Football Academies In Belgium

There are many different professional football academies in Belgium to select from, regardless of your skill level or experience. We took our time to make a list of such academies.


So discover a team that works for you and hone your abilities in the amazing realm of professional football!

Top Belgian Football Academies

1. R.S.C Anderlecht Youth Academy

This academy is divided into two categories.

The administrative and sports centres are located at the RSCA Belfius Academy. The youth teams from the U14 to the U23 use the Neerpede training centre as their permanent home. The state-of-the-art training facility features a rehabilitation pool, a fitness centre, leisure areas, a doctor’s office, and a physiotherapy department, in addition to the training fields.
The RSCA Foot Academy is the venue for all national young teams’ league and friendly matches. This location offers both an indoor and outdoor artificial grass surface in addition to a grass pitch. Additionally, all top teams U8 through U13 train in this facility.

It is not easy to enrol in the RSCA youth academy on a whim due to the high demand and the limited number of spots available. A professional scouting system at the RSCA Young Academy helps to objectively identify and potentially recruit talent.

Nonetheless, RSCA collaborates with two football academies that provide non-RSCA players with the same training philosophy.

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2. K.R.C Genk Youth Academy

Genk is renowned for having an excellent youth academy. They established a youth programme with Ronny Vangeneugden and constructed a youth centre adjacent to their stadium in 2003. Additional plans call for the construction of a residential school and a few artificial fields.

Numerous young players have progressed through the youth system both in the past and in the present. Kevin De Bruyne, Divock Origi, Timothy Castagne, Leandro Trossard, Christian Benteke, Jelle Vossen, Dennis Praet, Steven Defour, and Yannick Carrasco are a few examples.

Their scouting is also very well known. Genk was home to players like Wilfred Ndidi, Sander Berge, Sergej Milinković-Savić, Leon Bailey, and Kalidou Koulibaly. Promises, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, and U7 are among the youth academy teams at KRC Genk.

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3. K.V Oostende Youth Academy

K.V. Oostende boasts several young teams and a big academy structure. Among them are:

U21, U18, PU17, U16, PU15, U15, U14, PU13, PU12, U12, PU11, PU10, PU9, PU8

The KVO Start Academy is the ideal location for those looking to take their first steps on a football pitch. As the name suggests, we aim to supply as many players (stars) as we can to the KVO SE’ACADEMY competitive teams. We have our own logo. We will be successful in encouraging more players to play football in Ostend at their own level thanks to our partnership with Vamos Zandvoorde. Additionally, the age has been raised once more to U12. Thus, the STARt Academy offers primary education for the full school year.

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4. Club Brugge KV Youth Academy

At the beginning of July, Our Academy underwent a complete makeover and changed its name to Club NXT. Club NXT is now a true lifestyle brand thanks to its new name and sleek branding. NXT will be the perfect blend of a high-level sports setting where winning is everything and a young people’s lifestyle culture that allows our young athletes to be authentic and relatable.

Above all, Club NXT is an immersive setting where young visitors can grow to realise their ambition of becoming professional football players and competing for both individual and team awards. All of this in a setting where students are free to make their own decisions. a location that is a part of the club culture where players receive expert guidance on an individual basis.

Other academy youth teams at Club Brugge KV are the U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, and U8 teams.

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5. Royal Standard de Liège

Is your child under 7 years old? She loves football and has aspirations of possibly joining our team. Teams from the U8 division are currently organised and trained by the SL16 Football Campus’s “football school” section.

As a result, we arrange “test sessions” for athletes who our scouting team signs or who voluntarily request an evaluation.

You should also be aware that, all year long, we collaborate closely with our partner clubs and our scouting operation, which spends every weekend scouring Belgium for tomorrow’s stars.
With the help of our partner clubs, Standard de Liège is able to host “Detect Days” in several regions. You can sign up through their social media accounts or website.

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6. Essevee Academy

One of Belgium’s biggest football academies is the Essevee Academy. Team Essevee offers a significant amount of variation in football, including G football, ladies’ football, and boys’ football. For this reason, the academy as a whole has a single corporate brand, code of conduct, and information guide.

The cross-pollination between the various departments helps to reinforce one another. Together, we raise the bar for the academy in this way. The Essevee Academy is more than ever committed to a common goal, whether it be extracurricular (like the events) or sport-related. Give everything at once since… The best is always the best!

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7. KV Mechelen Youth Academy

The KV Mechelen youth academy’s missions are to host elite football games and provide as many opportunities for their own young players to advance to the first squad as they can. Our goal is to accomplish this by raising the calibre of our technical staff, further professionalising our lodging, and working together with local sports teams and schools on a regional basis.

Training programmes are designed for all age groups in compliance with the RBFA training vision, which places a strong emphasis on the optimal transfer of training themes to competitive settings through the use of an appropriate combination of intermediate and competition forms. Every training session guarantees that the core is dedicated to competition formats for a minimum of fifty percent of the time.

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8. Waasland-Beveren Youth Academy

In its community, Waasland-Beveren has a professional football team that serves as a youth academy.

Targeted identification, recruitment, and training of individual football talent at the regional, provincial, and national levels to enable optimal development within a top-notch environment, with the ultimate goal of promotion to Waasland-Beveren’s first team or potentially to professional football clubs both domestically and overseas.

In this regard, the Waasland-Beveren Youth Academy’s growth and professionalisation are crucial, while the club’s identity remains fundamental and is realised through a vast network of professionals.

Any young football player in the Waasland region can attend a youth academy with a pyramidal structure to play football, which is their favourite activity, in a way that is both socially and pedagogically responsible.

Therefore, the Waasland-Beveren youth academy aspires to serve as an example for society as well as the young athletes.

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