Enrollment Into the Everton Football Academy

To get to the bottom of what it means to join the Everton Football Academy (enrollment into the Everton Football Academy), we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty here in this post. You are cordially invited to experience the magic that occurs behind these walls, whether you are a young, aspiring footballer eager to show off your skills or a dedicated football fan curious about the inner workings of a leading football academy.


Overview Of Everton Football Academy

The Everton Academy offers a top-notch football teaching and development programme with the help of knowledgeable and devoted staff. It is located at Finch Farm, Finch Lane, Halewood, Liverpool, Merseyside, L26 3UE. Meanwhile, the Everton FC Academy utilises modern coaching techniques and technology to enhance player skills.

On the other hand, the academy actively searches for emerging talent to join its programme, maintaining strict selection criteria due to intense competition. Changes to the football academy system have allowed Category One clubs to recruit players nationwide (U12+). Previously, they were limited to athletes within a 90-minute radius.


Currently, the FA’s stance has evolved to prioritise the inclusion of exceptional players in top academies, regardless of their proximity. This approach enriches our domestic talent pool on the global stage.

This offers the best opportunities for success to highly skilled individuals. Consequently, the Everton FC Academy is enlisting more host families to provide promising young talent with supportive and welcoming homes.

Signing Up For Everton Academy Trials

To be considered for a trial at the Everton Academy, players need to be seen at specific places and times. Some players try reaching out to clubs with videos of their gameplay. However, note that clubs receive a high number of such videos. Therefore, they can’t watch them all while managing their regular tasks.


As a more effective approach, enrolling in an Everton football school offers the best chance of being scouted for an Everton FC Academy trial. The football school is open to anyone, providing an opportunity for everyone to catch the attention of scouts.

Scouts frequently select promising players from football school sessions and extend invitations for trials at Everton Academy’s development centres. Taking your child to football schools early on is also beneficial, as they can progress alongside their peers and enhance their skills.

Obtaining A Trial In Everton Academy

The trials organised by the Everton Academy are exclusively available to boys who are chosen by the club’s scouts.

However, players who feel they merit a trial but haven’t received a call from scouts can write to the academy with extensive information about themselves and their affiliated club(s).

Please use the following standards as a guide when supplying information to the academy in writing:

  1. Current school or team
  2. Age group and date of birth
  3. Match timetable (including commencement times and venues)
  4. Contact details such as address and phone number

Players displaying potential might receive an invitation to attend our development centres for assessment and extra guidance from our academy development staff.

In compliance with Premier League rules, exceptionally talented players have the opportunity to directly join our academy for a six-week trial period.

We will reach out to the player’s current club to convey our interest in him or her.

More Information

Please direct any questions to:

1. Local Schoolboy Recruitment

2. Everton Youth Academy

3. Finch Farm Training Complex

4. Finch Lane

5. Halewood

6. Merseyside, L26 3UE

Scouted By Everton Academy

Prospective players have the opportunity to showcase their skills to Everton Academy scouts.

Everton enables players to reach out to them directly, understanding that valuable talent might go unnoticed and that some players are lucky to catch scouts’ attention during matches.

While they may not be able to respond to all applications due to the high volume, this method effectively informs scouts about players eager to excel and join the Everton FC Academy.

Curriculum At The Everton FC Academy

The training programme at Everton Academy divides technical and tactical instruction into distinct modules. This includes a specialised curriculum for goalkeepers. The provided example illustrates this division:

1. The Everton FC Academy’s professional development stage

2. The Everton FC Academy’s young development stage

3. The Everton FC Academy’s foundation stage

4. The Everton FC Academy’s phase of youth and professional development

5. The Everton FC Academy’s foundational goalkeeper development stage

Advantages Of Signing For Everton Football Academy

1. Access To Tickets For Seasons

Members will be given the opportunity to join Tier One of the Season Ticket waiting list to secure priority access to tickets for seasons.

Those who register early will have a higher likelihood of getting a Season Ticket, as registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To maintain your position in Tier 1, it’s necessary to uphold your official membership status. Upon signing up, members are placed on the appropriate waiting list based on historical data and availability.

To find out which waiting list you can join, visit

2. Exclusive Ticket Access

Members will enjoy exclusive ticket access for first-team games. They will have the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public, with a priority period of at least three days.

However, this applies to Premier League matches as well as the FA Cup and League Cup, the two domestic cup tournaments.

3. Discounted Tickets

Every member has the opportunity to enjoy reduced prices on match tickets throughout the season as part of their membership privileges.

Each time a match goes on sale at a discounted rate, members receive a notification via email.

4. Watch Our Under-21s Live For Free

If you’re a member, you can go to any of our Everton Under-21 home league matches at Southport FC’s Pure Stadium without any charge.

On game day, simply show your Digital Member card at the entrance to get in for free.

5. 10% Discount For football Academy For Juniors

Children aged 4 to 12 can receive a 10% discount on select Everton UK Football Schools if they are official members.

Young football fans can expect a great experience at these workshops, guided by trained Everton coaches utilising the Everton Academy curriculum.

The discount will be automatically applied when enrolling online, while phone registrants should mention their customer number.

To reserve a spot or get more information, contact 0151 886 1878 or visit


The aspiration of every player is to have the chance to trial at the Everton Academy.

Also, through research, the most effective method for football players to secure a trial opportunity has been identified.

While open trials are infrequent at Everton, a top-tier Premier League team, an analysis of trial applications has revealed the optimal approach to increasing your likelihood of getting a trial at the Everton FC Academy.

While success is still dependent on your skills, this is the most genuine and efficient way to seek a trial opportunity or to capture the attention of an Everton scout to evaluate your football abilities.

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