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About Hero Sports

Hero Sports originated in 2014 under the name BennettRank. It focused on computer-based rankings for men’s and women’s D1, D2, and D3 college sports. However, in 2015, it transitioned to Hero Sports, broadening its scope to encompass content creation, not limited to rankings. The goal of Hero Sports is to promote and celebrate athletics at all NCAA levels. Also, it features content on the NBA, NFL, WNBA, and MLB, created by its team of seasoned writers.

HERO Sports emerged as a leading platform for FCS football news and analysis, catering to various levels of college athletics from 2015 onwards. Meanwhile, over the years, they conducted interviews with numerous players and coaches for their annual features. Additionally, their renowned preseason and postseason All-American teams, along with the preseason Top 25 rankings, gained recognition from FCS schools and conferences.


In 2018, HERO Sports shifted its attention from being a publishing website to emphasising a content automation platform known as Data Skrive. Although the HERO Sports website maintained its coverage of the FCS, FBS, and college basketball, Data Skrive and its automated content services became an additional aspect of the company.

In 2020, BetMGM purchased the Hero Sports site along with its writing team. Also, the majority of the staff transitioned to manage and expand BetMGM’s blog, The Roar. HERO Sports transformed into a college football partner website for BetMGM. As a result, it prioritizes sustained commitment to FCS and G5 coverage via news, analysis, feature articles, and player recognition.

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HERO Sports Senior Staff

Sam Herder

Since May 2018, Sam has held the role of Senior FCS Analyst at HERO Sports. He first engaged with FCS coverage in 2012 as the sports editor for NDSU’s The Spectrum, eventually becoming its editor-in-chief.

Following his graduation in 2015, he spent three years in the newspaper and magazine sector, commencing his work with HERO Sports as a freelancer in the fall of 2016. Subsequently, he became a full-time member of the website in 2018.

Colton Pool

Colton Pool resides in Bozeman, Montana, and serves as the primary writer for FBS Group of Five at HERO Sports and BetMGM. However, he has a background in covering Montana State football for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and has worked at newspapers in his native North Dakota.

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HERO Sports Contributing Writers

Daniel Steenkamer

The 2023 FCS season marks Daniel’s fifth year working with HERO Sports/BetMGM. He worked as a correspondent. Daniel has covered on-campus events from Worcester, MA, to Elon, NC, during his time there. He is currently a junior studying communications at the University of Delaware, having transferred from Syracuse University.

Duane Nash

Duane Nash, a specialist in HBCU sports and the proprietor of The Yard HBCU Sports, offers weekly insights on who will triumph in significant games, the contenders for major awards, and a wealth of additional information. However, you can join over 9,500 dedicated HBCU sports enthusiasts in following Duane on Twitter and Instagram @TheYardHBCU for his updates.

Zach McKinnell

Zach McKinnell, an FCS columnist, has been immersed in FCS football for four seasons now. He leads The Bluebloods, a prominent platform for FCS football news. Additionally, he contributes to Vols Wire, a division of the USA TODAY Sports network. He obtained his degree from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Robert Munoz

Robert, a proficient writer at HERO Sports, is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, class of 2020. Following his graduation, he dedicated several years to reporting on high school sports in the southeastern region of Wyoming. Also, he made valuable contributions to the coverage of University of Wyoming athletics.

Recognized for his exceptional writing skills, Robert has been honored with both national and state awards. In addition to his passion for writing, he has a notable fondness for coleslaw.

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Hero Sports FCS Top 25

The Hero Sports FCS Top 25 are:

  1. South Dakota State
  2. Montana State
  3. Idaho
  4. Furman
  5. Western Carolina
  6. Southern Illinois
  7. Incarnate Word
  8. Sacramento State
  9. South Dakota
  10. North Dakota State
  11. North Carolina Central
  12. Harvard
  13. Delaware
  14. Holy Cross
  15. Eastern Washington
  16. UAlbany
  17. North Dakota
  18. UC Davis
  19. Elon
  20. William & Mary
  21. Florida A&M
  22. Central Arkansas
  23. Eastern Kentucky
  24. UT Martin
  25. Austin Peay

The Goal Of Hero Sports FCS

Beyond the thrill of competition, Hero Sports FCS serves as a breeding ground for future stars. Also, they nurture raw talent and sculpt it into formidable skillsets that will potentially grace the illustrious stages of professional football. It is here, in this league, that dreams are kindled and destinies are shaped. As a result of this, it creates a bridge between the passion of the game and the promise of a bright sporting future.

Furthermore, the league acts as a catalyst for fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among players, coaches, and fans alike. The bonds forged on the field extend far beyond the realm of competition, resonating with the shared values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and camaraderie that transcend mere victories and defeats.

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What Is the Difference Between FCS and FBS Institutions?

A significant differentiation exists between FBS and FCS institutions. FBS schools belong to the top tier of NCAA football known as the Football Bowl Subdivision, while FCS schools participate in the Football Championship Subdivision.

What Is The Full Meaning Of FCS?

FCS is an abbreviation for “Football Championship Subdivision”. It involves the top 24 teams from this division competing in a bracket-style tournament to vie for the NCAA Championship trophy.

The FCS playoffs consist of how many teams?

The NCAA Division I Football Championship allows 24 teams to participate in a knockout competition.

What Is the Number 1 Ranked FCS Football Team?

The number-one ranked FCS football team is South Dakota State. It has a 5-0 record.


The topic we just discussed is more than a sports platform; it’s a community that celebrates the heart and soul of college football. With their comprehensive coverage, dedication to FCS athletes, and strong community of fans, they’ve emerged as a pivotal player in the world of college football.

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