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About Brooke House College Football Academy

In 2008, the Brooke House College Football Academy came into existence. The Academy currently boasts more than 150 players, ranging in age from 11 to 19, hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds. So far, 21 players have gone on to pursue professional football careers after graduating from Brooke House College, and some have also had the honor of representing their respective national teams at both youth and senior levels. If you are under the ages of 14 to 19, you are sure to make it to the academy team.


The academy participates in various cup competitions, such as ISFA, ESFA, and county cups. In addition to these tournaments, players also engage in tough matches against teams ranging from professional clubs to school sides as part of their game schedule. During weekday mornings, the Football Academy students participate in standard GCSE, A Level, and University Foundation academic courses alongside the other students at Brooke House College.

After conducting interviews with the vice principal (academic) to assess their unique academic requirements, students receive personalized schedules. Brooke House College serves as an examination hub for prominent UK exam boards and undergoes evaluations by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. During weekday afternoons at the Football Academy, we implement a long-term player development model aimed at nurturing players’ skills in all aspects.


This involves daily training sessions on the field, combined with classroom lessons and analysis workshops, as well as extra gym sessions integrated into their personalized development plans. On weekends and in the evenings, we allocate our time to a variety of activities. This includes studying, attending football games, engaging in social events, and going on trips.

However, these trips include visits to professional football matches, tours of significant football stadiums, as well as exploring local and national points of interest.

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Brooke House College Football Academy Trials

This academy trial commences via various methods. In the initial step, the college coaches arrange dedicated trial programs within the country for our international players. Before subsequent events, the academy will promote the trials on the college’s official website and other channels. We are open to receiving suggestions from reputable sources like UKfootballtrials and similar sources.

Brooke House is committed to assisting players when they receive call-ups to try out for professional football clubs. Additionally, the Academy will promote and facilitate players’ opportunities to represent their respective national teams when it’s feasible. The Academy maintains close connections with top clubs in both England and Europe. This cuts across the Premier League and the National League. Consequently, matches against these well-established clubs happen frequently.

Ultimately, consider visiting the academy for first-hand practice and training with our coaches and teams. There, the coaches will properly evaluate you. However, if attending the trial isn’t possible, players can submit videos showcasing their skills during training and games to Istvan Kislorincz, the football academy manager.

The Brooke House College Admissions

Kindly visit the academy’s website so that you will be able to assess their application process in a convenient fashion. On the website, you have the option to access the college’s brochure and submit the online application form. Moreover, there are various other necessary forms that need to be completed before your ward’s first day at the school. This is to ensure a seamless beginning to their journey with the college.

To obtain more details or discuss application-related concerns, please get in touch with either Ms. Sarah Doye or Ms. Li Bai. You can reach them at +441858462452 or their direct line at +441858411695, or you may also contact them via email at or

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Staff Of Brooke House College Football Academy

Micky Adams, a former football player and manager who currently serves as the technical director, is in charge of the college. He has played a pivotal role in establishing connections between the college and his previous team, Leicester City.

Additionally, the college boasts notable personnel like Norbert Farkas and Mike Edwards. Notably, former footballer Kirsty Linnett pursued her UEFA B licence while working at the academy.

Facilities & Kit Of Brooke House College Football Academy

You can locate the Academy’s training facility on the end side of Market Harborough. Other accessible facilities in the academy consist of 3G and 4G synthetic grass. Also, it has numerous grass fields for training and match purposes. There are also changing areas.

Additionally, the training complex houses classrooms for educational and research purposes. In another section of the complex, there is an injury and rehabilitation clinic, in addition to a fully equipped gym house.

Every academy player receives a package of equipment when they enroll, including playing gear, training attire, rainy weather gear, and an academy bag for storage. The college takes care of the match day equipment, providing it in the changing room before each game and ensuring its upkeep.

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Brooke House College Football Academy Honors

  • COUNTY CUP – U18 Champions | 2016, U18 Camcions | 2016, U18 Champions | 2016, U18 Champions | 2016
  • ECFA CUP – Cat 2A Champions | 2018, Cat 3A Champions | 2018
  • ISFA SHIELD – U16 Champions | 2019
  • ESFA CUP – U16 Champions | 2019, U16 Champions | 2020, U16 Joint Champions | 2020,
  • INTERNATIONAL CUP – U18 REACS Runners Up | 2018, U18 REACS Champions | 2019, 2014 Mediterranean Cup 3rd Place l 2019
  • SMALL SIDED SHIELD – U18 CIFE National Cup Champions | 2018, U14 ISA National Cup Champions l 2019.

Competitive Fixtures Of Brooke House College Football Academy

It is important to note that the Academy participates in various tournaments that are regional and national. Additionally, they engage in friendly games against academy teams of professional football clubs and elite development squads. Some of their opponents in these matches include Leicester City, Barnsley, Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth, Burnley, Swansea, Luton, Southampton, Fulham, Reading, and Stoke City.

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Gaining entrance into the Brooke House College Football Academy is one of the best things to happen to a young talent. This is because, this academy comes with a lot of opportunities and advantages that will help groom a prospective player.

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