Football Academies In Greece

You ought to travel to Greece at least once in your lifetime. Greece is not only the foundation of democracy, philosophy, theatre, and the Olympics, but its rich historical legacy additionally influenced important universal ideals that still apply today.


When elite football is involved, young athletes with talent and those who want to have a memorable athletic experience in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries will find the combination even more alluring.

Top Football Academies In Greece To Look Out For

1. Chelsea FCF Football Academy, Greece

Participate in our amazing football coaching sessions, presented in collaboration with Chelsea FC, one of the top football teams in the world. Run by the esteemed Foundation of the Club, it provides an exceptional development programme aimed at inspiring, enlightening, and motivating people who have a passion for the game.

The Soccer School is open Monday through Friday, with a special Saturday programme that promises an enjoyable football experience for players of all skill levels under the direction of highly skilled coaches from the Chelsea Foundation. Participants will improve their technical proficiency and tactical awareness while having fun in an inclusive environment. Then on Saturdays, goalkeepers and strikers will receive position-specific coaching from experts. It is to help them grow as players and understand their main role in a football team.

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2. Pro Soccer Academy

The foundation of the academy is to provide kids between the ages of 5 and 17 with a comprehensive, long-term football education and training programme.

However, we have several missions. Fundamentally, it is about kids’ athletic growth and, of course, their education in football alone.

Additionally, we approach our job practically, with a focus on the psychology of the athletes, always working in conjunction with scientists and trained individuals. The amusement of the kids who engage in our departments is also an essential component.

We anticipate the kids’ personal growth in order for each athlete to advance in their football career. This is undoubtedly possible through our programme.

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3. Olympic Football School Glyfada

Our goals are to develop a sound school that meets professional standards and to encourage a number of kids to participate in sports. This is by teaching them in a secure, well-run stadium and instilling a passion for the game. By playing sports, a youngster learns how to work as a team, communicate fairly and according to the rules. They also put forth effort to achieve a common objective.

Olympiakos’ educational institutions strive to produce deserving individuals and outstanding football players, laying the groundwork for a brighter future for our kids.

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4. Aeolos Football Academy

Since its founding in 2000, Aeolos Football Academy has continued to operate under the principles of sports culture, character development, hard work, and noble rivalry. All of this enables the Academy to have a fantastic dynamic and numerous distinctions in the tournaments it competes in. Hence, many of its athletes are turning into players on national teams as well as in the Evia local championships.

Over a hundred athletes, ranging in age from four to fourteen, attend Aeolo while competing in every championship. These include junior, preschool, children’s, and youth, where they won numerous medals and significant awards in a variety of competitions. Over the course of the academy’s 20 years of operation, a number of football players have made the national team. The most notable of these are: Katsouli Ath. in PAE Kallithea in 2008, Simosi Ioannis in Panionios in 2008, e.t.c.

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5. Athlopolis Club Football Academy

As a first stop for kids ages 5 to 16, the Athlopolis Academy is a significant institution in the sports industry, providing a wealth of experiences related to sports and active engagement.
Our goal is to mentor and encourage our young athletes while upholding the social, academic, and athletic ideals that Athlopolis stands for.

We aim to give our young athletes the greatest education possible as part of our training and educational programmes. Hence, fusing the advancement of technical skills with the encouragement of physical fitness and sports involvement.

The Athlopolis Academy focuses on raising our young athletes’ social and cultural profile in addition to their athletic prowess. At Athlopolis Academy, we establish a setting that encourages love and compassion while promoting growth, awareness, and responsibility.

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6. Ergotelis Football Academy

The professional football club Ergotelis in Greece oversees the Ergotelis Football Academy. With more than 40 age-based football departments for both males and females, it is the biggest youth sports academy on the island of Crete. It is also among the largest in Greece, with over 900 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 21 registered.

Currently, the academy runs three age-based sister clubs that are all subsidiaries of the Gymnastics Club Ergotelis (Neoi Ergoteli, Kanaria Ergoteli, and Martinengo). This is in addition to the club’s official youth squad (under-19). The three other clubs compete at different levels in the Heraklion Football Clubs Association League system. Moreover, the Ergotelis’ U19 team now competes in the Greek Football League’s youth tournament (Football League U19).

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7. Panathinaikos FC Academy

Panathinaikos has employed dozens of aspiring football players in its academy for many years. Furthermore, the data show that the Panathinaikos Academy is the best in Greece. Top Greek football players have come out of it, reaching the pinnacle of the sport to establish themselves in the first team, become National Team executives, and stand out in European games.

The core tenet of the prosperous Panathinaikos Academy continues to be the development of whole individuals in conjunction with the use of young football players’ skills who are pursuing their goals.

Under the direction of Vangelis Samiou, head coach of the infrastructure departments, the Panathinaikos Academy currently manages K10, K11, K12, K13, K14, K15, K16, K17, and K19 teams. In the centre of Panathinaikos, there are thirty employees.

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8. PAOK Academy

PAOK Academy is the football academy system of Greek professional football club PAOK. It consists of eleven official youth teams (Under-6/7, Under-8, Under-9, Under-10, Under-11, Under-12, Under-13, Under-14, Under-15, Under-17, and Under-20). Teams from PAOK compete in the Greek Superleague (Superleague U15, U17, and U20, respectively). The U20 team competed in the UEFA Youth League in 2016–17 after winning the official Superleague U17 2015–16.

In addition to housing around 280 young athletes, this academy employs over 50 individuals (coaches, trainers, medics, etc.). Outside of Thessaloniki, the PAOK Academy oversees sixteen training facilities. Didimoticho, Alexandroupoli, Komotini-Xanthi, Kilkis, Kavala, Drama, Kozani, Katerini, Lamia, Corfu, Rethymnon, Chios, Chalkidiki, Cyclades, and Rhodes are the locations of these.

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