Entering The Ajax Football Academy

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Overview Of Ajax Football Academy

Ajax’s globally acclaimed youth academy nurtures talented youngsters into top-tier football players. Only the most exceptional individuals succeed after a challenging and often lengthy journey.

Legends like Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Frank Rijkaard, Wim Kieft, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Kluivert have successfully graduated from this renowned academy.

Developing leading football players is a top priority at AFC Ajax, earning it the title “the nursery of Dutch football.”

As players progress, maintaining their position and reaching the goal of playing at the Amsterdam Arena become increasingly challenging. Each year, only a select few make it to the first team.

Players from Ajax’s youth programme are integral to the club’s success, as they are already well-versed in Ajax’s playing style due to receiving the same training as the main squad.

The club’s core values include behaviour, house rules, training, and the distinctive 4-3-3 style of play.

Ajax maintains a recognisable style that emphasises speed, fairness, offensive-mindedness, attractiveness, and a preference for scoring away from their own goal in the opponent’s half.

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Information About Ajax Coaching Academy

Our renowned young programs specialise in identifying talent and inspiring individuals to achieve their best by nurturing and developing their gifts.

We strongly believe that every club should prioritise its youth academy. To spread the Ajax ideology worldwide, we established the Ajax Coaching Academy, collaborating with clubs, coaches, and players globally. They share our vision and passion for encouraging talent growth.

By sharing our ideas and expertise as put into practice by our Ajax team, we provide customized programs catered to your unique needs.

Our affiliates conduct on-site assessments, providing valuable feedback and guidance.

Curriculum For Ajax Junior Academy

The AJAX curriculum is designed to enhance players’ technical abilities, including ball control, coordination, and other technical skills.

Through various training exercises, players learn angle awareness, skill manoeuvres, juggling, and small-sided situations.

The focus is on developing a strong foundation in ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting, and receiving, which are essential for competitive soccer.

Additionally, the program aims to promote healthy development, instill general ideas, and teach the rules of the game.

At this age, the priority is for players to enjoy the game, cultivate teamwork, and establish solid technical foundations.

AJAX also provides a clear set of ideas to help each player track their progress within the program.

The Training Scheme Offered By The Ajax Football Academy

The Ajax Football Academy provides a range of training programs suitable for players of different skill levels to select from. They include:

1. During the summer, young players have the opportunity to attend camps where they can experience academy life and enhance their talents in a supportive and friendly environment.

2. On weekends, players of various ages and skill levels can join clinics that focus on specific game mechanics such as dribbling, shooting, and defending.

3. For aspiring football players fully dedicated to their careers, full-time courses offer comprehensive training with a strong focus on both skill development and tactical awareness.

Ways To Enroll With Ajax Football Academy

The registration process for the Ajax Football Academy is straightforward.

Simply visit their website’s “Registration” tab and fill out the online form with your details, including a recent photo and a copy of your passport or ID card.

After paying the registration fee, the academy’s personnel will review your application.

If you meet the requirements and are accepted, you’ll receive an email confirming your admission and providing further instructions.

Requirements For Enrollment In The Ajax Football Academy

1. Wait For An Invite From Ajax’s Academy

Visiting the Ajax Youth Academy website makes it clear that they don’t accept individual outside applications.

Ajax meticulously searches before sending invitations and doesn’t consider email or postal applications.

So, they will contact you if they are interested; there is no need to call them.

2. Reside Or Operate From The Netherlands

Once it’s clear that Ajax must discover you to admit you into its academy, the aim switches to getting recognised.

Being a talented football player, the first step is to play for a youth team in the Netherlands, as the Ajax Youth Academy has 55 scouts, with 50 of them based in the Netherlands.

Their recruitment zone extends 50 kilometres around Amsterdam.

It’s worth noting that most players at De Toekomst, the club’s academy, are of Dutch descent, so joining a local club and showcasing your skills is crucial to standing out.

More Information

  1. The age requirement is from seven to eighteen years old.
  2. It’s essential to have a passion for the game and a strong motivation to improve your skills.
  3. Following the training program and adhering to all academy policies is mandatory.
  4. Being in good physical condition and without any health issues or injuries that could affect participation in practices and games is necessary.
  5. In addition to the above, you will also need to submit the following paperwork: A copy of your passport or identification card. Then, A recent portrait photograph of yourself.

Payment Scheme

Ajax Football Academy applies varying registration fees based on the program you choose, encompassing instruction, lodging, and meals.

Online payments can be made through credit cards or bank transfers.

For those unable to pay the full amount at once, the academy provides payment plans that allow for spreading the cost over several months.

To explore options and arrange a suitable payment schedule, contact the academy’s staff.

Ways To Get Into Ajax Football Academy

There are various ways to enrol into the Ajax Football Academy. They are:

1. Join A Football Camp In Ajax

Furthermore, the club arranges football clinics and camps worldwide, all centred around the same core values of the Ajax Youth Academy.

The Ajax website states that any child aged 6 to 16 can participate, regardless of their skill level.

Nevertheless, the club keeps an eye out for promising young talents during these events. This happens especially since they are organized by the club itself, with some taking place at De Toekomst in the Netherlands.

If a participant exhibits exceptional talent, the club will undoubtedly monitor their progress and there is a possibility of being invited to train at the official Ajax Amsterdam training facility.

2. Make Videos Of You Training

Creating your video clip can set you apart from competitors.

While making it to the Ajax team may be uncertain, you could still have a shot at joining one of the feeder clubs associated with the Ajax Academy nearby.

Showcase your skills in the video and approach clubs in the Ajax area for a better chance of catching the attention of Ajax scouts.

Advantages Of Joining Ajax Football Academy

Enrolling in Ajax Football Academy comes with several advantages, such as:

  1. Gaining access to excellent training facilities and resources.
  2. Receiving expert coaching from renowned coaches in the field.
  3. Training alongside and learning from experienced and skilled players.
  4. Being exposed to professional agents and scouts actively seeking new football talents
  5. Having the chance to develop and reach your maximum potential as a player.
  6. Increasing the likelihood of receiving contract offers from Ajax or other professional teams


To achieve your dreams of becoming a professional football player, the initial action is to register with Ajax Football Academy. “Entering the Ajax Football Academy”, is such an interesting topic.

By adhering to the guidelines in this article, you can ensure a smooth registration process and be well-prepared for upcoming training and development programmes.

Remember that being part of the academy goes beyond improving your on-field skills; it’s also about joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the game and similar values. So, get ready, sign up, and aim for success!

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