How To Join Swansea Football Academy

Swansea City Academy was established to support young football players and give them access to the coaching, support system, and lifestyle guidance they require to succeed in the game. Joining Swansea City Academy will be your best option if you’re hoping to play football and you live in the Swansea City catchment area.



With the assistance of knowledgeable and committed professionals, Swansea City Academy provides a cutting-edge football development and education programme. The address of Swansea City Academy is Landore Training Facility, Landore Business Park, Landore, SA6 8AX.

To improve its players, Swansea City Academy uses top technology and teaching techniques. They are always searching for promising young athletes to join their academy, and they are picky about who they let in because the competition is fierce, considering the modifications made to the football academy system.

Clubs in Academy Category Two (U12+) are now able to hire players from around the country. In the past, Category 2 teams were limited to hiring players who lived within a 90-minute commute to the academy.

However, the FA has since changed this policy, believing that the finest players should receive equal opportunities to attend the top academies, regardless of their distance from home. This increases our domestic talent pool for the global arena by providing the top talent with the most opportunities for success. As a result, Swansea City Academy is hiring more host families to help place young, gifted students in secure homes.

The Academy’s Facilities

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore officially opened Swansea City’s Landore training academy in September 2013.

This £6 million facility is the team’s first purpose-built training ground and features:

  • two full-sized, floodlit grass pitches for high performance
  • an indoor barn with a 3G astroturf pitch
  • six contemporary changing rooms
  • a state-of-the-art sports and fitness centre
  • an aerobics studio, and physiotherapy rooms.
  • strength and conditioning facilities are also available, along with classrooms, offices, and parents’ rooms
  • a lecture theatre with full match analysis facilities
  • Lastly, a dedicated cafeteria and dining hall.

Why choose Swansea City Academy?

Healthy connections with their management, coaches, and support staff are fundamental to each player’s experience at our academy. Their employees work to support the players’ personal and professional development, not to control them. They have employed creative approaches to performance monitoring, self-reflection, and growth planning to foster an atmosphere where Academy players have a major role in their own football development. The player is then obliged to maintain task focus, utilise their own performance and behaviour as a standard, and make sure they are fully aware of all the difficulties and barriers they encounter.

The players collaborate closely with technical, sport science, and performance analysis staff members to achieve improvement targets across the four pillars of player development.

The players have developed a culture of attention to detail as a result of their highly individualised approach to player management and development. They maintain unwavering focus, understand that effort and work ethic are equivalent to improvement, and have access to concrete mechanisms for multidisciplinary self-improvement through their performance plans.

The Academy’s Training Programme

Swansea City Academy’s training curriculum is divided into technical and tactical instruction, including a dedicated custodian module. The following illustrates:

  1. The Swansea City Academy’s professional development phase
  2. Swansea City Academy’s youth development phase
  3. The Swansea City Academy’s foundational stage
  4. The youth / professional development phase of the Swansea City Academy
  5. Swansea City Academy’s foundation development custodian phase

How To Join The Swansea City Academy

Players have the opportunity to try out for the Swansea City Academy scouts. While many players are fortunate enough to be in the correct positions when scouts are watching games, Swansea City is also well aware that talented players might elude them; therefore, they provide players with the opportunity to get in touch with them directly using the information below.

Due to the large number of applications, it is understandable that they are unable to reply to every applicant; however, this is a useful method of informing scouts about players who want to advance their football career and gain a trial at Swansea City Academy.

Therefore, to receive an invitation for a trial at Swansea City Academy, make sure to gather the following necessary data:

  • Players’ Resume and Cover Letter
  • Player’s Vitals: Position, age, date of birth, height, weight, phone number, email address, current club, past clubs, information about trials previously attended, and any accolades as a representative of the school, district, county, etc.
  • The player’s place of education
  • Fixture list of your current team should be given to the scout, along with the location and kickoff time

Swansea City Academy Trials and Recruitment

During the course of this writing, Swansea City trials and auditions have not been officially published. While we watch this club, kindly return at a later time, or click the link below to access the official academy news section:

How To Get a Trial at the Academy

Players must be noticed in the appropriate locations at the appropriate times in order to be chosen for a trial at Swansea City Academy. Some players prefer to approach things directly, sending links to videos of themselves playing football.

However, it’s important to remember that clubs receive thousands of these videos every week and don’t have time to watch them all while going about their regular business. As a result, joining a Swansea City Soccer School is the most efficient way to be scouted for a trial at Swansea City Academy.

The Swansea City Football Academy Administration And Staff


Academy Manager: Gavin Levey

Head of Coaching: Ryan Davies

Head of Football Operations and Administrative Manager: Rebecca Gigg

Academy Secretary: Jordan Hughes

Head of Safeguarding: Rebeca Storer

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Allan Davies


U21 Coaches: Anthony Wright and Liam Ross

U18 Coach: Jarred Harvey and Oliver Jefferies 

PDP Individual Analysts: Lewis Bush and Sam Morris


Head of Youth Development Phase: Matthew Layton


Head of Academy Goalkeeping: Paul Wavell

U18s Goalkeeper Coach: Paul Whitfield 


Head of Education: Jordan Morris

Assistant Head of Education: Jack Pritchard

Head of Player Care: Toby Rossiter


Academy Doctor: Sarah Shaw

Head of Academy Physiotherapy: Jordan Beech

PDP Physiotherapists: Gareth Simpson and Tom Rowlatt


Academy Secretary: Jordan Hughes

Academy Kit and Utilities: Karen Richards, Keith Jones and Anthony Avo


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