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If you love to play football in England, then signing up for the Chelsea FC Academy will be a good choice. In this post, we will also discuss the following: Introduction To Chelsea FC Academy, Obtaining A Trial At Chelsea FC Academy Writing an application for Chelsea FC Academy and Reaching Out to Chelsea Football Academy

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Introduction To Chelsea FC Academy

The Chelsea Football Club Academy corresponds to the under-18 squad of the club. They take part in the Professional U18 Development League.


The academy has an impressive record, winning the FA Youth Cup nine times and five consecutive championships from 2014 to 2018.

The academy has produced numerous successful athletes, including notable names like Ron and Allan Harris, Peter Bonetti, Bobby Tambling, and more.

Chelsea is the sole English team to reach the final of the UEFA Youth League, with four appearances and two wins. Neil Bath, the Head of Youth Development, is in charge of the academy’s day-to-day operations.


Their home matches were played at Aldershot Town’s Recreation Ground until the 2019–20 season. The Cobham Training Centre in Surrey hosts their home matches now.

Stamford Bridge, the club’s main stadium, is occasionally used for significant matches by both teams.

Obtaining A Trial At Chelsea FC Academy

Certain football players opt to directly contact clubs by sharing video links showcasing their gameplay.

It’s important to understand that clubs receive an overwhelming number of these videos regularly. Therefore, they lack the time to review them all amid their usual operations.

Consequently, the most effective approach to securing a trial at Chelsea FC Academy involves enrolling in a Chelsea Football School.

Prospective athletes and students need to be selected for a trial opportunity at Chelsea FC Academy.

Scouts handpick young players from soccer school sessions, extending trial invitations to Chelsea FC’s development centres.

Given that anyone can participate in their football schools, it provides an inclusive method for anyone to become recognised.

For local contact with Chelsea Football Club, use their website, phone lines, or email support.

Writing Application For Chelsea FC Academy

Applying to the Chelsea Football Academy is fairly straightforward. Using the club’s website, applicants can access their online application system.

To apply, individuals need to provide basic details such as their name, birth date, and contact information.

They are required to furnish several documents, including a current photograph, proof of citizenship, and verification of their birthdate.

This step ensures the applicant’s authenticity and confirms their compliance with the eligibility criteria.

Upon reviewing the submitted applications, the club will select a few candidates to participate in a trial.

Academy instructors at the Cobham Training Centre conduct these trials to assess players’ skills, fitness, and demeanour.

This stage is pivotal as it allows the club to identify the players who display the potential to excel within the academy setting.

Reaching Out To Chelsea Football Academy

For Email Support

  1. Click the organization’s website link to access the official online sponsorship/scholarship form for emailing the team.
  2. After choosing the partnership and sponsorship department from the drop-down menu, complete the form.
  3. Type your message and scholarship requests in the designated message field.
  4. Provide your names, dates of birth, and email addresses, and select your country or region from the dropdown.
  5. Pass the reCaptcha test by checking the “I am not a robot” box, and then click “Send my message” to submit.

You can write to Chelsea FC Academy at the following address:

Submit an actual letter containing your scholarship request and application documents.

Send it to the club at the address below, specifying the department at the start.

Address for sending mail:

Chelsea Football Club

Stamford Bridge

Fulham Road



Here is an alternate address:

Chelsea Football Club Academy,

Cobham Training Ground,

64 Stoke Road, Stoke D’Abernon,

Cobham, Surrey,

KT11 3PT

Reaching Out To Chelsea Via Telephone Numbers For A Scholarship Trial Request And Inquires:

For General inquiries

UK: 0371 811 1955 (International: +44 207 386 9373)

For Football Academy inquiries

UK: 01932 596193 (International: +44 1932 596 193 )

Important Details About the Chelsea FC Academy

Students of any race, ethnicity, or nationality are eligible for the football scholarship that Chelsea Academy offers, giving them access to school activities and the same privileges as other students.

Also, the academy’s policies, including admissions, scholarships, and programmes, are unbiased and do not discriminate based on race, colour, or origin.

Families are encouraged to apply online for a smoother application process and the opportunity to track their child’s progress.

Criteria To Be Part Of The Chelsea FC Academy

Ensure you fulfil the prerequisites before applying to the Chelsea Football Academy.

The academy needs individuals aged 6 to 18 who are either citizens of the UK or possess legal authorization to reside there.

This criterion is significant for the club as it ensures participants’ attendance at scheduled practises and matches.

The organisation is on the lookout for dedicated players with a genuine passion for the sport, regardless of their skill level or physical condition.

Prospective players should be capable of demonstrating solid technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness.

It’s crucial to note that candidates must be in good physical health and pass a medical assessment before joining the academy.

This measure is taken to safeguard the athletes and confirm their ability to cope with the rigorous training programme at the academy.

More Information

The qualifications and information necessary to be considered for a trial at Chelsea FC Academy include:

  1. Player’s CV
  2. Covering Letter
  3. Essential Player Statistics: Position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Contact Information (Email, Phone, Address), Current Club, Previous Clubs, Details of Previous Trials, Representative Honours (School, Districts, County, etc.), Current School
  4. Provide your team’s game schedule, including venue and kickoff time, to the scout.

Once you’ve gathered all the required data, send it to the Chelsea FC Academy.

Chelsea Football Academy Tryouts

The subsequent step in the application procedure for joining the Chelsea Football Academy involves participating in tryouts.

The club selects a specific number of players to take part in trials regularly, typically once or twice per year.

During the trials, players have the opportunity to showcase their skills and impress the academy coaches.

Those players who perform well throughout the trials will be offered a spot in the academy.

Throughout the trials, players will undergo various drills and activities to assess their technical skills, strategic understanding, and physical fitness level.

The coaches will be looking for players who display a positive mindset and a desire to learn.

This is crucial, as the team is interested in athletes who possess not only natural talent but also the motivation to put in the effort to improve.

Development And Training

Upon enrollment in the academy, players embark on an intensive training and skill-enhancement regimen.

Also, the primary goal of this programme is to facilitate the improvement of players’ talents, physical condition, and strategic acumen.

Coaches and trainers collaborate closely with athletes to help them achieve their utmost capabilities, a crucial endeavour to ensure the players’ ability to excel at the highest echelons of competition.

Participating in regular matches against other academies is a significant component of the academy’s offering.

This exposure allows young talents to gain invaluable experience by competing against top-tier opponents, effectively preparing them for the rigours of professional football.

These matches present an opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills, leaving a lasting impression on coaches and providing a benchmark to assess their progress relative to other skilled players.

In addition to routine training and matches, the academy provides access to state-of-the-art facilities like sports science labs and rehabilitation centres.

This comprehensive support system guarantees that players receive optimal care and assistance, ensuring they have the necessary resources to fulfil their maximum potential.

Expenses And Financial Assistance

Participating in the Chelsea football academy could come with a hefty price tag.

Also, athletes wanting to join the academy are required to pay an annual fee, which covers expenses related to training, facilities, and equipment.

For those players who face financial constraints, the club does offer financial aid.

However, the extent of this assistance is determined based on the income of the player’s family, and the club will evaluate the application at its discretion.

As a result, this approach enables individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds to join the programme and pursue their dreams of a career in professional football.


Signing Up for the Chelsea FC Academy offers the best chance to pursue a football career while being a part of the Chelsea community.

Attaining a soccer scholarship is a direct route to the spotlight and becoming a player for the Blues.

Additionally, catching the attention of prominent football agents might lead to selection for the National Football team or securing a contract with a club.

They actively search for young talent to join their programme, but the selection process is stringent due to intense competition.

As a result, adjustments have been made to the football academy system. Clubs categorised as Academy Category One can now recruit players from anywhere in the country (aged U12+).

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