How To Join Manchester United Academy

This guide will explain how to join the Manchester United Academy. Imagine walking onto the same training pitches where Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rashford trained hard. Imagine wearing the red shirt, feeling tradition, and continuing the legacy of a club that has won millions of hearts worldwide. The Manchester United Academy is an aspiration, a place where promise becomes prowess and talent becomes legendary.

Overview Of The Manchester United Academy

A professional staff supports the Manchester United Academy’s high-level football training and development programme. Located at Trafford Training Centre, Birch Road, Off Isherwood Road, Carrington, M31 4BH, the academy utilises modern coaching techniques and technologies to improve its athletes’ skills. They actively seek emerging talents to join their programme, maintaining strict admission standards due to fierce competition.


With changes to the football academy system, Category One clubs like Manchester United Academy can now recruit players nationwide, starting at under 12 years old. The FA adjusted this rule to ensure that the most promising talents have a fair chance to participate in top football academies, regardless of their proximity. Previously, Category One clubs were restricted to players living within a 90-minute drive.

This adjustment expands the pool of domestic talent, providing exceptional opportunities for success on the global stage. Consequently, the Manchester United Academy is enlisting more host families to accommodate young, skilled individuals in secure home environments.


How To Get A Trial At The Manchester United Academy

At the Manchester United Academy, getting a trial opportunity is contingent upon selection, making it crucial for players to be present at the right places and times.

While some footballers prefer sending game videos to clubs directly, it’s worth noting that clubs receive numerous videos weekly and lack the time to review them all due to their regular operations.

So, choosing a Manchester United football school is the best way to get noticed for a trial at the Manchester United Academy. Scouts often choose good players at these events and invite them to try out at the academy’s growth sites. Because football camps are open to everyone, they are a good way to find new players.


Furthermore, enrolling your child in football classes early is a prudent choice since their peers will likely do the same. This enables them to enhance their skills with friends of a similar age.

Getting Recognised By Manchester United Academy Scout

Prospective players have the chance to audition for the Manchester United Academy through scouts. Manchester United is aware that valuable talent might go unnoticed, even though some players are fortunate to catch the attention of scouts during games.

Therefore, they, like other clubs, employ a direct method. This efficient approach helps identify talented individuals seeking to join the Manchester United Academy, but due to the high number of applications, the team often struggles to respond to all of them.

The Curriculum At The Manchester United Academy

The plan gives you a good idea of the kind of lessons that might be taught in a school like Manchester United’s. In the school, training is often split into sections for technical and tactical lessons, with a separate part for goalkeepers. Here is an example of a typical football school lesson plan:

1. The professional development phase at the Manchester United Academy

2. The youth development phase

3. The foundation phase

4. The youth and professional development phase

5. The foundational goalkeeper development phase

Enrolling in Manchester United’s Youth Academy

One of Manchester United’s scouts or coaches must choose you to join the youth academy. To improve your chances, aim to join the best local team available. Stay alert for professional teams in your vicinity holding trials or open events, and also look out for any nearby summer soccer camps hosted by Manchester United.

1. Obtain a selection from the Manchester United Academy

To become part of Manchester United’s academy, you need their selection. The club holds the final decision, and you’re free to reach out to them. However, there are ways to enhance your likelihood of catching the club’s interest.

Manchester United has a nationwide network of scouts. To maximize your chances of being noticed by these scouts and gaining entry into their Youth Academy, your initial step should involve joining the best team in your local area.

It’s essential to acknowledge that in order to secure a place in a renowned academy like Manchester United’s, you must have the ability to compete at the highest level within your vicinity.

Failing to meet this criterion suggests that you might not possess the skill level required to be considered for Manchester United. By affiliating yourself with a reputable team in your community, you increase the likelihood of scouts attending your matches.

3. Create A Personal Video Reel

Capturing images effortlessly is a significant benefit of our modern era. Creating a dynamic video reel of your performance can bolster your approach to reaching out to Manchester United directly.

Also, it’s best to have a concise and impactful presentation that showcases different facets of your skills. If you can also obtain contact details for a staff member and initiate communication, that would be advantageous.

However, keep in mind that the club receives a lot of requests like this every week, so don’t let potential delays depress you.

4. Look Out For Trial Sessions And Open Days

Manchester United isn’t obligated to arrange these events; any pro or semi-pro club could hold them. However, they do manage the Manchester United Football Schools during the summer.

The following pages are required by the club’s football schools:

Junior 8-11 yrs

Senior 12-14 yrs

Youth 15-17 yrs

Girls 8-17 yrs

Participating in a Manchester United Football School gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills to coaches affiliated with Manchester United, which can be beneficial if you’re a talented player aiming to be noticed.

Moreover, United has introduced an Emerging Talent Programme that involves over 50 local schools and organisations in Manchester and the North West region.

Getting A Chance At Manchester United Academy

1. Be Realistic

You should remember that being a part of a team like Manchester United is basically what every kid dreams of. The chances of a player graduating from an academy and pursuing a professional career are less than 1%, illustrating how challenging it is to join the academy of a pro team. This just demonstrates the significant obstacles you’re up against.

2. Be Resilient

To end on a positive note, let’s reflect on the journey of Ian Wright, who didn’t enter the professional game until he turned 21.

However, despite unsuccessful attempts with Southend United and Brighton & Hove Albion, he finally found a place in non-league Greenwich Borough, earning £30 per week.

After just seven games, his remarkable performance caught the attention of a rival manager, who recommended him to Crystal Palace.

Just before his 22nd birthday in August 1985, Wright underwent a trial and secured a professional contract with Crystal Palace. In his rookie season, he became the second-highest scorer for the team. This story shows that talent will prevail if given the opportunity.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need recognition from a Manchester United coach or scout to be considered for their academy. To improve your chances, boosting your profile is essential, which you can achieve by joining a prominent local team.

Also, this will attract scouts and potentially lead to selection for your district or country. Utilise your connections to pro or semi-pro clubs and watch for any Manchester United summer soccer programmes nearby.

Lastly, the key step is getting noticed initially. While playing in another pro team’s academy, even at a lower level, might not be your preference, it could be a stepping stone towards Manchester United. Ultimately, talent and dedication are crucial requirements.

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