How To Join Burnley FC Academy

In this article, we shall discuss “How To Join Burnley FC Academy”. Also, we shall discuss: Burnley FC Academy, Events And Fixtures At Burnley FC Academy, Obtaining A Trial At Burnley FC Academy, the training programme at Burnley FC Academy, etc.

Overview Of Burnley FC Academy

The Burnley FC Academy is set up with the primary goal of nurturing emerging footballing prospects and offering them the necessary support systems, coaching, health guidance, and lifestyle advice essential for a prosperous footballing career.


If you aspire to pursue a football career and reside within the Burnley region, your optimal path to success lies in becoming a part of the Burnley Academy. To access the most current articles about the academy, please visit the information section dedicated to football academies.

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Burnley FC Academy

The Burnley FC Academy provides a high-level football development and educational programme. A group of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals is supporting it. Meanwhile, it situated at the Gawthorpe Training Ground on Habergham Drive, off Burnley Road in Padiham (postcode: BB12 8UA). Burnley Academy employs cutting-edge technology and coaching techniques to nurture its players. Also, they are actively seeking emerging talents to join their academy, and their admission process is highly competitive, reflecting recent changes in the football academy system.

Category three clubs (U12+) are no longer restricted to recruiting players only within a 90-minute travel radius of their academy. The FA has revised this rule, believing that the most talented individuals should have equal opportunities to join the top academies, regardless of their proximity to the club.

This change aims to provide the most gifted players with the greatest chances of success, ultimately contributing to the development of homegrown talent for international competition. Consequently, Burnley Academy has experienced an increase in the recruitment of host families to offer secure and nurturing environments for promising young talents.


Events And Fixtures At Burnley FC Academy

The Burnley FC Academy has an extensive schedule of upcoming activities, matches, and events. Also, you can find the match times and locations for any of the age groups on the Burnley Academy website.

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Obtaining A Trial At Burnley FC Academy

To secure a chance for a trial at Burnley Academy, making it into the team is crucial. This makes it vital for players to be noticed in the correct locations and moments. While some players opt for a direct approach by sharing videos of their football skills, it’s essential to consider that clubs receive an overwhelming number of these videos weekly, leaving them with limited time for review while handling their regular activities. Therefore, the most efficient method to get scouted for a Burnley Academy trial is by enrolling in a Burnley Football School.

Scouts frequently choose young talents from football school sessions and extend invitations for trials at Burnley FC Academy’s development centres. However, these football schools are accessible to anyone, making it an inclusive opportunity for talent discovery. It’s wise to enrol your child in football schools at an early age since it ensures they can develop their skills alongside their peers, who are likely to be doing the same.

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Ways To Get Scouted By A Burnley FC Academy Scout

Burnley Academy scouts provide players with an opportunity to audition. While some players may be fortunate enough to catch the scouts’ attention during games, Burnley recognises that valuable talent can sometimes go unnoticed. Therefore, they allow players to reach out to them directly using the provided information. Naturally, they can’t respond to everyone due to the high number of applications, but this method effectively informs scouts about talented individuals eager to elevate their football skills and earn a trial with Burnley Academy.

More Information

To get the attention of scouts for a trial at Burnley Academy, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the following details:
    • Player’s CV
    • Covering Letter
    • Player’s Vital Statistics (position, age, date of birth, height, weight, contact info, current and previous clubs, trial history, representative honours)
    • Player’s school information
    • Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick-off times
  2. Once you’ve compiled all the necessary information, send an email to Burnley Academy at this address:
  3. Burnley Academy will review your application and decide whether to send a scout to observe your game.

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Training Programme At Burnley FC Academy

The Burnley FC Academy’s training programme is divided into two main components, one focusing on technical skills and the other on tactical knowledge. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section tailored specifically for goalkeepers. The following illustrates this division:

  • The professional development phase at the Burnley FC Academy
  • The youth development phase at the Burnley FC Academy
  • The foundation phase at the Burnley FC Academy
  • The youth / professional development phase at the Burnley FC Academy
  • The foundational goalkeeper development phase at the Burnley FC Academy

Infrastructure And Facilities Of Burnley FC Academy

The academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a dedicated training ground equipped with top-quality pitches, fitness and rehabilitation areas, and classrooms for academic studies. These facilities provide a conducive environment for aspiring young talents to hone their skills and receive a well-rounded education.

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Development Pathway Of Burnley FC Academy

Burnley FC Academy offers a structured development pathway for players, starting from the foundation phase (U9 to U16) to the professional development phase (U18 and above). The academy’s highly qualified coaching staff works diligently to instill technical proficiency, tactical intelligence, and the right mentality in their players.

Notable Alumni Of Burnley FC Academy

Over the years, Burnley FC Academy has produced several notable footballers who have made their mark in both domestic and international football. Some of these illustrious alumni include:

  1. Jay Rodriguez: A product of the academy, Rodriguez has enjoyed a successful career in the Premier League, representing Burnley FC and other top clubs.
  2. Dwight McNeil: Known for his flair and creativity, McNeil is another academy graduate who has become a vital player for Burnley in the Premier League.
  3. James Tarkowski: A solid defender, Tarkowski honed his skills at the academy before becoming a mainstay in Burnley’s backline.

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Community Engagement Of Burnley FC Academy

Burnley FC Academy is deeply part of its local community, organising various initiatives and programmes to promote grassroots football and engage with young fans. These efforts not only nurture talent but also strengthen the club’s ties to its supporters.


The Burnley FC Academy is a shining example of how a football club can invest in its future by developing young talents. Its commitment to player development, top-tier facilities, and community engagement make it a model academy in the world of football. Also, as Burnley FC continues to compete in the Premier League, the academy remains a vital source of talent that ensures a bright future for the club.


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