Joining The AS Roma Football Academy

In this article, we’ll explore the process of “joining the AS Roma Football Academy”. Additionally, we’ll delve into various aspects of the academy, including an overview of the AS Roma Football Academy, the AS Roma Academy Vision, the historical performance of the AS Roma Football Club, and the AS Roma Youth Development System.

Overview Of AS Roma Football Academy

Alessandro Florenzi, Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, and Lorenzo Pellegrini are among the skilled athletes who drew inspiration from the training methods employed at the AS Roma Academy, which is the official worldwide network of football schools accessible to youngsters aged 5 to 17, regardless of gender.


These schools aim to help every player unlock their complete potential by teaching them the training and educational approaches utilised by AS Roma’s youth sector. This is made possible through the guidance of the technical team and expert local coaches.

The AS Roma International Academy programme is globally recognised for the quality of its youth team. It reflects their dedication to nurturing and instructing young athletes while promoting the club’s ethos and fundamental principles.


Also, it operates as a year-round, top-tier football academy that welcomes both boys and girls aged 5 to 17. In addition, it provides them with the opportunity to learn the club’s training techniques and strategies.

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About AS Roma Academy Vision

We promote the growth of our young players by offering top-notch training facilities, nurturing their football skills, and providing educational guidance. Our focus lies on:

  1. Nurturing individual development
  2. Fostering team unity
  3. Upholding our core values

The AS Roma Academy programme is designed with careful consideration to:

  1. Enhance the self-awareness and learning capabilities of young athletes
  2. Cultivate smart players who are fully dedicated to the team, possess a winning mindset, and embrace fair play principles.

Partner Benefits

We assist our partners in exporting and disseminating our ideas, techniques, and principles, enabling them to excel in all aspects of their business.

  1. A coach from AS Roma will be in charge of the academy’s technical direction.
  2. We provide comprehensive organisational support, including marketing, communication, and promotional guidance, for all Academy operations.

Historical Performance Of AS Roma Football Club

Fifteen players, including Ferraris, Guaita, and Masetti in 1934; Donati, Monzeglio, and Serantoni in 1938; Bruno Conti in 1982; Rudi Voller and Berthold in 1990; Aldair in 1994; Candela in 1998; and Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, and Simone Perrotta in 2002, have achieved FIFA World Cup victory while representing Roma.

The Stadio Olimpico, which Roma and rival Lazio have shared since 1953, has about 72,000 seats, making it Italy’s second-largest stadium in terms of seating capacity, after the San Siro. Despite the new stadium’s construction not having commenced, the team intends to relocate there in the near future.

Roma’s nickname, Giallorossi, stems from their home colours, which blend carmine red and golden yellow, also known as “The Yellow and Reds.” These hues have frequently been paired with white shorts in fashion displays. The club emblem features a she-wolf, symbolising the myth that wolves played a role in the creation of Rome.

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AS Roma Youth Development System

AS Roma Primavera

The Primavera team, also known as under-19, currently competes in Campionato Primavera 1, the Coppa Italia Primavera, and regularly takes part in the UEFA Youth League on the continental stage.

Alberto De Rossi is the head coach of Roma, one of Italy’s top Primavera teams. They consistently vie for the national championship each season, following their 2016 victory in the Italian championship.

AS Roma Youth Teams

AS Roma boasts highly competitive youth divisions, such as the Under 18 and Under 17 teams, alongside their U19 reserve squad. Additionally, several Italian clubs have affiliations or connections with AS Roma.

AS Roma Youth Development Programmes

We aim to nurture future football stars by equipping them with the necessary resources and motivation for peak performance.

Through our year-round football camps, coaching clinics, and season-long training sessions, we utilise our technical expertise to cultivate a new generation of players, fostering growth both on and off the field.

At AS Roma, our proficient staff possesses extensive experience in youth football and is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for players, coaches, and the community.

Requirements To Enrol in the AS Roma Football Academy

To learn how to join the AS Roma Football Academy, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the registration form in full, either online or by printing it and filling it out in capital letters.
  2. After filling out the registration form, print it and sign it.
  3. Make the initial down payment.
  4. To secure your registration, a $1,500 deposit is necessary, which will reduce the final invoice fees.
  5. Forward both the registration form and the initial deposit receipt.
  6. Send the Registration Form and a copy of the Initial Deposit receipt via email.

Ensure that the final payment is sent within 30 days of the term’s commencement.

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Overview Of AS Roma Football School

The AS Roma Football School was primarily for children aged 6 to 13. It aims to cultivate the future generation of AS Roma players. The goal of this effort is to create a professional, competitive, and enjoyable learning environment.

Also, it offers a clear pathway to the highest echelons of the sport through a tuition-free programme at every stage. It is located in our state-of-the-art facilities across Rome, where young athletes will have the opportunity to refine their technical and tactical skills under the guidance of specialised AS Roma coaches.

About AS Roma International Academies

Alessandro Florenzi, Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, and Lorenzo Pellegrini are just a handful of the skilled athletes who drew inspiration from the AS Roma Academy. This academy constitutes a worldwide network of football schools accessible to youngsters aged 5 to 17.

It aims to empower every player to unlock their maximum potential by imparting AS Roma’s Youth Sector training and educational approaches through the expert guidance of the technical staff and dedicated local coaches.

About AS Roma Camp

The AS Roma Camp offers a football development program for players of varying skill levels who want to improve their technical and tactical abilities in an enjoyable and competitive setting. It features a diverse set of game-oriented activities aimed at nurturing confident and creative players with the ball.

Our AS Roma coaches are dedicated to pushing athletes to reach the next level of their skills while providing guidance and encouragement.

About AS Roma Training Experience

The AS Roma Training Experience offers a unique opportunity for football teams, schools, clubs, and organizations worldwide to enhance their physical, technical, and tactical abilities with professional coaching at our state-of-the-art facilities in Rome.

Participants will gain insights into the daily training and playing routines of AS Roma’s teams. We customize your trip and provide additional services such as AS Roma game tickets, hotel accommodations, and private transportation. Also, other services the club provide include sightseeing, cultural enrichment, a dedicated team supervisor in Rome, and more.

Do you have an interest in a personalized training program and a tour of Rome? Feel free to reach out with any questions through email.

The AS Roma Training Experience is a rare chance for soccer teams, schools, and clubs from around the world to refine their physical, technical, and tactical skills under expert coaching at our top-tier facilities scattered throughout Rome.

Players will engage in enjoyable and creative drills that offer a glimpse into the training and competition routines of AS Roma’s squads on a daily basis.

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About AS Roma Stadium

The Stadio Olimpico, located in Rome, Italy, stands as the city’s largest sports arena, accommodating more than 70,000 spectators. Situated north of the city, near the Foro Italico sports complex, this facility is under the ownership of the Italian National Olympic Committee and primarily hosts association football matches.

Furthermore, the Stadio Olimpico serves as the home ground for both the Roma and Lazio football teams and is the venue for the Coppa Italia championship game. It was also the site of the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and has hosted four European Cup finals, including the most recent one, the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final.

Additionally, it holds UEFA category four status and functions as Italy’s national athletics stadium and the home ground for the Italian national rugby union team. Beyond sporting events, the stadium occasionally hosts concerts and various other gatherings.


The AS Roma Academy’s training program integrates both travel and learning. To put it differently, selected candidates get the opportunity to visit various specific countries for matches while acquiring essential skills. This is what makes their training program one of the best globally.

I trust that this guide to joining the AS Roma Football Academy will prove highly beneficial to you.


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