Joining Atletico De Madrid Football Academy

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Overview Of Atletico de Madrid Football Academy

The team consistently strives to establish the academy as a premier global training centre for players and their values. They do this with a programme that has gained the confidence of numerous players. Also, the academy serves as the birthplace of dreams.

The club has embraced a sports model centred around internal talent selection. It aims to develop a system that generates a high number of young, locally nurtured football players. However, these players uphold the club’s principles and coexist with internationally renowned athletes.


This approach is evident in players like Gabi, Fernando Torres, Lucas, Koke, Thomas, and Sal. All of them are first-team players who graduated from the academy.

On the other hand, members of Atlético de Madrid’s training programme frequently transition to lower-division national and international teams. These footballers consistently represent their senior national teams.

The Foundation and the Atlético de Madrid women’s squad, which includes female players, are also part of this model. The Foundation plays a role in spreading important sporting values to disadvantaged communities globally. This cuts across both a social and humanitarian perspective.


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Ways To Enrol in the Atletico de Madrid Football Academy

The Academy holds selection exams annually in April and May, which are mandatory for admission. Also, the club announces registration openings for various age groups on its website and through media channels.

Interested individuals can submit their applications with the required details. After the application deadline, all applicants will receive a call confirming the screening process’s date and location.

The exams take place at Atlético de Madrid’s main training and competition facilities in Madrid. This includes Majadahonda’s Sports City, “Ernesto Cotorruelo” Sports Fields, the Municipal Sports Centre of Orcasitas, and the Municipal Sports Centre “José Caballero” of Alcobendas.

Meanwhile, after the exams, the club informs participants about the results. They also provide details about the procedures and requirements for joining the Atletico de Madrid Football Academy for those who are selected.

The International Training Projects of Atletico de Madrid

To ensure consistency in approaches and principles across the Performance and Training Academies, with the aim of exporting its model globally, the club has commenced the process of transforming and integrating its academy procedures.

As part of this endeavour, the club already operates schools in Mexico and Romania. Furthermore, substantial efforts are underway to establish new facilities in line with an ambitious international expansion strategy. This strategy envisions setting up schools in strategically important markets. also bolstering the Atlético de Madrid brand’s global reputation and achieving long-term growth objectives.

Additionally, the club facilitates foreign training and sports programmes for players coming to Madrid from diverse countries. It includes China, Azerbaijan, and affiliated clubs in Thailand, Mexico, and the United States. These programmes provide numerous young individuals with the opportunity to follow the club’s training schedules alongside Spanish players from the academy. This affords them a distinct educational and developmental experience in Spain.

These comprehensive training initiatives align with the club’s international expansion goals. It serves as a pivotal means to strengthen the Atlético de Madrid brand’s presence in key global markets.

Overview Of Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Programme

Young individuals globally have the chance to merge advanced soccer training with their secondary education in Madrid via the Boarding School Programme. This distinctive football venture offered by the official academy of Atlético de Madrid allows aspiring girls and boys to pursue their dreams of professional football while receiving education from esteemed institutions. All of these are in preparation for becoming future Atlético de Madrid players.

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About The Educational Institutions At Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Programme

The Boarding School Programme aids young sports enthusiasts in pursuing an IB International Baccalaureate or American Baccalaureate education through a partnership involving Atlético de Madrid, esteemed educational institutions Vermont Academy, and Liceo Europeo.

Also, the program’s aim is to deliver an educational opportunity that meets the needs of globally inclined students with athletic talents at secondary and high school levels.

The Educational Programme

Here, the Boarding School Programme provides athletes with the choice between two respected educational systems, allowing them to complete their secondary education and establish a solid foundation for a prosperous future. Athletes have the opportunity to select either the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the American Baccalaureate, made possible through partnerships with Vermont Academy and Liceo Europeo.

The International Baccalaureate

More than 1.5 million students are currently registered in challenging academic programmes across 5,284 educational establishments worldwide, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) degree in 158 nations.

The core of IB education places the learner in a central role, prioritising the development of successful teaching and learning within an extensive curriculum. The International Baccalaureate serves as a globally accepted educational qualification, allowing students to pursue further studies and excel in their future careers.

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The American Baccalaureate

The American Baccalaureate, also referred to as the College Preparatory School Diploma for 11th and 12th graders, is a two-part academic programme accessible to students aged 16 to 18, regardless of nationality. Students can choose to enrol in grades 11, 12, or both concurrently.

The core feature of the American Baccalaureate is complete immersion in the English language. Vermont Academy employs native English-speaking educators who follow the American teaching approach.

They provide personalised instruction in small groups, emphasising the development of talent, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Student needs and preferences are considered when designing the various courses.

This qualification not only supports academic growth but also cultural enrichment. It enhances prospects for admission into further education programmes at universities worldwide.

Vermont Academy

The Vermont Academy, situated in the northeastern region of the United States, was founded in 1876 and is a well-regarded educational establishment. Alongside Liceo Europeo, it provides a global education founded on rigorous academic standards. Its American curriculum aims to foster cultural competence, equipping students with skills pertinent to 21st-century societal and professional dynamics.

The institution’s instructional philosophy is centred around holistic child development. Through interdisciplinary connections across subjects and the cultivation of critical thinking, Vermont Academy offers an exceptional global and values-based education, moulding students into global citizens.

The institution places a significant emphasis on students’ personal and cultural maturation, offering essential resources to help them identify their passions and utilise their potential in practical scenarios. Outdoor activities and sports are integral parts of the student experience at Vermont Academy.

Colegio Liceo Europeo

Established in 1982, Colegio Liceo Europeo is a distinguished educational institution in Madrid. With over 1,200 students, it has gained recognition both nationally and internationally.

The school stands out for its progressive approach within Spain’s education system, prioritising global education and fostering a diverse, multicultural environment. Also, the institution thrives as a hub for innovative learning in a multinational community, where the exchange of ideas flourishes.

The school’s commitment to promoting civility and international understanding is evident in its diverse student body, enhancing the educational experience. Colegio Liceo Europeo takes pride in helping students grow personally and interpersonally through interactive learning methods.

Engaging in international projects, congresses, workshops, and group activities equips students for their future academic and professional pursuits.

In addition to its academic focus, the school offers exceptional facilities tailored to students’ and families’ needs. This includes expansive sports fields and green spaces that contribute to a well-rounded educational environment.

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The Football Training Facilities At The Educational Institutions At Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Programme

During the Boarding School Programme, participants will have the opportunity to train at the advanced football training centres of the Atlético de Madrid Academy, where the club’s top athletes practise. These facilities boast impeccable fields meeting professional standards, cutting-edge equipment, and state-of-the-art training technology, providing an optimal environment for athletes to enhance their skills.

Utilising the same facilities used by the Academy and professional teams, participants will engage in a structured and personalised football training programme to refine and cultivate the necessary skills to become better football players.

The athletes will receive continuous feedback during training sessions to ensure they achieve their objectives, benefiting from the expertise of the coaching team and specialised training techniques that offer individualised attention.

The programme places a strong emphasis on education while also prioritising enjoyment and learning. This approach allows players to have exceptional experiences under the guidance of the educational and expert technical teams. They acquire new football knowledge and focus on the finer aspects that contribute to their daily progress in Atlético’s fields.

With Atlético de Madrid’s two top-notch training facilities, participants are provided with optimal resources to realise their full potential. After all, a world-class football education begins with world-class facilities.

The Wanda Majadahonda Sport Complex

The primary squad of Atlético de Madrid, along with their B team and the high-performance teams of the academy for the under-15 to under-19 age groups, predominantly practise at the Wanda Majadahonda Sports Complex.

The Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sport Complex

Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sports Complex serves as the headquarters for La Liga Iberdrola, the UEFA Youth League, and the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Within the complex is a stadium that can accommodate 2,700 spectators and features a natural grass football field. Additionally, the programme includes trips to the Club’s Metropolitano Stadium.

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Final Thoughts

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Atlético de Madrid High-Performance Academy is proud to provide a complete secondary education and professional football training plan. This unique curriculum sets the stage for academic and physical achievement, providing a solid basis for future success. We trust that this guide on enrolling in the Atletico de Madrid Football Academy has been valuable to you.


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