Football Academies In Cyprus

Cyprus has a strong reputation for its gorgeous weather and comfortable autumn, winter, and springtime temperatures. From November to April, premier football teams go to Cyprus for pre-season training, where they play on top-notch fields to get ready for the upcoming season.


Famous teams like CSKA Moscow, Udinese, Rapid Vienna, and Ajax Youth Academy have come to hone their skills on Cypriot fields. This is due to the country’s close proximity to central and eastern Europe, excellent flight connectivity, and the attraction of training under bright skies. The women’s national squads from throughout Europe are not left out either.

A smooth stay is certain because of the nation’s modern infrastructure. Professional staff who help with transportation and equipment improves it. The island boasts over 100 football facilities, including top-tier national stadiums, grass fields, athletic facilities, and training resources, all within close proximity.

The Cyprus Football Association supports friendly matches and provides referees for training. These matches are also quite popular on the island. Excellent backdrop for all types of football competitions. You can combine the visit with an affordable, first-rate hotel stay to provide players and their families with the chance to enjoy the ultimate getaway.

Top Football Academies To Look Out For In Cyprus

1. Juventus Academy Cyprus

Using the same training methods as other Juventus academies worldwide, Juventus Academy Cyprus was founded in July 2013 and started training its first groups. Our academies are currently represented in four towns in Cyprus: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, and Nicosia.

The purpose of the Juventus Academies is to spread the principles and practices that have to do with Juventus outside of Italy. Juventus’ project gives young players worldwide access to expert training techniques that have been verified by the club’s experience running projects of a similar nature in Italy. The young players receive a strong foundation in sport and football on the pitch, working under a methodology that helps them learn important life lessons and grow both on and off the playing surface.

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2. Liverpool FC International Football Academy Cyprus

By teaching young players new skills and techniques while keeping an eye on them, our LFC International Academies give them the chance to develop globally.

By fostering players’ growth both on and off the pitch, providing them with lifelong skills, and educating them via experiences that will influence their development as young adults, Liverpool FC International Academy Cyprus provides something special and different.

The main objectives of Liverpool FC International Academy Cyprus are to spread awareness of LFC among young supporters worldwide and to showcase the unique qualities of our football team. We hope you have fun and appreciate learning how to play “The Liverpool Way” wherever you are fortunate enough to join an LFC coaching camp.

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3. Galaxy Football Academy

Leading coaching organisations Galaxy Academy is committed to using the beautiful game of football to grow players, people, the academy, and our community. A sports school dedicated to the ongoing improvement of happy, skilled, confident and creative people who respect others and themselves both on and off the pitch.

Our goal is to give our children a secure, enjoyable, and educational atmosphere. Especially where they may play, learn, and develop life skills via exciting and entertaining coaching. To provide our players, parents, and coaches with the best football development. Our professional coaching-educator team, Coaching TEAM, comprises driven individuals with expertise in PE and youth football development.

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4. Mavroudes Football Academy

Koullis Mavroudis founded Our Football Academy, a relatively new football academy. Our goal is to help kids develop their athletic skills. This is via a sport that is especially meaningful to each of us.

The best coaches have been chosen to teach your kids the fundamentals of soccer at the MFA Soccer Academy. Children learn to be warriors and members of a team that experiences both success and defeat. Especially through a sport that shares aspects with our daily lives.

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5. Aris FC Academy

The scope, philosophy, organisation, background, and leapfrog evolution of the Aris Limassol Academies are all presented by the Aris FC Academy initiative. The main emotions of those that construct the everyday wager of the Infrastructure Departments of ARIS are responsibility, tension, and delight. All at the same time to generate and utilise talent.

In actuality, a concerted effort to promote and run the ARIS Infrastructure Departments started in 2021. The relaunch has lofty objectives, like being among the top academies in Cyprus within five years.

Teaching children tactics and techniques, as well as improving their physical health and discipline, is one aspect of our mission. We think that fostering a pleasant environment and helping children develop their psychology, particularly the winning mindset, will enable them to succeed both on and off the football field.

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6. Valencia CF Academy, Cyprus

Alongside the network of schools in South East Europe, Valencia CF has been conducting educational and training initiatives for children between the ages of 4 and 16 since 2017. A soccer programme that has undoubtedly helped Cyprus’s beautiful game flourish over the past ten years.

In order to establish a stronger presence in the Mediterranean nation, the Academy will intensify its efforts in the capital. It starts in 2020–2021 with the VCF Academy Cyprus.

Through our training camps and coaching clinics at the academy, all of our players get the chance to visit Valencia. It enhances the programmes that are located in Nicosia.

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7. AEK Larnaca Academy

Established in 1994, AEK Larnaca Academy has been active since the club’s founding. It gets its name from Larnaca, the city.

With over 300 football players, both male and female, it is currently one of Cyprus’ top three academies. The teams from our academy compete in official leagues run by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA).

Our Academy has been operating out of its own training facility in Larnaca since September 2019. In addition, it makes use of the fields of the former GSZ and the Kalo Chorio community stadium. Forty people make up our staff: sports psychologists, custodian trainers, physical education instructors, certified football trainers and support personnel.

Our objectives are to raise morally upright members of the community, protect young people from addictions and abuse, instill in them the value of “fair play,” and choose the best players to play for the first team of AEK.

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