scholarship program and practice talking about why you want the grant and how well you fit the requirements.
  5. Await Results: Once you’ve sent in your application, be patient and wait for the grant program to make a choice. You should be patient because this process might take a while.
  6. Acceptance and registration: If you are given a grant, you must follow the program’s directions to accept the offer and finish the registration process at the chosen university.
    It is very important to remember when the dates are for each grant. If you miss a date, your application could be thrown out. So, to make sure you have enough time to prepare and send in your application, you should start the application process early.

Tips for writing a strong scholarship application essay

If you want to stand out from other applicants and improve your chances of getting a grant, you need to write a good essay. Here are some ideas to help you write an interesting essay:

  1. Make Sure You Understand the Question: Carefully read the award essay question and make sure you know what is being asked of you. Pay close attention to the scholarship’s unique goals and standards.
  2. Let Your Motivation Shine Through: Make it clear why you want to go to college and why you’re interested in the specific field of study or school you’ve chosen. Bring out your interests, goals, and ambitions.
  3. Make Your Essay Unique: Make sure your essay is unique to the grant program you’re going to. Find out about the scholarship’s purpose, values, and goals, and then show in your essay how you fit in with them.
  4. Tell Your Story: Talk about the things that have happened to you, the problems you’ve had, and the things you’ve done well that have shaped your academic and personal journey. Give examples of how these events have affected your choice to go to college.
  5. Be Real and True: Write in your own style and be honest with yourself. Don’t use cliches or generalizations. Instead, focus on sharing your own unique style and point of view.
  6. Show What You Can Do: List your school accomplishments, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work in the community. Show how these things have helped you get ready for success in your field of study.
  7. Proofread and edit: Make sure there are no typos, grammar mistakes, or other problems with your writing. Edit and revise your essay several times to make sure it is clear and makes sense.
  8. Ask for Help: Have a guide, teacher, or friend you trust look over your writing and give you comments on how to improve it. Take their advice into account to make your writing better overall.
    Here are some tips that will help you write an interesting award essay that shows off your skills, motives, and potential.

Additional financial resources for international students in Switzerland

International students in Switzerland can get financial help in a number of ways, in addition to scholarships. Some of these are:

  1. Part-time Jobs: While they are in Switzerland learning, international students can work part-time. Part-time jobs can help pay the bills and give you skills that you can use in other jobs.
  2. Student Loans: Some banks and other financial institutions offer student loans that are made just for students from other countries. These loans can help with things like living costs and college costs.
  3. funds and Fellowships: You can get study funds and fellowships for specific school or research projects. These funds can help foreign students with their finances in other ways.
  4. External Scholarships: Look into the scholarships that overseas groups, charities, and governments in your home country may give. These prizes can help you pay for your studies in Switzerland by giving you extra money.
    You should carefully look into all the money-saving options out there to make sure you have a complete plan for paying for your studies in Switzerland.
    In conclusion, we want to encourage foreign students to come to Switzerland to study.


Switzerland has a world-class education system, a wide range of academic programs, and a lively, safe place for foreign students to live. Students from all over the world can study in Switzerland more easily and affordably thanks in large part to scholarships.

You can get the money you need to reach your academic and job goals by looking into the top 10 scholarships for foreign students in Switzerland. Make sure to read the scholarship standards carefully, write a good application, and send it in by the due date.

Never let the fact that you can’t afford it stop you from pursuing your dream of studying in Switzerland. Take the first step toward a fulfilling and enlightening Swiss education by beginning your scholarship search right now.


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