How To Enroll Into Real Sociedad Football Academy

Are you a football lover? Would you love to play football in Spain? Then, go through this article to learn How To enrol in the Real Sociedad Football Academy. Also, other important topics we shall discuss are: Introduction To Real Sociedad Football Club, The Real Sociedad Football Academy, Ways To enrol in the Real Sociedad Football Academy, About The Anoeta Stadium, etc.

Introduction To Real Sociedad Football Club

Real Sociedad, also referred to as La Real, is a Spanish professional sports club established on September 7th, 1909. Their home matches are held at the Anoeta Stadium. The team achieved victory in La Liga during the 1980–81 and 1981–82 seasons, securing second place in 1979–80, 1987–88, and 2002–03. They also claimed the Copa del Rey title in 1909, 1987, and 2020. Real Sociedad engages in the Basque derby rivalry with Athletic Bilbao and was among the original teams when La Liga was formed in 1929. The club competed in the Premier League for 40 seasons, spanning from 1967 to 2007.


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Before signing John Aldridge from the Republic of Ireland in 1989, the team’s recruitment strategy exclusively focused on Basque players, similar to their rival, Athletic. Currently, the club has players from Spain who aren’t Basque, but they still have a significant Basque presence in their squad.


After the period of exclusively Basque players, they developed world champions like Xabi Alonso and Antoine Griezmann through their youth system.

The team has participated in the UEFA Champions League twice. They advanced to the round of 16 in the 2003–04 season but lost to Lyon.

Furthermore, Real Sociedad is involved in various sports divisions, including field hockey, track and field, and Basque pelota. They also have a women’s football team.


The Real Sociedad Football Academy

The Cantera, which is the youth academy of Real Sociedad, a Spanish professional football team, is dedicated to nurturing young talents into top-tier athletes worthy of the highest levels of the sport.

Real Sociedad’s under-18/19 Juvenile A team competes at a national level and represents the pinnacle of their youth system. The club also has reserve teams in the form of Real Sociedad C and Real Sociedad B, where graduates from the academy often progress. Despite this transition, these reserve teams are still considered part of the Cantera as they continue to develop players.

In casual conversations, people frequently refer to the academy by this nickname because it is located at the Real Sociedad training facility in Zubieta. These young talents are entrusted with carrying forward Real Sociedad’s rich legacy.

The club boasts eight teams in lower divisions, emphasising a comprehensive training approach that goes beyond football skills, instilling the values of wearing the txuri-urdin shirt from the earliest age group to Sanse, where they learn to become well-rounded individuals.

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Real Sociedad B

San Sebastián, located within the Basque Country autonomous region, serves as the residence for the Spanish football team known as Real Sociedad de Fútbol B. Founded in 1951, this team participates in the Segunda División B league and holds its home games at Campo José Luis Orbegozo, with a seating capacity of 2,500 spectators.

Real Sociedad C

The Basque Country autonomous community’s San Sebastián is home to the Real Sociedad de Ftbol C football team from Spain. It competes in Group 4 of the Tercera División as Real Sociedad’s second reserve squad.

Ways To Enrol in the Real Sociedad Football Academy

In the club, equal opportunities are provided to all individuals. Any European football academy must adhere to the same process for admission. Many of the necessary qualifications are also available through scholarships offered by European football academies.

Even children as young as eight can participate in the Real Sociedad Junior Camp. To explore the different programmes available, visit the Academy’s website.

Players are admitted to the club through Open Football tryouts and the efforts of Real Sociedad Academy Scouts. However, additional applicants, including international students, can also apply through the club’s website or a specific selection process.

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Some Steps To Follow To Get Started Are:

  1. Please provide a detailed introduction about yourself, including any previous club affiliations, and share your contact details clearly.
  2. It’s important to obtain parental consent, especially if you’re under 18 years old.
  3. Consider submitting a video showcasing yourself; this approach is most effective for applicants from different nations.
  4. To begin the registration process and gather more information, visit the official Academy website at

About The Anoeta Stadium

The Reale Arena, also known as Anoeta Stadium, is a football stadium situated in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain, primarily used for sponsorship purposes. Initially named Estadio de Anoeta, it commenced operations in 1993.

This stadium is part of the Anoeta Sports Complex and serves as the home ground for Real Sociedad in La Liga. After undergoing repairs, its seating capacity was reduced from an original 32,000 to 26,800 seats.

However, following its completion in September 2019, it boasted 39,313 seats, with the possibility of expansion to 42,300 if needed, ranking as the 11th-largest stadium in Spain and the second-largest in the Basque Country.

The Training Facility Of Real Sociedad Football Academy

Real Sociedad’s training centre, known as the Zubieta Facilities in both Basque (Zubietako Kirol-instalakuntzak) and Spanish (Instalaciones de Zubieta), is located in the Zubieta neighbourhood of San Sebastian, near the Hippodrome.

Originally established in 1981, it underwent extensive renovation and was reopened in 2004. The impressive 70,000 square metres of this facility’s design by architect Izaskun Larzábal.

The primary arena at Zubieta Facilities, known as Campo José Luis Orbegozo, accommodates 2,500 spectators and acts as the home ground for Real Sociedad B. Additionally, the club’s youth squads utilise two natural grass pitches, two synthetic turf fields, and two smaller grass fields, and have access to a fitness centre with various services.

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At a football trial at the Real Sociedad Football Academy, some drills you would do are:

  1. When it comes to ball retention, they take into account your ability to see the field and evade opponents.
  2. In one-on-one situations, they evaluate your skill and your ability to get past defenders.
  3. In real-game situations, this is your opportunity to shine as they gauge your overall performance.
  4. During passing drills, they evaluate not only your passing abilities but also how well you understand and focus during specific activities.
  5. Coaches often use football speed training as a way to gauge your physical capabilities during tryouts.
  6. In a Rondo drill, they assess your initial touch and awareness of space.

Increase Your Chances Of Joining Real Sociedad Football Academy

Strive to acquire as much knowledge as possible

To enrol in a football academy, careful planning is essential. This adventure will take you away from home for several months, so your choices should not be rushed. It’s crucial to compare different schools and create a list of their pros and cons to make the best decision.

The websites of these academies offer a wealth of information. You can find details about prices, what’s included in their sports programmes, whether there are entry tests, opportunities for pursuing a professional football career, and success stories from past international academy students.

Practise your football skills

Football practise is a mandatory requirement at various Spanish football establishments. Some utilise these assessments to categorise players based on their skills, allowing for tailored coaching and focused attention. On the other hand, some consider it necessary to establish a minimum standard.

Nevertheless, most Spanish international football academies don’t demand a football entrance exam. To join the academy, you simply need to cover the fees and make your way to Spain.

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The Real Sociedad Football Academy hosts a range of year-round events tailored for our youngest fans. While each event is distinct, they share a common goal of instilling important life values and fostering a stronger connection between young players and La Real.


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