Gaining Entrance into Leicester City Football Academy

To play for a respectable club, study this article till its end: “Gaining Entrance into Leicester City Football Academy”. The following subheadings include important information: Details, Working Principle, Enrolling, Contacting Leicester City Football Academy,  etc.


Details Of Leicester City Football Academy

In Leicestershire, the Leicester City FC football academy is aimed at teaching children of all skill levels how to play football the Leicester City way. This football academy’s professional coaches provide a high-quality and enjoyable academy experience. This is where young players learn various aspects of the game, such as heading, shooting, dribbling, turning, passing, and teamwork.

The classes provide kids with the opportunity to develop their football skills through engaging in football-related activities. Additionally, football schools pose a crucial stepping stone for children looking to enhance their football abilities. These players have to perform well before joining amateur or professional clubs.

During their time at the soccer academy, talent scouts may notice talented players showing exceptional potential or significant improvement.

Furthermore, Filbert Fox is scheduled to make appearances at every Leicester City Football School, where participants will be awarded medals for their involvement. Winners will also receive prizes, though this is dependent on fixture requirements.

At each session, every child will be given a certificate and a medal for attending the class, and they will also have the opportunity to participate in a free raffle with exciting prizes up for grabs.

The club’s FA-certified coaches are in charge of all the Leicester City football schools. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment, these coaches hold DBS certifications and are qualified in emergency aid and safeguarding children.

Working Principles Of Leicester City Academy

Leicester City Football Club recognises the importance of education in player development. Also, it understands that football academies must provide a comprehensive education programme for all players, as required by the EPPP.

To ensure academic growth, the club maintains regular communication with schools and provides biweekly reports for players and parents. This will enable easy monitoring of their behaviour and attitudes towards learning.

The curriculum includes English, math, and science, and day-release players receive daily tutor support. Academic performance plays a significant role in selecting applicants for the club’s scholarship programme at the age of 16.

Once the players’ academic abilities are assessed, a tailored learning pathway is designed to meet their individual needs.

Reaching Out To Leicester City Football Academy

Trying to get in touch with the Leicester City football academy could seem a little bit stressful. But with the right route, you can access the club academy. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

Emailing the Leicester City FC Academy’s scholarship trial request and inquiries department isn’t difficult. If you send an email to the provided address for Leicester City FC Academy, you will be able to get in touch with them.

Simply send an email to

If you write to Leicester City FC Academy at their physical address to request a scholarship trial, you can also reach them.

Make sure to begin your letter with the department name when writing to the club at the address given. For sending letters of application and scholarship requests, use the address provided for the business.

Leicester City Football Club

King Power Stadium

Filbert Way



You can also call for scholarship trial requests and inquiries by telephone. Telephone numbers to call: 0344 815 5000

Ways To enrol in the Leicester City Football Academy

There are various ways to get involved with the Leicester City FC Academy, including being scouted, participating in special drafts or tryouts, and taking part in regional competitions or video conferences with club staff members.

Players seeking attention from international clubs and scouts are encouraged to establish their organisations. Below, you’ll find professional advice on enrolling in the Leicester City FC Academy or any other football academy in Europe, if that’s your goal.

  1. To apply, you need good academic records, school recommendations, details about your previous clubs, and contact information.
  2. For players under 18, parental approval is crucial.
  3. When seeking a Leicester City FC Academy scholarship, show documentation of financial need.
  4. If you’re from abroad, consider submitting a video to increase your chances.
  5. Players and their parents must adhere to Academy rules. After the trial period, the results will be communicated.
  6. If unsuccessful, coaches will assess areas for improvement to support future development.

Requirements To Enter The Leicester City FC Academy

The academy should be reachable for all players aged nine to eleven living within an hour’s drive. As for the club, it should be accessible within a one-and-a-half-hour drive for prospective players aged 12 to 16.

Throughout their term with the organisation, both players and parents are expected to abide by the academy’s rules and regulations. After the trial period, the athlete and their parents will be informed about the outcome.

If the athlete doesn’t succeed, our coaches will provide a comprehensive evaluation and recommend areas for improvement to support their future success.

The Academy allows players aged nine to sixteen to join for different durations (one, two, or four years) based on their age group. After this period, the club will decide whether to retain or release the player.

Additionally, the academy abides by the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) rules set forth by the FA and the government to ensure compliance throughout the registration and recruitment processes.

Kindly reach out to Steve Kinson at for more details about our scouting network and development centres.

How To Get An Academy Scholarship For Leicester City Football Academy

Let’s talk about the important factors to consider when attracting a scout to watch you play in a game once we’ve covered enrolling in Leicester City Academy. Standing out in local tournaments or having viral social media videos can also be advantageous.

However, the academy provides a direct way to contact them, making it easier to potentially earn a football scholarship.

When trying to get the Leicester City Football Academy Scouts’ attention, keep these in mind:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive resume with an attached cover letter for yourself.
  2. Attending summer camps is essential.
  3. Always display honourable conduct, especially when communicating with teammates.
  4. When training alone or participating in college soccer competitions, document your performances on video.
  5. Demonstrate a strong passion for learning, which will inspire coaches and scouts.
  6. Make sure not to miss any open neighbourhood football matches.
  7. Provide details about the player’s statistics, age, field position, previous teams, school records, etc., and include your contact information.
  8. Show exceptional skills both on and off the field.

Advantages Of Enrolling in the Leicester City Football Academy

Enhanced Exploration Awaits You

In this competition, not only EPL clubs take part. Other lower-level clubs are always on the lookout for players who can compete at the highest level. The English league stands out by acquiring players from both domestic and international sources to strengthen their team and finish each season on a high.

You Will Have An Edge Over Your Competitors

Being part of a Premier League or EFL Championship football club enhances your prospects of getting selected for the first team. This is so, as the handlers of the professional setup continually observe the progress of the youth setup. Joining a development team in England offers the benefit of being consistently informed about upcoming talents.

Opportunity Of Signing A Professional Contract

A higher likelihood of securing a professional contract is possible if you perform exceptionally well in your sport. Teams highly value their scouting teams, reassuring you that they will conduct thorough evaluations.

The EFL Championship, along with other lower tiers in the English football league system, as well as the EPL, all consist of twenty teams each.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, the Leicester City Academy has been responsible for nurturing several renowned footballers. The Academy focuses on identifying talented young players and offering them excellent coaching alongside a relevant educational programme. The ultimate goal is to cultivate skilled and principled individuals capable of pursuing professional football careers in the Premier League and Football League.

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