How To Join Leeds Football Academy

If you’ve been seeking information on joining the Leeds Football Academy, read on for more. In this post (How to Join Leeds Football Academy), you’ll discover crucial information about the academy. This includes: an introduction to the Leeds Football Academy; Getting A Trial From The Leeds Football Academy; How Can The Leeds Football Academy Scouts Notice Me?; Requirements To Get Scouted For Leeds United Academy Trial, etc.


Introduction To The Leeds Football Academy

With the help of committed professionals, Leeds United Academy provides advanced education and development for football. It is situated on Walton Road, Thorp Arch, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BA. Also, the academy employs cutting-edge coaching techniques and technology to nurture its players.

They actively scout talented prospects nationwide. Academy Category 2 clubs can now sign players from around the country (U12+), widening the pool of domestic talent for global competition.

To ensure a secure family environment, host families are increasingly employed at the academy to accommodate young, talented individuals.

Getting A Trial From The Leeds Football Academy

To have a chance at a trial at the Leeds United Academy, you must get selected. Players need to be in the right places at the right times so that scouts can see them. While some players send videos of themselves playing, teams receive countless videos each week. This makes it challenging to review them all.

Therefore, the best way to get noticed for a trial at the Leeds United Academy is by enrolling in a Leeds United Football School. Football schools provide an open avenue for everyone to get noticed. More so, scouts frequently select young players from these sessions to try out at the development facilities.

Bringing your child to football schools early on is also a wise decision, as it allows them to improve their skills alongside their peers. This way, they have a better chance of standing out and being noticed.

How Can The Leeds Football Academy Scouts Notice Me?

The Leeds United Academy scouts offer players the chance to try out. While some players are lucky enough to be noticed during games, the club acknowledges that they might miss out on talented individuals.

To address this, they allow players to contact them directly using the provided information. Note that they can’t respond to everyone due to the high number of applications. However, it’s a valuable way for players to express their interest in advancing their game and potentially joining the Leeds United Academy.

Requirements To Get Scouted For Leeds United Academy Trial

  1. CVs of athletes
  2. Letter of introduction
  3. The most important information about a player is their position, age, date of birth, height, weight, email, phone, and address, as well as information about their former clubs, trials they attended, and any awards they have won at school, college, or county level.
  4. Location of players’ attendance
  5. Give the scout a list of your present team’s games, including where they will be played and when they will start.

Once you have all this information, email the Leeds United Academy at for further evaluation.

Training Curriculum Of Leeds Football Academy

There are two parts to the training plan at Leeds United Academy. One is all about physical and tactical skills, and the other is just for goalkeepers. However, some of the different stages in the Leeds Football Academy are:

  1. The Leeds United Academy’s professional development stage,
  2. Youth development phase
  3. Founding stage
  4. Youth and professional development
  5. Foundational goalkeeper development stage

Ways To enrol in the Leeds Football Academy

Having the necessary football talent is the primary requirement to get a tryout, and being accessible to the club’s scout is crucial. Simply sending your football video to the Leeds United academy may not be effective since the administrators often overlook such submissions.

A more practical approach is to join Leeds United FC’s academy, as it significantly increases your chances of getting a trial. The scouts actively observe young athletes training with their local teams, and they contact your coach or management if they spot potential.

Once identified, they invite you for an interview at the club’s development facility. Engaging in football activities at a young age is beneficial for healthy growth and also makes it easier for players to access the playing area.

The Leeds United Foundation

The Leeds United football team has a strong desire to support the less fortunate and vulnerable individuals, aiming to create a significant positive impact in their lives. To fulfil this mission, they formed the Leeds United Foundation, dedicated to providing philanthropic services and effective development approaches.

They did this to help individuals reach their goals. However, the club collaborates exclusively with passionate and dedicated individuals who actively participate in charitable initiatives. The purpose of the simulation is to implement the organisation’s development strategies.

Implementation In Football Schools

The main goal of the Club Foundation is to provide children aged 5 to 12 with excellent educational opportunities. To enhance their development, they incorporate extracurricular activities such as sports events and fun competitions. Additionally, regular health and safety checks are conducted to ensure the children are in optimal learning conditions.

Implementation Through Skill Centres

This component is concerned with maximising the potential of the young. It will last for an hour. The trainers and coaches here make sure that the kids practise a few skills. Attacking, defending, ball control, body movement, passing, etc. are some of the talents. Additionally, they practise a few additional skills.

Implementation Through Disability Camps

The club acknowledged the importance of supporting young individuals with disabilities in their personal growth and providing them with a sense of purpose. As a response to this, they created the Football4Me soccer camps, where these youngsters receive comprehensive coaching and training to learn football.

Moreover, the camp employs experienced staff who not only assist in various activities but also foster an inclusive and supportive environment for these athletes.

Implementation Of Women and Girls

The Player Development Centres offer coaching opportunities for girls aged 7 to 14, creating a supportive environment for their growth and confidence as football players. Moreover, they provide essential educational resources.

It doesn’t restrict them from joining local clubs but aims to enhance their potential. Importantly, if they perform well and show dedication, they can continue playing for Leeds United’s women’s team.


The main reason the Leeds United Academy was made was to invest in talented young football players and give them all the help they needed, like coaching, health advice, and advice on how to live a good life, so they could have a successful football career. If you want to be a football player and live in the service area for Leeds United, joining their school is the best thing you can do.

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