Joining Athletic Bilbao Football Academy

Here, we will learn all about joining the Athletic Bilbao Football Academy. Also, we will discuss these subtopics: Overview Of Athletic Bilbao Football Academy, Athletic Bilbao Stadium, About Athletic Bilbao Football Academy, How To Join Athletic Bilbao Football Academy, etc.


Overview Of Athletic Bilbao Football Academy

The Spanish football team known as Athletic Club, often simply called Athletic, is based in the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country. They participate in La Liga, which is the top-tier football league in Spain.

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Athletic Bilbao B

Bilbao Athletic, also known as Athletic Club “B,” serves as the reserve team for the football club. Located in Bilbao, within the Basque Country, Spain, they participate in the Second Division B. Established in 1964, they host their matches in a 3,250-seat stadium at their Lezama training complex, occasionally using the larger 53,500-seat San Mamés Stadium for significant matches.

Athletic Bilbao Stadium

This stadium is on Rafael Moreno Pitxitxi Street in Bilbao, Spain’s Basque Country. You will find San Mamés, also known as Nuevo San Mamés or San Mames Barria. This football stadium boasts a seating capacity for a significant number of spectators.

The new stadium took over as Athletic Bilbao’s primary venue on September 16, 2013, replacing the previous San Mamés. The current San Mamés Stadium, with a seating capacity of 53,289, ranks as the eighth-largest stadium in Spain and holds the distinction of being the Basque Country’s largest stadium.

Historical Performance Of Athletic Bilbao

Athletic holds the fourth position in La Liga’s historical rankings with a total of eight championships. They have achieved 23 victories, placing them second behind Barcelona in terms of Copa del Rey titles.

When it comes to overall medals in league and cup competitions, Athletic stands as the most successful football team in the Basque Country. Furthermore, their women’s team has secured five titles in the top women’s league in Spain, the Primera División Femenina, making them one of the nation’s most accomplished women’s teams.

This club is one of the original members of the Primera División and has never been relegated since the league’s inception in 1929, alongside Real Madrid and Barcelona. Notably, these three clubs and Osasuna are the only professional clubs in Spain whose management is not under the control of sports corporations.

Athletic’s primary rivals are Real Sociedad, with whom they engage in the Basque derby, and Real Madrid, with whom they share both political and sporting rivalries. Throughout their history, the team has participated in various Basque league derbies, most notably against Alavés, Eibar, and Osasuna.

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Athletic Bilbao Football Academy

In 1971, the Athletic Club initiated the utilisation of its Lezama facilities. The club recognised the need for both a training centre for its professional team and a football academy for its youth squads to progress.

Located in the village of Lezama, 15 kilometres away from Bilbao, these facilities serve as the cornerstone of the Athletic Club, embodying its core values. This is primarily because the youth teams based in Lezama serve as reinforcement of the club’s commitment to only developing local talent.

Athletic Bilbao Football Academy Structure

Lezama serves as the training ground for Athletic, housing not only seventeen youth teams but also the first team, the Athletic Women’s first team, and their respective reserve teams like Basconia and Bilbao Athletic. These various squads, including age groups up to the Under-11s, play a crucial role in nurturing young football talent for the main athletic teams.

Spanning 13 hectares, Lezama boasts four standard grass fields, four artificial turf fields, an indoor artificial pitch, gym facilities, a medical centre, and storage areas. Additionally, it features a modest stadium with seating for 3,200 spectators.

Beyond this, there’s a specialised area for goalkeepers known as the “goalkeepers’ cage” and an artificial pitch designed exclusively for goalkeeper training, complementing the eight other pitches available. Visitors can also access on-site amenities such as a bar and both underground and above-ground parking garages.

Athletic Bilbao Academy Development

Consider Lezama’s holistic approach, encompassing not only its physical infrastructure but also its human elements. The Athletic Club relies on a diverse team of talented individuals to provide comprehensive education to our young players, preparing them not just for elite football but also for life in general. This team includes educators, trainers, medical professionals, support staff, and coaches.

At Lezama, all coaches share a unified vision centred around the player. The player is the focal point of all planning, holding the key to everything, and they can only grasp essential concepts through active participation in football.

Our aim is for young players to thrive both personally and athletically in this environment. We strive to develop individuals who embody the ideals of our Club both on and off the field, creating well-rounded people and athletes capable of representing us with pride.

Beyond the conspicuous concrete structures of the training complex lies the essence of the Lezama concept. Many clubs within the Athletic Club organisation operate under its guidance. The Club maintains several exceptional development centres throughout the Basque Country, where promising young talent from various teams receives professional coaching.

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How To Join Athletic Bilbao Football Academy

The Athletic Club currently lacks official details regarding trials. Despite the various avenues to join a football academy or a professional team, what proven methods exist for achieving this goal?

We’ve pinpointed three primary pathways to enter a football club academy, and we trust that these guidelines will assist you in securing a spot at the Athletic Bilbao Academy. By adhering to these directions, you’ll be well on your way to pursuing a professional football career and participating in the Athletic Bilbao Football Academy.

Here are three methods you can utilise if you’re contemplating how to become a part of the Athletic Bilbao Football Academy:

1. Getting scouted while you play football

While it may be the least probable path, this offers an avenue into a football academy where sheer luck plays a pivotal role. This process is sometimes described as “climbing the ladder to the top.”

In essence, regardless of your current ranking, you can join any football team, always having the opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities on the field. There’s a constant possibility that if you shine, possess superior skills compared to others, and perform exceptionally well, someone may show interest in signing you.

It’s crucial to remember that these skills must be honed through dedicated practise, such as speed drills and workouts, to impress scouts. Talent alone doesn’t make things happen.

Your football coach can also be a valuable asset on this journey. If you manage to dazzle and prove your exceptional abilities, your coach may recognise this and offer assistance. This is because your team’s coach might have connections or networks from their own football career.

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2. Getting a football agent

Agents play a pivotal role in actively seeking out promising football talent and facilitating their connections with football teams, similar to the responsibilities of football scouts. However, agents also handle additional responsibilities such as contracts and compensation, which sets them apart from football scouts. Typically, they receive their payment through these transactions.

Regarding the topic of joining a football team, agents are individuals with extensive networks and contacts. This network can be a valuable asset because they can arrange trials or invite football scouts to observe your gameplay, potentially opening doors for you if you make a strong impression on them.

In their industry, agents often exhibit a high level of enthusiasm due to the nature of their work. Their success is closely tied to the success of the players they represent. Therefore, everyone involved benefits when a player achieves success in football.

It’s worth noting that most agents operate at higher levels, and only a few are likely involved with lower-level clubs. Consequently, it may be more challenging for you to secure club opportunities with their assistance at lower levels.

3. Contacting clubs by yourself

Certainly! Here are three efficient approaches:

  1. Acquire the club’s email address.
  2. Gather the contact details of all club employees.
  3. Seek assistance from an agent or someone familiar with club members.

As mentioned in our PRO TIP, your chances of receiving a response increase when you send a clear, professionally written email with your relevant data, information, and, most crucially, your training videos or reels.

Remember to consistently document your performance in games, showcasing goals and noteworthy achievements!

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To enrol in a professional academy in Spain, such as the Athletic Bilbao Football Academy, follow these steps: If you’re an EU member, you can join right away. Non-EU individuals need to obtain a visa permit, but this is a straightforward process. We trust this guide to joining the Athletic Bilbao Football Academy has been informative.

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