Enrolling Into The Valencia Football Academy

Discover the process of Enrolling in The Valencia Football Academy, along with vital details about the academy. Other subtopics we shall discuss are an overview of Valencia Football Academy, The Valencia Football Pre-Academy, Ways To enrol in the Valencia Football Academy, Football Trials In Valencia, etc.


An Overview Of Valencia Football Academy

The Valencia Football Academy, a professional soccer team, is dedicated to enhancing player development. They employ Spanish play-based training techniques to teach the technical and tactical aspects of football. Daily training focuses on activities like rondos, overloads, and games centred around transition or possession.

Central to their approach is the application of useful technology and the teaching of specialised technical skills essential to the game. The training procedure regularly assesses both first-touch and off-ball movement.

To apply these technical skills on game day, players consider questions like who should receive a pass, who is giving the pass, the areas they occupy, the field section they are in, which part of their foot to use for receiving or passing the ball, and which foot to utilise.

The goal is to comprehend and execute a possession-based game using these fundamentals. The Valencia CF Football Academy serves as an international programme for exporting the Valencia CF brand and system. Players from the Valencia CF Academy have been using it successfully for decades.

Valencia CF’s mission is to provide resources for players to realise their football potential and learn the game’s values, all under the supervision of a technical manager from Valencia CF’s international region. Alongside their methodology and sports consultancy, they offer comprehensive support beyond the soccer field, including marketing, design, communication, and digital services. To learn more about joining the Valencia Football Academy, you can continue reading.

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The Valencia Football Pre-Academy

The Valencia Football Pre-Academy provides an excellent introductory program for children aged 4-6. It acts as a stepping stone to our competitive young academy and is led by skilled coaches. Players will enhance their foot techniques and misdirection skills by using both feet.

The program includes 1v1 drills, and small-sided games, and teaches competitiveness, offering a great opportunity for young players and parents seeking a proven path to kickstart their soccer journeys.

Ways To Enroll Into Valencia Football Academy

If you’ve been considering how to become a part of Valencia Football Academy, your journey toward success begins by going through the application process. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make a strong impression and secure a spot among the most promising football talents.

Remember that your passion, skills, and determination are your greatest assets as you embark on this exciting adventure. Your football highlight reel and CV are the platforms on which you can clearly showcase your abilities, achievements, and potential.

Ensure that each element effectively communicates your dedication to the sport and your unwavering commitment to excelling by meticulously crafting them.

Craft your football CV with emotion, narrating the story of your career so far. Emphasize your playing experience, educational background, and personal feats. Additionally, convey your aspirations, the fire that drives you, and your vision for your football career.

More Information

Your highlight video should serve as a display of your on-field prowess, exhibiting your technical skills, strategic understanding, and the indomitable spirit that sets you apart from the rest.

During trials, showcases, and open events, be prepared to step onto the stage and exhibit your talents. These competitions offer you the chance to thrive and demonstrate that you have what it takes to shine in the European football arena.

Embrace the challenge wholeheartedly and channel the adrenaline rush within you to fuel your performance. Showcase your strength, skills, and agility with pride, while also highlighting your ability to work as part of a team, adaptability, and capacity to learn from mistakes.

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About Football Trials In Valencia

Before being eligible to take part in the Tercera RFEF, passing tests is a requirement, even in higher divisions. Many players who completed their training at the Valencia Academy managed to compete in superior leagues and sustain a football career. It’s important to understand the proceedings of these trials.

Test Preparation

Football trials training consists of four parts: warm-up, technical exercises, the actual match, and the cool-down. Both the match and warm-up are extremely important as they showcase the potential and worthiness to compete in the top division.

During the match, talent scouts from professional clubs observe your performance. Demonstrating a high skill level during this phase is crucial. To secure a spot in prestigious teams like Valencia CF, Atl├ętico de Madrid, Real Madrid CF, or FC Barcelona, earning your place through outstanding performance is the only way. This necessitates not only a good physical condition but also a strong sports mentality.

Staying Fit For Football Trials

Being physically prepared is essential for the trials. It’s important to have a body that suits your role. While a few athletes come to the Valencia Football Center ready to excel, others might require some preparation to enhance their performance.

The Focus Of Valencia Football Academy Training

The following educational elements motivate players to develop their skills to their maximum potential:

Personal Technical Abilities

Focusing on a player’s skill to manage the ball using various parts of the foot and body. Proficiency in crossing, shooting, and passing. Capable of deceiving and outmanoeuvring opponents in one-on-one situations.

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Technical Function

Understanding the appropriate strategies to use in competitive situations, including knowing when, where, and why to apply them. This knowledge also encompasses how players are positioned, move, and arrange themselves within the game, all tied to effective techniques.

1 v 1 Prowess

Footballers will undergo training sessions that involve one-on-one activities at various stages of development and even more advanced levels. The skill of players to face defenders individually is an essential aspect of their learning.

Tactical/Cognitive skills

Highlighting a player’s skill in interpreting the game, focusing on decisions like passing, dribbling, and shooting. Players need to comprehend moments to advance, change tactics, and restart the game. Additionally, they should grasp team-based defence and pressing, with counter-pressing and counter-attacks as important topics in training.

The Zeal To Play

Teams and footballers are anticipated to engage in competition fueled by their passion for the sport. Players need to possess a strong drive to enhance their abilities to the maximum if they aim to realize their complete capabilities. Each training session imparts lessons in aggressive play, physical conditioning, self-control, and reverence. Alongside the enjoyment of ball possession, it’s equally important to have the motivation to dispossess it from adversaries.

Advantages Of Playing For Valencia Football Academy

Here are several advantages of enrolling in the Valencia Football Academy:

  1. Attending ten to thirteen training sessions led by top coaches from Valencia CF’s academy.
  2. Receiving personalized assessments based on individual coaching.
  3. Participating in 4 or 5 matches against local teams and Valencia CF Academy squads.
  4. Opportunity to meet and observe the first team during their training sessions (based on the first team coach’s availability).
  5. Chance to watch at least one game played by Valencia CF’s first team.
  6. Access to comprehensive training materials from the Valencia CF Academy.
  7. Convenient 2-minute commute from a 4-star hotel to the Soccer City Training Grounds.
  8. Guided visit to the Mestalla Stadium.
  9. Touring the Bernabeu Stadium (Real Madrid) and enjoying lunch there before departure.
  10. Exploring both modern and historical parts of Valencia through guided tours.
  11. Visits to the City Nike Store and the Valencia CF Store.
  12. Receiving a personally signed jersey from the first team.
  13. Participating in matches against local teams like Levante and Villarreal, or Valencia CF’s women’s and youth teams, depending on draws.
  14. An exclusive opportunity for one player to return to the CRACKS Academy later, with a chance to stay for two weeks by covering only their travel expenses.

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Valencia Football Academy aims to assist players in developing their soccer skills and adopting sportsmanship values, under the supervision of Valencia CF’s Academy Programs technical managers. We trust that the information provided on how to enrol in the academy has been beneficial to you.

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