How to Make Money Betting on Football

Engaging with your favourite sports teams and events through sports betting is a popular and thrilling pastime. However, did you know that sports betting may also be a profitable endeavour? Although there is always a certain amount of danger, there are tactics you may use to improve your odds of succeeding and eventually turning a profit.

We’ll go over the key tips and tricks in this post that you need to obey in order to become a profitable sports gambler.


You should, at the end of reading this article, understand how to bet and win on football.

8 tips on how to make money betting on football

1. Arbitrage

Even if they are unfamiliar with its definition, the majority of bettors will have heard of it. To put it simply, it’s the ability to back a selection at a higher price during an exchange than you can lay it at.


Bet365, for instance, is offering 6/4 (2.50) on Manchester United to defeat Arsenal at Old Trafford. But as of right now, the price to lay Manchester United on the Betfair Exchange is 2.3, which is less than 6/4. Thus, you wager with Bet365 and lay the identical choice on Betfair to ensure a profit.

These happen more frequently than you might imagine, particularly in the early phases of a market. Since many bettors are searching for the same things, you must be quick and clever to take advantage of them.

Since arbers only make money by identifying different prices, bookmakers obviously dislike them. You can see that your accounts are restricted, but you can still make money while things are going well.


2. Value betting

Value betting is an unpredictable, opinion-based tactic that depends on an individual’s understanding of the game.

If your analysis indicates that Liverpool should be 4/5 against Chelsea at home and the betting houses are offering 5/4, then this is a good value. The problem with value betting is that it may be subjective. There will be people, though, who think Liverpool should be 11/8 in this scenario, so they are not valuable.

The real cost of a result can frequently be discovered on the exchanges, providing some additional comfort to those who need it. The middle point between the current lay and back prices is the current actual price. It is a value price if a bookmaker is offering a greater price.

3. Seek Reliable football betting Experts

One option for individuals who are initially less knowledgeable about the sport is to look for a person whose job it is to offer football betting advice. Because there are, regrettably, a lot of unreliable tipsters out there, it is advisable to find someone who is obviously knowledgeable about what they are doing and has a complete track record of wins and losses.

This is a simple approach to learning more about football and the methods used by others to make tips. You may read their logic, comprehend how they select their wagers, and begin placing your own bets. The drawback is first having to identify someone who can be relied upon.

4. Never Place a Bet on Your Own Team

For most bookies, this kind of wager provides a consistent source of revenue.

Bettors and most people have a tendency to exaggerate the capabilities of their favourite team while underestimating those of their rivals.

It is therefore nearly impossible to remain objective in these circumstances, and nothing is more detrimental to a bettor than the absence of objectivity.

5. Check the Odds Often

The chances of winning a bet are higher with lower odds.

We advise choosing markets with low odds if you’re new to football betting and are scared to try Value Betting. Although the odds of you winning won’t be great, your profits will.

Bettors with experience often check the odds offered by bookmakers and select the one with the best odds for their wagers.

6. Maintain Discipline

The majority of bettors often place bets on almost every betting market that the bookies provide.

To master how to make money betting on football, focus on creating a methodical strategy for your football betting. Concentrate on specific leagues, teams, and placed bets that you can research and become an expert on.

Prior to selecting favourites and underdogs, thoroughly research the chosen league and identify potential opportunities.

7. Play no more than a few games on each coupon.

Betting on a few games on one slip is paramount to a successful way of making money betting on football. Many bettors resolve to play singles matches—that is, one game at a time—only.

It’s up to the individual to decide on the number of games to play with each coupon. There is little doubt about the fact that betting companies lose the most money when customers simply place a bet on one or a few matches on a ticket, according to data. When participants play multiple games at once, the odds go very high and the chances of winning are quite low, which is when betting firms profit the most.

8. Matched betting

Matched betting is among the best tactics you can use to outsmart the bookies. While this isn’t a tactic for people hoping to win big money betting on football, it is a great method to grab up a little extra cash here and there.

Making use of the free bets that are offered when you register with a bookmaker is the foundation of matched betting. Your initial bet, referred to as a qualifying bet, will result in a small loss if you back with a bookie and lay off on the exchange. But when you use your free bet, everything wins.

Matched betting isn’t for everyone because the reward increases extremely slowly. However, if done right, it’s practically a guaranteed method of making money betting on football. All it takes is persistence.

Is betting on football a game of luck or skill?

It all comes down to luck when it comes to betting, just like in other games of chance. When it comes to sports betting, though, there’s more to it than just luck. At the very least, knowledge is essential. Thus, betting is a financial game that you can win and that can give you a steady source of income.

A small percentage of bettors earn a comfortable income from their bets. However, most of them can do so if they are serious about it.

Learning about the sports, games, and teams you choose to place bets on is essential to successful betting. Being well-versed in the league or leagues you play in is a huge benefit if you want to make money betting on football.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Betting on Football

There are hundreds of football matches played each week all around the world, and bookies provide a variety of odds on the specifics of these events. This covers the odds of the events that will transpire throughout a match, like the number of corners won and the goal scorers individually.

Throughout the year, a number of bookmakers provide attractive odds in addition to their current client incentives. For some of the biggest football games of the year, bookmakers also offer increased odds. You will therefore be paid the earnings from the odds and the initial stake if the match’s conclusion is known and your bet is successful.




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