Joining Getafe Football Academy

Do you like football? Would you like to play football on a professional level? Then, carefully read this article on joining the Getafe Football Academy. Other subtopics we shall discuss are an overview of Getafe Football Club, How To Join Getafe Football Academy, Getafe CF International Football Academy, Getafe International Football Academy Tryouts, etc.

Overview Of Getafe Football Club

The Spanish football club Getafe Club de Fútbol, commonly referred to as Getafe, is located in Getafe, Spain. They compete in La Liga, the highest tier of Spanish football. Since 1998, the team has been hosting matches at the 17,393-seat Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.


Established initially in 1946 and reestablished in 1983, Getafe earned promotion to La Liga for the first time in 2004. They remained in the top division for twelve years, from 2004 to 2016, and again since 2017. The team maintains rivalries with neighbouring towns like Leganés, Atlético Madrid, and Real Madrid.

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History Of Getafe Football Club

Getafe competed in the top tier of Spanish football from 2004 to 2016, and they made a comeback in 2017. They primarily rival Leganés, a nearby team close to Getafe. Additionally, they have friendly competitions with Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

Getafe plays their home matches at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Stadium, located in Getafe. The pitch dimensions are 105 metres in length and 70 metres in width. The stadium was renamed on January 1, 1998, in honour of Alfonso Pérez. He was a former Real Madrid player and Spanish national team member. Despite never playing for, against, or at Getafe Stadium, he is a prominent footballer from the region. Meanwhile, his name is associated with Getafe Stadium.

Previously, Getafe used the Estadio de las Margaritas, which is part of the larger Sports City of Las Margaritas, as their home venue. The Coliseum was later constructed as a logical expansion to the existing facilities at Las Margaritas. Over time, the Coliseum has undergone significant improvements and can now accommodate 14,400 spectators. It also has standing room for several thousand more.


Getafe Youth Development System

The secondary squad of Getafe CF, which is based in the Getafe neighbourhood within the Madrid metropolitan area, goes by the name Getafe Club de Fútbol “B”. It was founded in 1983 and participates in Segunda División B – Group 1, hosting their home games at Ciudad Deportiva Getafe CF.

Additionally, Getafe CF’s youth development program consists of five teams: Youth A, Youth B, Youth C, Cadet A, and Cadet B.

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How To Join Getafe Football Academy

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Getafe Football Academy, there are four stages to their application process. Continue reading to learn more about them below:

1. Registration phase

Every season, a limited number of players are admitted, so if you wish to become part of the team, we recommend applying as early as possible. You can submit your application on the Aquinas American School Admissions website if you’re interested.

2. Interview phase

Prospective Academy members should follow the AAS academic admissions procedure and arrange for an interview as part of the selection process. We welcome you to visit us, explore our curriculum, and tour our facilities to become better acquainted with our institution. Alternatively, we can arrange a video conference session for your convenience.

3. Screening phase

To join, every player needs to clear a soccer skills evaluation. To effectively gauge their talent, players can opt for either a one-week programme trial or a physical tryout at our location. For those athletes who can’t make it to Madrid for this stage, we will consider a highlight reel of their skills submitted via email or the application page.

4. Selection phase

Candidates will receive notification of the outcome in under two weeks. After being accepted, you’ll receive a service provision agreement that needs to be filled out and returned, along with the required bank deposit, by the specified deadline.

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Overview Of Getafe Football School

The football school program is designed with a strong commitment to nurturing individuals with integrity, a passion for sports, a culture of inclusivity, a collaborative spirit, and resilience in the face of challenges.

This football school aims to foster a creative and joyful educational and sports community, emphasising technical and tactical excellence in soccer players while also promoting universal values. The Getafe football school consists of 34 teams across different divisions, including infant, cadet, and Benjamin categories.

Getafe CF International Football Academy

Getafe International Football Academy is embarking on an ambitious initiative to strategically nurture young talents with a distinctive approach catered to their requirements.

This project aims to help them achieve their highest potential, provide ongoing support and assessment during their personal growth journey, and offer guidance for their future endeavours. To ensure an outstanding and unforgettable football experience, the academy will provide its players with top-notch resources and personnel.

Getafe International Football Academy Tryouts

Sign up for the tryouts to be eligible for a scholarship opportunity, enabling you to study and play sports in the United States. We welcome players aged 16 to 20.

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Here are some advantages and benefits of signing up for the academy tryouts:

1. Performance Evaluation

At the beginning of the program, the academy assesses players to establish their initial skill level and devises a tailored plan to enhance their improvement. They will seek assistance from experienced professionals in this field.

Throughout the program, players will consistently receive updates on their growth and progress, ensuring they stay well-informed about their advancements.

2. Intensive training sessions

Here, players will engage in rigorous training sessions five days a week under the guidance of the Academy’s technical team. During these sessions, they will enhance various aspects of their game, both on an individual level and as a team, by employing techniques typically associated with a top-tier First Division Club.

3. Injury prevention and strengthening of the muscles

Football is a physically demanding sport, so to perform at our peak, we must adjust. To maximise player readiness, we’ll utilise this programme, which includes gym-based strength training and injury prevention activities.

4. Acess to good coaching and sports food

The academy is committed to a form of training that goes unnoticed, focusing on every aspect that influences a player’s performance, including promoting healthy lifestyle habits like proper sleep and diet and harnessing the potential of mental factors, which, when harnessed effectively, can significantly boost performance.

5. Championships and professional competitions

Throughout the duration of the yearly programme, participants from the Academy will engage in a minimum of 5 matches against Youth Academies from the First and Second Divisions, along with participating in 3 top-tier tournaments in Spain. These events will provide them with the chance to display their talents and make a choice regarding a potential career in professional club football.

6. Football Masterclasses

A professional football player will come to the Academy every month to share their expertise with the players.

7. Occasional tours

The attendees will be present at official matches in the First and Second Divisions of the Liga, as well as visit the top stadiums in our country.

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Getafe Football Academy has developed a significant endeavour for the tactical cultivation of young talents. With an exclusive approach tailored to each player’s needs, assisting them in reaching their peak performance, accompanying and evaluating them throughout their personal development, and offering guidance on their future plans.

Getafe Football Academy gives its players the best tools and personnel. So they may enjoy a unique and unforgettable time doing what they love to do, playing football.

We hope this article on joining Getafe Football Academy was helpful to you.


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