Enrollment Requirements For Barcelona Youth Academy

If you’re passionate about football and aspire to play professionally, this article will guide you through the “Enrollment Requirements for Barcelona Youth Academy”. It also provides crucial details about the following: an overview of the Barcelona Youth Academy, applying to the Barcelona Youth Academy, criteria for joining the Barcelona Football Academy, and writing a Request to partake in the Barcelona Football Academy.

The renowned La Masia youth academy in Barcelona holds an unmatched standing. When it comes to the quality of players it has generated, only the Ajax youth programme might compare.


Naturally, the most famous graduate of La Masia is unanimously considered the greatest player in the history of the sport. If you’re interested in joining the Barcelona Youth Academy, you’re wondering about the enrollment process.

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Overview Of Barcelona Youth Academy

La Masia serves as Barcelona’s premier youth development initiative, admitting only the most exceptional talents to its ranks.

The youth academy of Barcelona comprises various elements, namely:

1. Barca Academy

Globally, there are over 30 academies affiliated with Barcelona. These academies aim to replicate FC Barcelona’s values, traditions, and coaching techniques for children aged 6 to 18.


You can use the academy’s website to find the one nearest to your location.

2. Barca Academy Pro

Three Pro Academies, located in New York, Miami, and Brazil, are associated with Barcelona FC. These academies are strategically placed in important locations for the club’s commercial and strategic interests.

While all of them are being trained by officially licenced Barcelona coaches, some might view this as a profit-oriented endeavour.

As for the difference between Barca Academy and Barca Academy Pro, I’m uncertain myself despite having extensively researched the topic.

3. Barca Residency Academy

An international residential academy is located in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA, and caters to Barcelona. It provides schooling, accommodation, and training on a 58,000-square-foot campus.

Upon high school graduation, students receive college scholarships or professional contracts, along with guidance from a team of qualified personnel, including Barcelona coaches.

The Residency Academy offers regular tryout camps for those wishing to join.

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4. Barca Escola

Barca Escola is becoming more focused now, situated at Barça’s academy base, Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

It serves as a soccer training institution catering to children aged 6 to 12, serving as a precursor to La Masia.

5. La Masia

The best students from Barca Escola will progress to La Masia. At La Masia, potential soccer talents live, learn, and play football.

The facility accommodates 83 individuals and offers various amenities such as a kitchen, dining spaces, gym, massage room, classrooms, recreation areas, and more.

Despite its annual cost of over £5 million, the academy is one of Europe’s priciest, but it has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

La Masia counts graduates like Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi, and Xavi, who all won the Ballon d’Or in 2010.

Other notable alumni include Sergio Busquets, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Pep Guardiola, and Jordi Alba.

By 2023, twenty-one players who came through the academy had played over 100 games for Barcelona. In that year, Barcelona even fielded an entire team composed of La Masia graduates.

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Applying To The Barcelona Youth Academy

All of the aforementioned Barcelona Youth Academies are accepting applications at this time, except La Masia. Keep in mind that applying doesn’t guarantee you’ll become a Barcelona player.

Exceptional football talent might still catch the attention of club coaches. Each academy, such as the three Barca Academies Pro and the Barca Residency Academy, has its own application procedures.

For more details, visit the Barcelona Academy website, which also provides information about the club’s global soccer camps.

To be eligible for admission to Barca Escola, you need to meet these conditions:

  1. Your age must fall between 6 and 12 years old.
  2. Also, you and your family should be residents of Catalonia.
  3. Successful completion of the entrance exams is required.
  4. While Barcelona actively recruits students from beyond its region, historically, 50% of La Masia’s residents were Catalan, with the other half coming from various parts of the world or outside of Spain.

If you do not meet the above requirements, Barcelona will need to discover you through scouting. The club employs 30 scouts, with 15 in Catalonia, 15 in the rest of Spain, and 10 in other countries.

Nonetheless, if you’re an exceptionally talented football player residing outside Catalonia, there’s a good chance that a club might identify you, as was the case with Lionel Messi.

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Criteria For Joining The Barcelona Football Academy

The Barca Academy extends an invitation to young individuals aged 6 to 18 from any country to become part of their team.

However, prospective players need to meet specific requirements to be eligible for admission to the academy.

Here are the prerequisites:

  1. Age Range: Applicants need to be between 6 and 18 years old when applying.

Location: While the academy considers players from other areas, it prefers local recruits. Those living near Barcelona have a higher chance of being selected.

  1. Passion for Soccer: The academy wants players who truly love the sport and want to improve. Players must be dedicated and willing to work hard.
  2. Skill: The academy seeks players with a certain level of talent and proficiency. Familiarity with the game’s rules and some previous competitive experience are important.

Remember that meeting these criteria doesn’t guarantee admission. The academy considers attitude, work ethic, and academic performance. It’s diverse, caters to various skill levels, and even offers a goalkeeping programme.

Prospective athletes can try the academy’s summer camp to experience the facilities. Being eligible is just the start; commitment and potential are key to admission.

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Writing A Request To Partake In Barcelona Football Academy

The FC Barcelona Academy has over 45,000 children registered, spanning more than 30 locations, where they learn the unique football style associated with Barcelona.

Over 180 campuses on five different continents give the academy a worldwide reach.

Given the challenging nature of the application process, it’s crucial to begin preparing early. While applications are accepted throughout the year, it’s recommended to submit them a few months before the academic year starts in September.

Furthermore, the academy offers a summer camp that serves as a trial period for those interested in joining.

To apply, players need to complete an online application form through the following portal:

More Information

To be considered, individuals interested in joining must complete an online application form and provide the following documents:

  1. A duplicate of their identification card or passport
  2. Evidence of their place of residence
  3. A recent photo of themselves
  4. A video showcasing their soccer-playing skills

The online form will also request fundamental information like personal details, birthdate, contact information, and soccer background.

It will additionally inquire about the applicant’s academic performance and language proficiency.

The video should be current and display the player engaged in a game or practice session. Also, the high-definition video must have a duration of five to ten minutes.

This video should exhibit the player’s proficiency in areas such as ball control, passing, shooting, and off-the-ball movement. Additionally, the video should highlight the player’s attitude, work ethic, and teamwork abilities.

After submitting the application form and supporting documents, players will be notified if they have been selected for a trial session.

During these multi-day trial periods, held in Barcelona, academy coaches will evaluate the player’s skills through training sessions, games, and other activities to determine their suitability for academy enrollment.

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Obtaining A Trial At Barcelona Football Academy

1. Enrol Into Renowned Teams Within You

In the realm of football, the saying “talent will always be recognised” remains accurate. Take Lionel Messi as an example.

Despite not originating from Catalonia, he was spotted by Barcelona while living thousands of kilometres away across the Atlantic Ocean.

This proves that if you have enough talent, clubs will find you wherever you are. Thus, identifying the leading team in your vicinity and seeking a trial with them is essential.

It’s important to note that meeting the skill level required to play for Average Town FC is a prerequisite for eligibility in the Barcelona Academy.

2. Make Video Reels Of Your Gameplay

To boost your odds of landing a pro football contract, be it with Barcelona or another club, enhancing your chances involves crafting a dynamic video reel that showcases both your prowess on the field and your unique personality.

Although this might not guarantee entry into the Barcelona Academy, it could propel your career forward in other avenues. Watch the video above for valuable tips on creating an exceptional video reel.

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Final Thoughts

Having a significant amount of football potential is the primary requirement for entry into the Barcelona Youth Academy.

You must be one of the best young soccer players in your country or even the world. It’s preferable to also live in Catalonia; if not, you’ll have to wait for a call from the club rather than applying for a trial at Barca Escola.

If Barcelona doesn’t reach out to you, consider contacting the top local club in your area. They might be happy to offer you a trial if you truly possess exceptional skills.

After that, let your performance do the talking; if you’re skilled enough, your talent will eventually be recognised.

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