Joining Arsenal Football Academy

This post will explain joining the Arsenal Football Academy. This is your ticket to the Arsenal experience, whether you’re a young football prodigy looking to launch your career or a diehard fan interested in one of the world’s top academies. The perfectly maintained training pitches that witness endless drills and the echo of “Victoria Concordia Crescit” that lingers through the halls are where your Arsenal journey begins.

Overview Of The Arsenal Football Academy

Arsenal’s youth centre, located in Hale End, East London, is where the club trains players aged 9 to 16. After turning 16, players might be offered a two-year scholarship based on their performance.


In exceptional cases, a 16-year-old might receive a professional contract, which can be signed at 17, indicating exceptional progress at the academy.

The Arsenal academy is renowned in England, with a strong track record in the FA Youth Cup and Premier Academy League.


Numerous players, like Hector Bellerin, Cesc Fabregas, and Bukayo Saka, have moved from the youth programme to the first team. They have showcased their academy’s effectiveness.

This legacy of success, seen in past graduates such as Liam Brady and Ashley Cole, attracts many young players to join the Arsenal programme.

Eligibility Requirements For joining Arsenal Football Academy

Ensure you fulfil the requirements prior to applying for admission to the Arsenal Academy. The organization is in need of individuals aged 6 to 18, who are either citizens of the UK or possess legal authorization to reside there.


This criterion is crucial as it guarantees the players’ attendance at scheduled practises and matches.

The club is seeking dedicated individuals with fervour for the sport, regardless of their skill level or physical condition. They should be capable of demonstrating strong technical skills, strategic understanding, and physical wellness.

Keep in mind that prospective players must be in good physical health and pass a medical assessment before joining the academy. The goal of this is to protect the athletes and make sure they can handle the academy’s demanding training programme.

Enrolling Into The Arsenal Youth Academy

To gain entry into Arsenal’s junior academy, being discovered by their scouts is essential. Instead of sending a trial request letter, a more effective approach is seeking a trial with a nearby non-league team. This team must be associated with Arsenal.

This increases the likelihood of catching the attention of an Arsenal scout. As a result, it enhances your chances of being noticed and offered a spot in their academy.

Simply reaching out to Arsenal through letters won’t yield the desired outcome, regardless of your skill level. It’s essential to recognise that they receive numerous such inquiries daily.

This is why the presence of an Arsenal scout recommending an exceptional player to the academy holds much more significance and influence.

Getting The Attention Of Arsenal Scout

1. Strive To Be A Part Of The Best Team

Premier League academies can organise “development” matches involving children as young as 7. However, formal recruitment to the academy is only allowed once the players turn 8 and can participate in under-9-level competitions.

If your child excels in these development games at the Arsenal Youth Academy, they might be selected when the academy chooses its initial under-9 level players.

Nonetheless, the club recognises that determining a 9-year-old’s potential as a skilled footballer is challenging, and this may not even be evident when the child is 14 or 15.

2. Craft Personal Video Reels

Creating custom video reels that highlight your skills could be a way to stand out if you have the necessary resources. The process is explained in the video above, and, most importantly, it showcases your dedication to pursuing a career in professional football.

3. Understand the Importance Of Statistics

The chances of making a profession out of football after joining an academy at the age of nine are less than 0.5%, as Sombre statistics indicate. Out of the 1.5 million young football players in organised leagues in England, only 180 will ever get the opportunity to play in the Premier League.

The odds are one in 10,000, making the path to becoming a professional footballer even more arduous than getting into prestigious academies like Arsenal’s. While it’s essential to keep these numbers in mind, it’s equally vital to persevere if you have confidence in your abilities.

4. Play For The Top Local Teams

For example, reach out to a local Conference or Conference South/North team and express your interest in trying out or training with them if you genuinely believe you’re skilled enough for a Premier League junior academy.

The likelihood of them agreeing is much higher than that of Arsenal. If you’re truly talented, their youth development squad might accept you. From there, your performance will determine your progress.

If you excel, there’s a good chance a higher-level team might consider recruiting you for their youth programme. Even if it’s not Arsenal, it’s a step in the right direction.

Some London semi-professional clubs include Fisher, Haringey Borough, Clapton, Barnet, Boreham Wood, Hampton and Richmond, Dulwich Hamlet, and Wingate and Finchley.

5. Know About Open Days Or Football Schools Operated By Arsenal

All Premier League clubs, including Arsenal, have a notable presence in their communities. This involvement can manifest in various ways, including volunteering and providing assistance to the less fortunate.

Additionally, they run soccer schools with Arsenal-affiliated coaches in charge. The annual Expertise Summer School Residential Camps, where the Arsenal Lead Development Coach designs the curriculum, are an illustration of this.

These initiatives cater to children aged 10 to 17 and consist of two distinct elements.

Football Plus English Language Camps

This integrates the instruction of English language abilities with a daily three-hour football training session.

Overview Of Football-Only Camps

This course provides daily, six-hour football practise, contingent on your proficiency in English. The courses run for seven days and are available at various locations for both boys and girls.

All remaining coaches possess at least a UEFA-licensed coaching certificate, along with an English Football Association youth coaching certification. The curriculum’s creators and overseers hold a minimum UEFA B certification.

Also, comprehensive information can be found on the websites of Arsenal Summer Camps and Expertise Summer Schools.

It’s advisable to watch for announcements about Arsenal football schools or open days, as these are effective in gaining the attention of club-employed coaches. To stay updated, the Football Development section of the Arsenal website is an excellent resource.

How To Apply For Arsenal Academy

The procedure for applying to the Arsenal Academy is relatively straightforward. The club offers an online application accessible through their website.

During the application, aspiring players need to provide basic details like their name, birth date, and contact information.

Additionally, they are required to submit certain documents, including a recent photo, proof of citizenship, and confirmation of their date of birth. This verification process ensures that the player’s identity aligns with the eligibility criteria.

Upon reviewing the applications, the club will select a few candidates to participate in a trial. Academy coaches typically conduct these trials at London Colney, the club’s training facility.

The trials serve as an opportunity for the club to assess the players’ skills, physical condition, and attitude. This phase is crucial as it allows the club to identify individuals with the potential to excel within the academy.

Advantages Of Joining The Arsenal Football Academy

1. Tryouts

The subsequent step in the application procedure for joining the Arsenal Academy involves tryouts. The club selects a specific group of players to take part in trials regularly, usually once or twice per year.

During these trials, players are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and impress the academy coaches. A successful performance throughout the trials can lead to a spot in the academy for the players.

Throughout the trials, participants will undergo a range of drills and activities that assess their technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness level.

Furthermore, the coaches will be observing players who display a positive mindset and a willingness to learn. This aspect is important because the team seeks athletes who possess both talent and a strong motivation to put in the effort to improve.

2. Education And Skill Development

Once accepted into the academy, players embark on an intensive training and development programme. The program’s goal is to enhance players’ skills, fitness, and tactical awareness.

Also, the academy’s instructors and trainers work closely with athletes to help them reach their highest potential. This is a crucial aspect for the club to ensure optimal performance.

Players have the opportunity to engage in regular competitions against other academies, which provides valuable experience against strong opponents and prepares them for the challenges of professional football.

These matches not only allow players to showcase their abilities and impress coaches but also enable them to gauge their progress compared to other talented players.

Aside from regular training and games, the academy offers advanced resources like sports science and rehabilitation facilities. This additional support ensures players receive top-notch treatment to unlock their full potential.

3. Expenses And Financial Assistance

Participating in the Arsenal academy could be costly. Athletes wanting to join the academy are required to pay an annual fee, which covers training, facilities, and equipment expenses.

Also, the club offers financial aid for those unable to afford the fees, with the assistance amount based on the player’s family income.

Furthermore, the club evaluates these applications at its own discretion. They ensure that individuals from various backgrounds have the opportunity to join the programme.


For aspiring young individuals dedicated to a career in pro football, becoming a part of the Arsenal academy presents a beautiful chance. The institution has a history of nurturing top-tier potential. Also, they provide athletes with the necessary expertise, exposure, and preparation for triumph.

Academy members enjoy top-notch coaching, facilities, and assistance, along with the opportunity to face off against the nation’s finest athletes.

If you possess a strong passion for football and are resolute in your commitment to improvement, the Arsenal academy could offer the perfect setting for your career progression.

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