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There are various reputable football academies that one can enrol in. The Nike Football Academy stands as one of them. Therefore, to learn about this academy and how to enrol in it, keep reading! Meanwhile, we shall also discuss these subtopics: Background Of Nike Football Academy, Technical Staff Of Nike Football Academy, Nike Academy Trials, Nike Football Academy Player Registration, etc.

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Background Of Nike Football Academy

It opened in 2009 as the Nike Football Academy. Like an English football school, Nike, Inc. is in charge of and runs it. The group of under-20 players who were not under contract and who worked at the school changed all the time. They wanted to help the school get a spot with a competitive team. It was at the National Football Centre at St. George’s Park.

Nike Academy scouts from all over the world selected the team’s players. In the meantime, more than 50 football players have signed contracts to play professionally. Manager Jon Goodman pushed for the plan, and Matt Murray helped him do it. He used to play football for Wolverhampton Wanderers.


Some well-known professional football players, such as Joe Hart, Rio Ferdinand, Francesco Totti, Mario Gotze, and others, have teamed up with this scheme. Players like Tom Rogic, Majeed Waris, Petar Golubovic, and Kevin Salazar have graduated from the course.

The academy frequently hosts friendly matches against famous teams like Arsenal, Inter Milan, Manchester United, and more. However, it stopped functioning in the 2016–17 season. It’s football centre, the St. George’s Park National Football Centre, has a capacity of 3,100. More info.

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Nike Academy Trials

Annually, Nike embarks on a quest to discover the finest raw talents across the globe. Those who are Nike Academy scout picks get a chance to join the academy. They do this through a selection process known as Nike Most Wanted (NMW). Recently, it has expanded to Northern Europe. Meanwhile, registration is still open, do you possess the necessary skills?

You are on the road to setting higher standards and pursuing your aspirations. To achieve this, make it to the Nike Most Wanted offer. It is embarking on a journey to Northern Europe in search of the most talented unsigned footballers aged 16 to 21. The academy will conduct trials in the cities of Gent, Stockholm, Apeldoorn, and Amsterdam in the upcoming days.

Over the past few weeks, Nike trials have been happening throughout Europe, and some of the participants have already been selected. These aspiring, undiscovered players will need to work extremely hard to demonstrate their worthiness of a shot at a professional football career.

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Nike Football Academy Player Registration

Nike Football extends an invitation for you to enroll in the NIKE FC CUP academy session designed for your team. These sessions offer the opportunity for you and your teammates to receive top-tier coaching from Nike Academy coaches. This includes the esteemed coach Lee ‘Joner’ Jones (@joner1on1footballtraining).

Additionally, participants will benefit from guidance on nutrition and recovery and receive exclusive kits and gift packs. Also, they will have the chance to explore the latest advancements in footwear from Nike Football and Nike Running. Please note that these sessions are exclusively available to teams and squads registered in the NIKE FC CUP, with a maximum of 20 players per team per session.

Participate in the NIKE FC CUP academy session at Knox Football Centre in Melbourne by joining our team. Be sure to arrive in your training attire and be prepared to receive top-notch coaching. It’s advisable to bring an additional jacket to stay comfortable in case it gets chilly during the session.

How To Apply For Nike Football Academy

To participate, make sure you install the Nike Football App and create a NIKE+ account. Afterward, use the provided links to sign up for a session in any of the listed cities.

To take part in the Nike Academy Most Wanted trials, you need to be at least sixteen (16) years old when entering. If you’re under the age of eighteen (18) when registering, you’ll require parental or guardian consent to sign up and join the trial.

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What Is The Cost Of Participating In The Nike Most Wanted Trial?

Applying, participating, and watching the event won’t cost you anything. However, you’ll be responsible for your travel expenses to and from the trial session.

What Is Arrival Time And Duration Of Each Trial?

There is no specific time or duration, as the session schedules and arrival times may differ based on the specific location.

What Is the Difference Between the Nike Academy Most Wanted and the Nike Academy?

The difference is quite clear. Nike Academy Most Wanted is a worldwide programme that aids the quest for unsigned football talents, helping them to join the Nike academy.

Meanwhile, the Nike Academy is an all-round professional training programme run by Nike. They help young talents shape their football skills and prepare them for professional football.


Just like we stated at the beginning of this article, there are various reputable football academies that you can enroll in. It’s left for you to do adequate research on which one to join. However, we recommend you join the Nike Football Academy.

To get more information on this topic, you can research more on these subtopics: Background Of Nike Football Academy, Technical Staff Of Nike Football Academy, Nike Academy Trials, Nike Football Academy Player Registration, How To Apply For Nike Football Academy, etc.

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