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Among the most popular sports today is football. It is hardly possible to exaggerate the significance of football. Alongside physical development, bolstering health and enhancing organism endurance, power, and agility, football fosters strong will, initiative, and quick thinking.


It also fosters the capacity to focus quickly in a given situation, make decisions, and collaborate with others. Football offers a special atmosphere full of drama, energy, spectacularity, and adrenaline.


1. Fox Soccer Academy

To aid gifted football players in their football development, Christian Fuchs developed the FSA.

Christian’s personal experiences gave rise to the concept of the FSA. All of the nation’s football academies turned him down as a teenager. He subsequently made the decision to continue his individual training in order to strive even harder for his goal of becoming a professional football player. The next year, 2016, Christian and Leicester City won the Premier League.
He wants to impart his insights and knowledge to upcoming football players.

In addition to regular club training, gifted football players between the ages of 8 and 16 have the option to advance their skills year-round through the FSA.

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2. Susa Soccer Academy

Susa is an international football community in Vienna that is multi-cultural and includes camps for children aged 5 to 14 throughout the Easter, summer and autumn school holidays.

a Kids-Academy (4–12 years old), open on Saturday mornings throughout the school year or after school. As well as a competitive league setup (under 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-18 & Adults teams) that is officially registered with and approved by FIFA, UEFA, and the Austrian Football Federation.

Using the most recent advancements in sport science and neurology, our goal is to help each player reach their full potential in a setting that is appropriate for their level and aspirations.

We want to help them not just with their specific football skills but also with the mental and emotional development that will be essential to their everyday lives and destinies. High-performance athletes and private clients who wish to benefit from our exclusive techniques and expertise base can also hire us on an individual basis as coaches.

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3. Soccer Academy

Every year, as the days of spring gradually get warmer, we start getting ready for the 19th Soccer Academy, which will take place in the summer of 2024. The campers are in for a combination of excitement, adventure, and intense training sessions as the summer vacation gets underway.

Football is a modern sport that is always changing. Hence, our diverse coaching and support team, which includes football coaches, sports scientists, and educators, is already developing new drills, game formats, and training techniques to better meet the demands of each player on an individual basis.

Therefore, we cordially invite everyone who would like to spend an amazing week training football with a large group of like-minded individuals. Special attention is given to overall basic training in addition to the technical and tactical components. abilities, including quickness, burst, flexibility, and

Children receive coordination training because it is important to value their athletic prowess. English proficiency is also practiced in two units each day.

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4. Red Bull Salzburg Academy

The Red Bull Academy in Saalachspitz, our cooperative partner for youth development, offers around 400 football and ice hockey players a place to play. Our gifted athletes receive exceptional instruction at the state-of-the-art facility, preparing them for the next level: playing for FC Liefering, the academy’s representative in the second division of Austria. The young teams competing at the U12, U12, and U18 levels play under Liefering, our cooperative partner.

Our future stars not only receive the finest athletic training in the most advanced facilities, but also receive a comprehensive school education that prepares them for their future careers. This is only possible because of their unique playing and training philosophy, which centres on the tenets of 51% education and 49% sport.

A few of the most well-known Red Bull Academy alumni are Dominik Szoboszlai, Konrad Laimer, and Xaver Schlager. For the 2016–17 UEFA Youth League championship, most of the team consisted of players from the Red Bull Football Academy.

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5. International Football Academy

An international sports project called the International Football Academy originated with older kids and teenagers in mind. It’s more than just doing daily training sessions taught by qualified sports trainers. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends, engage in fascinating experiences, and maybe even discover a new dream!

The International Football Academy became a reality in 2012, thanks to the initiative of Gökmen YILMAZ. He was a former professional football player who currently serves as the academy’s trainer. Gökmen used to play for clubs in Austria, Turkey, and Russia. Six months after its founding, the Academy gained the backing of Vienna’s City Hall. It has, therefore, shown immense popularity among the city’s youth.

In addition to offering intense training and sports, the Academy actively engages in social work with young people. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle, combats obesity, integrates the community, and emphasises the value of education and studies.

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6. Ante Gale Soccer School

The Ante Gale Soccer School has made a name for itself throughout the years. This is a true insider tip for many professional soccer players. The Marswiese Sports Center’s training facility provides the best setup for ideal training environments, both indoors in the hall and outdoors on artificial turf.

The best football technique instruction is provided to kids and teenagers at Ante Gale Soccer School. For kids, teenagers, and professional football players who wish to develop their talents even further, we provide intensive training sessions.

Nonetheless, Ante Gale inspires a lot of professional football players to keep improving their game. The Ante Gale Soccer School’s mandate encompasses not only finding and nurturing potential soccer players but also elevating actual soccer pros.

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