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Introduction To Southampton Football Academy

Professionals who are skilled and committed teach advanced football skills and help players grow at Southampton Academy.

Southampton FC Academy is at Long Lane, Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4WR. This is also the address of the Southampton FC Training Ground.


Also, the academy utilises innovative coaching methods and technologies to support the growth of its players.

They actively search for young, talented individuals to join their programme, but they have a stringent selection process due to the intense competition. This has led to changes in the football academy system.

Clubs in the Academy Category One can now hire players from anywhere in the country who are at least 12 years old.


The Football Association (FA) changed this rule so that the top players can enroll in the best schools even if they don’t live nearby.

Category One clubs used to be able to only hire players who lived within 90 minutes of the school.

This adjustment expands the pool of domestic talent available for international competitions, offering the most promising players the greatest chances of success.

Consequently, Southampton FC Academy is enlisting more host families to provide a welcoming home for young, potential talent.

Obtaining A Trial At Southampton FC Academy

At Southampton FC Academy, being selected for a trial is dependent on being chosen, making it crucial for players to be seen in the right places at the right times.

Some footballers opt to directly approach clubs by sharing videos of their gameplay. However, it’s important to note that clubs receive an overwhelming number of such videos weekly and can’t feasibly watch them all while managing their regular tasks.

Consequently, the most effective strategy to get noticed for a trial at Southampton Academy is to join the academy itself.

Scouts frequently spot young talents during soccer school sessions and invite them to trial at Southampton FC Academy’s development centres.

Since soccer schools are open to everyone, it offers a chance for all to distinguish themselves. Furthermore, enrolling your child in soccer classes early on is a prudent choice, as their peers will likely do the same.

This ensures their skill development aligns with that of their friends.

Getting Scouted By Southampton FC Academy

Players have the opportunity to try out for Southampton FC Academy under the observation of scouts. Many players are fortunate to be present when scouts are observing games.

Southampton is aware that some promising talent might go unnoticed, so they allow players to personally contact them using the provided information.

Due to a high volume of applications, they can’t respond to everyone. Still, this approach helps inform scouts about players aspiring to join the Southampton FC Academy.

To initiate contact for a trial at the academy, compile the following information:

  1. Player’s CV
  2. Covering letter
  3. Player’s details like position, age, date of birth, height, weight, contact info (email, phone, address), previous clubs, trial history, and any accolades received
  4. Player’s attendance location
  5. Give the scout your team’s game schedule, along with the venue and kickoff time. Once you have all the details, email Southampton Academy at After reviewing, they’ll determine if a scout should attend the game.

Southampton Academy Programme

At Southampton Academy, training is broken up into technical and tactical parts, with a separate area for goalkeepers.

Here is a list of the Southampton Academy programme:

1. The Southampton FC Academy’s professional development stage

2. The Southampton Academy’s youth development programme

3. The Southampton Academy’s foundational stage

4. The Southampton Academy’s youth and professional development phase

5. The Southampton Academy’s foundational goalkeeper development stage

How To Apply For Scholarships At Southampton Football Academy

Here are the steps needed to secure a scholarship at the Southampton Football Academy:

1. Attract attention from scouts in Southampton

Southampton FC doesn’t hold open tryouts. Instead, they observe players at local clubs or institutions and invite them for trials if they show promising football talent, even in the presence of numerous scouts.

2. Apply through the Southampton FC website

If you can’t get scouted directly, you can apply for a trial by completing the application form on their website ( The form requires details about your football background, representative honours, contact information, upcoming games, age, position, height, weight, and past teams.

If you meet their criteria, they’ll either contact you or watch one of your games. Your trial request will be saved for consideration.

The necessary personal information includes:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Email address
  5. Current age group
  6. Hometown
  7. Hometown county
  8. Current club
  9. Playing position
  10. Upcoming Fixtures

International applicants must specify if they have a UK passport. If not, indicate the passport type.

Southampton Football Academy Scholarship Stages

1. Selection And Recruitment Stage

Southampton FC’s scouts discover promising young athletes at various points in their growth. You could potentially get the chance to refine and improve your abilities within the club’s youth academy.

2. Player Assessment

Your skills, dedication, potential for development, and how well you align with the club’s philosophy and playing approach are constantly evaluated.

3. Scholarship Offer

Exceptional young sportspeople might receive a scholarship around the age of 16.

This scholarship from the Southampton Football Academy provides comprehensive training, academic assistance, and a challenging game schedule.

The usual duration of the scholarship is two years.

4. Player Development And Evaluation

After receiving the scholarship, you’ll keep participating in training and youth games at Southampton FC, and your progress and how well you perform during this time will be evaluated.

5. Professional Agreement

Should a player excel during their scholarship, there’s a possibility that the club could extend a professional contract to them once they turn 17.

6. Football Development

Should you receive a professional contract offer from Southampton FC, you’ll have the opportunity to further develop your skills. This could involve progressing to the first team or being loaned out to other institutions for more training.

It’s important to note that your technical and physical prowess are significant factors. Clubs like Southampton FC also consider your mental attributes like determination, leadership, and demeanour when deciding on scholarships and contracts.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of creating the Southampton FC Academy was to provide assistance to young football talents, offering them the necessary resources such as coaching, networking, health, and lifestyle guidance for a prosperous football career.

Opting to be a part of the Southampton FC Academy is the ideal choice for those aspiring to pursue a football career and living in the Southampton vicinity.

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