Enrolling Into Cadiz Football Academy

Explore this article to learn about the process of Enrolling Into Cadiz Football Academy, along with significant details. Those details include an overview Of Cadiz Football Club, a Historical Account Of Cádiz Football Club, Cádiz Football Club Stadium, and Details Of Cádiz Football Academy.

Overview Of Cadiz Football Club

This football club is situated in the city of Cadiz, Spain. The CDIZ CF stands as a renowned football club with a deep-rooted history in Spanish football, boasting a dedicated global fan base. Competing in La Liga, one of the world’s most challenging football leagues, Cádiz CF embodies resilience and determination as its core values.


Despite facing various challenges and fluctuating fortunes, the club consistently emerges stronger, a source of pride for the people of Cadiz, who relish their team’s ability to compete at the highest level against more illustrious adversaries.

Cadiz, a picturesque coastal city in southwestern Spain, has a rich football heritage that deeply resonates with its passionate residents. Across the country, football enthusiasts hold a special affection for Cádiz due to its longstanding traditions and impressive athletic legacy.


Interestingly, Cadiz holds historical significance as the departure point for two of Christopher Columbus’ voyages to the New World. In September 1493, Columbus led a fleet of at least 17 ships from Cadiz on his famous transatlantic journeys.

The unwavering support for Cádiz CF defines the city’s football culture. Since its establishment in 1910, Cádiz CF has served as a unifying and patriotic symbol for the Cadiz community.

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Cádiz CF B

The reserve team of the Spanish football club Cádiz Club de Fútbol B, S.A.D., is located in Cádiz, within the Andalusian autonomous region. Currently, the Cádiz CF reserve team participates in Segunda División B – Group 4 and holds its home games at the Estadio Ramón Blanco, which has a seating capacity of 1,700.

Historical Account Of Cádiz Football Club

Mágico González, the renowned figure from El Salvador, graced the team during the 1980s and 1990s, earning a reputation as their finest player. He took part in the squad, while the Cádiz football team was active in Spain’s second or third division from 1929 to 1977.

It wasn’t until 1977 that the team achieved its inaugural promotion to La Liga. Since then, Cádiz has participated in twelve top-tier seasons, occasionally spending time in the second division.

Cádiz Football Club Stadium

Football takes place at Estadio Ramón de Carranza in Cádiz, Spain. This stadium serves as the primary playing field for Cádiz CF. It opened its doors to the public for the first time on September 3, 1955. Over time, the stadium has undergone two significant rounds of complete renovation. It ranks as the fifth-largest stadium in Andalusia and the 24th-largest stadium in Spain, with a seating capacity of 20,724.

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Details Of Cádiz Football Academy

Juvenile A, Juvenile B, Juvenile C, Cadet A, Cadet B, Cadet C, Juvenile A, Juvenile B, Alevin A, and Alevin B constitute the ten teams comprising Cádiz’s junior academy.

The Integrated Academy initiative offers young football players from the US and Canada an exceptional chance to fully engage with a premier professional club in Spain. A qualified head coach from Cádiz CF UEFA and an assistant coach are in charge of each team in this programme.

Cádiz CF specialises in nurturing young football talent for its senior team. Over the past seven seasons, their holistic approach to fostering character, academics, and athletic skills has led to eight Academy players transitioning to the First Team.

Selection for the elite youth football roster in the Integrated Academy Residency, which accommodates a maximum of 22 players, is contingent upon approval from scouts and coaches.

By connecting with Cádiz CF on social media, you can join their extensive community of over 6 million followers. Notably, the 17,000 season ticket holders supporting their La Liga team also include the young football players training at the academy in Spain.

Training Sessions And Supportive Classes At The Ciudad Deportiva

The divisions will undergo training twice weekly, typically from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, with the possibility of competitions on:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

Once the training and travel schedules for different routes are finalised, we will announce the schedule for children’s support classes.

Transportation Routes

Two routes will cover various towns and areas in the province, such as Cádiz, San Fernando, Puerto Real, Rio San Pedro, El Puerto de Santa María, and Jerez. The cost of children’s transportation is 20 euros. The upcoming announcement will reveal the designated stops.


The Cádiz CF Academy Club is introducing a monthly charge of 60 euros, with a reduced cost of 55 euros for siblings and season ticket holders. The registration fee of 150 euros covers official playing gear, training shirt, shorts, walking polo shirt, tracksuit, rain jacket, and backpack. Siblings, sisters, and season ticket holders can join by paying a registration fee of €135.

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Ways To Join Cadiz Football Academy

Cádiz CF keeps an eye on skilful players as they progress, selecting only the best ones to join their La Liga Academy training programme.

To find out how to become a part of the Cadiz Football Academy, explore the instructions provided below to learn about various methods for applying:

  1. Participate in virtual tryouts by submitting a highlight video or coaching suggestions. Your application will undergo evaluation, with Cádiz CF scouts reviewing players’ highlight reels.
  2. Gain approval through personal interviews as an alternative option. Cádiz CF scouts will review players’ highlight reels in this process.
  3. Engage in a personal Zoom interview with either the Coaching Staff of the International Soccer Academy or Eddie Loewen.
  4. Complete your player application and submit a deposit. Approval requires filling out and signing the Player Agreement, along with a non-refundable deposit.
  5. Take part in Zoom sessions during the onboarding process.
  6. Upon arrival in Cádiz, Spain, parents can accompany their athletes and attend the welcome ceremony.

Advantages Of joining Cadiz Football Academy

  1. Gain access to a dedicated UEFA full-time head coach, an assistant coach, a goalkeeper trainer, an athletic coach, and a part-time physiotherapist.
  2. Enjoy comfortable double rooms styled like dormitories at Sage College, a private boarding school near CF Cádiz’s training centre. The facilities include football fields, a gym, a pool, a laundry room, a communal player area, and meeting spaces.
  3. Benefit from access to water during training and throughout the day, receive three daily meals, and follow a specialised anti-inflammatory sports diet.
  4. Utilise the training programme and youth player development of Cádiz CF through our Integrated Academy squad.
  5. If selected, have direct exposure to Cádiz CF scouting and other La Liga scouts during tryouts.
  6. Engage in challenging matches against La Liga academies and various national and international football teams.
  7. After each match, players will receive a highlight reel created from assessments and recordings using the Veo camera system.
  8. All our games will be live-streamed, allowing family, friends, and recruiters to watch the matches in real time.
  9. A dedicated Team Leader/Resident Advisor will be available on a full-time basis.
  10. Access transportation such as a bus or multiple vehicles for Cádiz CF training, game days, and cultural events.
  11. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Cádiz CF through a minimum of 10 cultural and social excursions. Additionally, each player will take a Spanish-language course with a football-focused approach.
  12. Enhance performance under pressure with guest lecturers from the International Football Academy and Cádiz CF, covering various subjects, including insights from college coaches on scouting strategies.
  13. Players from the International Football Academy will have the privilege to attend all home La Liga games of Cádiz CF.

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