How To Join Deportivo Alavez Football Academy

Here, we shall discuss how to join Deportivo Alavez Football Academy. Also, we shall look into other subtopics like The Deportivo Alavez Football Academy, the Deportivo Alavés Academy Facilities, The Youth Programmes At Deportivo Alavez, the Deportivo Alavés Youth Academy Programme, etc. Follow the article carefully and enjoy the content in it.

Introduction To Joining Deportivo Alavez Football Academy

It was not until 2012 that Vitoria Gasteiz earned the title of Europe’s green capital. Within this Spanish northern city, you’ll find the professional football team known as Deportivo Alavés. Vitoria is situated near the French border, approximately a 3.5-hour drive from Madrid and a 5-hour drive from Barcelona.


Both the male and female squads of Deportivo Alavés have recently made a successful return to La Liga. They attained the following achievements:

  1. They competed in the top-tier La Liga for 16 seasons.
  2. They secured promotion to La Liga for the 2023–24 season.
  3. They were the second-place finishers in the UEFA Europa League in 2001.
  4. They returned to the LFP for the 2012–2013 season.
  5. They made a comeback to the First Division during the 2015–16 season.
  6. They reached the finals of the first-ever Copa del Rey in 2016–17.
  7. They enjoyed six consecutive years in Spain’s top division.

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The Deportivo Alavez Football Academy

It is crucial to know that the International Football Academy, associated with Deportivo Alavés, is under the ownership of Grupo Baskonia Alavés. It caters to young male and female football players aged 14 to 23 who aspire to gain international exposure and enhance their skills, with a strong commitment to pursuing a career in football.

The club has recently achieved promotion back to La Liga, where it competes against formidable teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Additionally, Deportivo Alavés Femenino participates in La Liga F (Femenina), the primary professional women’s football league in Spain.

The Deportivo Alavés official International Football Academy provides an opportunity for footballers from around the globe to train. Also, it helps them to potentially participate in official Deportivo Alavés matches, contingent on factors like age, skill, and necessary approvals. The professional team’s resources and facilities are accessible to Academy players and those in the international football programme.


This academy which is located in Spain, boasts a rich history of success in youth soccer development. They offer various short- and long-term programmes with a focus on nurturing top-tier players while fostering personal growth and global education. Exceptionally talented players may have the opportunity to progress to the Deportivo Alavés Youth Academy and senior professional football teams, pending approval by the club’s management. It’s important to note that players under 18 years old might have certain limitations.

Deportivo Alavés Academy Facilities

Players at the Deportivo Alavés International Football Academy have the benefit of utilising the Bakh sports complex alongside their home facilities. Meanwhile, Bakh provides access to a fitness centre, rehabilitation amenities, and wellness services. They integrate all these with cutting-edge technologies crucial for player development.

The Ciudad Deportiva JL Compaon, boasting two artificial turf fields and two natural grass fields, serves as the location for on-field training sessions. Both the First Teams and Youth Academy Teams share the same training fields.

Additionally, they hold training sessions at the Betoo sports complex under the City of Sports programme. Betoo offers four outdoor pitches and one indoor football field. This is where morning individual training sessions, which focus on physical and technical preparation, happen.

Notably, the Mendizorrotza stadium, where Deportivo Alavés’ first team competes against La Liga 2 opponents when playing at home, is a source of pride for the club.

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The Youth Programmes At Deportivo Alavez

The Deportivo Alavés International Football Academy in Spain employs the same training methods as the Club Youth Academy, providing international players with access to the first team’s training facilities.

Upon arrival, players undergo assessments to create personalised plans to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths. Athletes participate in group training all throughout the week under the direction of International Academy and club coaches, with opportunities for informal or formal competitions depending on their skill level.

Weekly competitive matches are scheduled against affiliated teams, Deportivo Alavés squads, and other reputable local clubs. The academy boasts experienced coaches with UEFA Pro Licences and English-speaking certification, along with dedicated physical trainers.

How To Join Deportivo Alavez Football Academy

It’s time for you to achieve your aspirations, take a leap of faith, and showcase your skills to European football academies, which will shape your destiny. Meanwhile, the application process is your gateway to triumph. This offers you an opportunity to make a lasting impression and secure a place among the most promising football talents.

As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that your enthusiasm, talent, and determination are your most powerful assets. Your CV and highlight reel will serve as the canvases on which you’ll vividly depict your football abilities, achievements, and potential. However, create them with meticulous attention, ensuring that each component reflects your deep passion for the game and unwavering commitment to success.

Get ready to step into the spotlight and exhibit your skills during trials, showcases, and open days. These events are your opportunity to excel and prove that you have the potential to succeed in European football. Also, embrace the challenge enthusiastically and use the surge of adrenaline to fuel your performance. Display your strength, talent, and agility confidently, while also showcasing your ability to work as a team, adapt, and learn from your errors.

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Deportivo Alavés Youth Academy Programme

The primary objective of all programmes offered at the Deportivo Alavés International Football Academy is to develop players who possess both intelligence and adaptability within the current style of play, all while preserving the club’s rich heritage.

Here are some of the benefits of the academy:

  1. Participants engage in 8 to 10 weekly training sessions, which encompass both team-oriented and individual or small-group physical-tactical training.
  2. A structured strategy and training schedule in collaboration with Deportivo Alavés, involving independent practise and weekend competitions
  3. The opportunity to interact with experienced football players.
  4. Access to the club’s medical, nutritional, and physiotherapy experts.
  5. Provided accommodations and full boarding.
  6. The recruitment team at Deportivo Alavés made continuous scouting efforts.

Long-term Football programmes

Pro football programme for 10 months

This soccer programme in Spain spans 10 months, catering to aspiring athletes looking to pursue professional soccer careers while continuing their education. The programme operates from September through June.

All participants in the Deportivo Alavés Youth Academy undergo an identical process and enjoy equal access to the club’s professionals and resources.

Pro football 6-month programme

The sole distinction between the extended soccer programme and the 10-month programme is that participants have the freedom to choose their program’s start and end dates. Both options entail either enrolling in a language course or attending school.

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Short-term Football Programmes

The duration of the training programme can vary, ranging from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months. Participants in the professional programme have the flexibility to start at any time during the year, joining either the 10-month or 6-month training programme for soccer. Additionally, the cost of education is an available add-on for this option.

Football Tryouts For The Pro Football Programme

The tryouts take place in Vitoria, specifically at the Deportivo Alavés Training Complex. They are open to boys and girls aged 14 to 23. Private tryouts are available year-round, are tailored to the player’s skill level and age, and meet Spanish playability criteria. To request an application and pricing information, please visit their official website.

Accommodation At Deportivo Alavés Academy

International players at the Deportivo Alavés Academy’s Player’s Residency can enjoy top-tier accommodation at either Divan Vitoria Gasteiz Apartments or Salburua Aparthotel. These apartments provide guests with a range of hotel services that mimic the comfort of home, such as a welcoming reception and information service, weekly cleaning with fresh linens, and various additional amenities.

Services Offered:

  1. Complimentary WiFi is accessible in all rooms.
  2. Two-person sofas are provided.
  3. Windows features a smart TV.
  4. The player’s residence is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis and boasts a fully furnished kitchen, along with video intercoms in each room.

Deportivo Alavez International Academy Educational Programmes

The main goal of the Deportivo Alavés International Academy is to enable players to pursue their academic studies alongside their football player development. This means that school and university programmes are integrated into their long-term programmes. All students will benefit from the support and guidance of a team of experienced professionals in both academics and sports.

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High School Programme (14–18 Years) Internationally Online

AESA PREP is a private college preparatory institution with NCAA approval and AdvancED accreditation. It provides online educational opportunities for students in grades 9 to 12. High school students can adhere to the American Curriculum.

The Deportivo Alavés International Academy offers a more adaptable official curriculum, enabling customization of subjects and workloads to suit the requirements of football athletes.

Euneiz University (18 years and older)

AESA PREP is a private college preparatory institution that is authorised by the NCAA and accredited by AdvancED. It provides online education programs for students in grades 9 to 12.

Also, high school students have the opportunity to pursue the American curriculum. Meanwhile, the Deportivo Alavés International Academy offers a more adaptable curriculum. It is tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of football players. This includes subject matter and workload adjustments.


Consider enrolling in the Deportivo Alavez Football Academy if you’re genuinely interested in experiencing Spanish football. However, by applying the insights provided in this article on How to Join Deportivo Alavez Football Academy, you can work towards achieving that aspiration.

Notably, the academy holds the distinction of being the third-most accomplished team in Basque Country. It follows behind San Sebastián’s Real Sociedad de Futbol and Bilbao’s Athletic Club.


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