Sky Sports Super 6

Fans of the beautiful game can try their luck by playing Sky Sports Super 6, an online game in which they must correctly anticipate the outcomes of six different games. Sky Sports Super 6 is an exciting football prediction show that you should check out.


If you’re a football fan, there are chances that you’ve heard of the Sky Sports Super 6. In case you haven’t, we will discuss all about it in this post. Also, we will discuss related subtopics like: What Is Sky Sports Super 6?, How The Sky Sports Super 6 Works, Calculating The Sky Sports Super 6 Points, Sky Sports Super 6 Extra, etc.

Without wasting much time, let’s proceed with knowing what Sky Sports Super 6 is all about.

What is the Sky Sports Super 6?

Every week, Sky Sports and Sky Bet present the forecasting game known as Sky Super 6. It invites participants to predict the outcomes of six predetermined matches, typically from the Premier League and Football League.

Each week, there’s a certain £250,000 prize waiting to be claimed. However, in the case where the jackpot goes unclaimed, the top-scoring player will receive £5,000. What is great is that participating in Sky Sports Super 6 doesn’t cost anything; all you require is a Sky Bet account to join.

Sky Bet stands as a highly respected and widely recognised betting platform. The popularity of the UK’s betting platform owes much to offerings like Sky Super 6.

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How The Sky Sports Super 6 Works

Playing Super 6 is easy and free! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up: To get started, you’ll need to create an account on the Sky Sports Super 6 website or app. It’s a simple and straightforward process.
  2. Predict the Scores: Each week, you’ll be presented with a list of six football matches. Your task is to predict the final score for each of these games. For example, you might predict that Team A will beat Team B with a score of 2-1.
  3. Golden Goal: In addition to predicting scores, you’ll need to guess the time of the first goal in one of the selected matches. This “Golden Goal” prediction can be crucial if there’s a tiebreaker.
  4. Submit Your Entry: After making your predictions, confirm your choices and submit your entry. Remember, it’s free to play!

Calculating The Sky Sports Super 6 Points

The Super 6 points system awards 2 points for a precise result prediction and 5 points for accurately predicting the scoreline.

Meanwhile, the Golden Goal tiebreaker is employed to decide the champion among participants with identical total points, correct scores, and correct results. This occurs in certain weekly, monthly, and seasonal competitions.

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About The Sky Sports Super 6 App

You can freely get the Sky Sports Super 6 app from both the App Store and Google Play, featuring an extremely clean and easy-to-use interface.

Using the Super 6 app, you have the ability to:

  1. Input, observe, and modify your predictions.
  2. Monitor the league standings.
  3. Establish or enrol in private leagues.
  4. Review past-round results.
  5. Track your in-play performance.
  6. Examine the forecasts made by Sky Pundits.
  7. Place bets effortlessly on your Super 6 predictions.
  8. Share your predictions with others.

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Sky Sports Super 6 Extra

Basically, Super 6 Extra is a supplementary forecasting game that centres its attention on a single match taking place during the weekend.

To have a shot at winning £5,000, you need to respond to six questions about the highlighted game. These questions cover the final and mid-game scores and the player who will net the initial goal and get the first card. Also, it cuts across the player designated as the Man of the Match and the total number of corners in the match.

Points are earned using the same approach as in the standard Super 6 game. To illustrate, correctly predicting the final score grants five points, while accurately predicting the outcome awards two points.

When it comes to questions about the first goalscorer or the first player to receive a card, you receive five points for a precise answer and two points for whether your chosen player scores or gets booked during the match.

In terms of the statistics-related queries, like corner kicks and shots on goal, you’ll earn five points for an accurate prediction. You’ll also earn two points if you’re off by just one on either side of the precise number.

Scopes For Playing Sky Sports Super 6

  1. Stay Informed: Before making your predictions, research the teams, their recent form, injuries, and any other relevant news. Staying informed about the latest developments can significantly impact your predictions.
  2. Analyse the Fixtures: Take your time to analyse the fixtures. Look at past head-to-head statistics, home and away form, and goal-scoring records. These insights can be invaluable in making accurate predictions.
  3. Balance Risk and Reward: While predicting unlikely scores can lead to bigger rewards, it’s essential to balance risk and reward. Include a mix of probable and surprising outcomes in your selections.
  4. Use Statistics: Consider using football statistics and analytics websites to gather data on teams and players. Stats such as goals scored, conceded, and possession percentages can aid your predictions.

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What Are the Ways to Win?

In order to win the Sky Super 6, you need to accurately forecast the final scores of the six highlighted games that Sky presents each week.

How Many Rounds?

You must make predictions for six matches and also answer a Golden Goal tiebreaker question.

How Does the Sky Sports Super 6 Jackpot Work?

If you correctly predict all six outcomes, you have a chance to secure a £250,000 prize.

When is the deadline to submit my predictions?

You need to submit your predictions before the first game of the round begins.


To sum up, Sky Sports Super 6 is the best place for football lovers to go if they want to try out their powers of prediction and get more out of each game. This online game offers a fun and exciting experience thanks to its intuitive design and the opportunity to earn fantastic prizes. Sign up for Sky Super 6 today and show your other football fans that you have the best prediction skills.

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