Best Football Academies in Poland

Football has a lengthy history in Poland; the first game was officially documented in 1894. With Poland and Ukraine co-hosting the UEFA Euro 2012 competition, the sport has become more and more popular since then.


The Poland national team advanced to the quarterfinals of the competition, which was a great triumph. Polish culture is strongly tied to football, and a large number of fans fervently cheer on both their hometown teams and the national squad. Other popular competitions include the Polish Cup and Polish Supercup, where fans enthusiastically follow the games and cheer on their preferred clubs.

Top Football Academies In Poland To Look Out For

1. Juventus Academy, Poland

Juventus Academy, like all Juventus FC academies worldwide, is a football school where kids receive training.

In order to provide players with the chance to develop their unique football skills and learn acceptable educational behaviours, we also host football camps in the summer and winter.

Training at our academy also gives you the chance to interact with current Juventus FC heroes, who are global football giants.

Every player at our academy takes part in the psychomotor programme. Sport and Minds’ exclusive partnership with Juventus children’s academies in Poland has an impact on the kinesthetic and motor development of Juventus Academy Toru players.

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2. Football Academy Opole

The biggest network of football schools for kids and teens in Poland is called Football Academy (FA), and it also has locations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Professional coaches instruct kids based on FA-prepared, regulated football curricula that use English coaching techniques. Teaching and developing young football players is our top goal.

More than 10,000 parents and young players have come to trust us, and the network of soccer school centres is still expanding, with over 130 centres as of right now.

The initial two trial training sessions are open to all athletes who want to begin their football experience.

Registering online and contacting the FA manager are prerequisites for participation in the trial training sessions.

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3. Football Success Academy

Since its founding in June 2018, the Football Success Academy Sports Club has played a major role in the development of women’s football in Małopolska and across the nation.

Aside from the aforementioned training, our primary objective is education via sport. This we attempt to do through ongoing monitoring of the player’s development both at school and on the pitch. We speak with each female football player one-on-one, learning everything there is to know about her capabilities and goals, and working to give her the optimum environment for growth—which is why they refer to it as a “second home”—possibly.

Football Success Academy is where females who wish to begin their football journey can come, as well as those who already play the game. Our coaching staff meets the criteria and customises our instruction to the skill level of the participants.

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4. Football Academy Orlen Gdańsk

Gdańsk, Poland, is home to Akademia Piłkarska Orlen Gdańsk, often known as the Football Academy Orlen Gdańsk. It has a reputation for producing female athletes and concentrates on training and developing players in the Pomeranian region. The women’s football team is the academy’s most successful division, with AP Orlen competing in the Ekstraliga, Poland’s top women’s football league. The squad name incorporates the name of PKN Orlen, a Polish oil firm that serves as the academy’s primary supporter and title sponsor.

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5. Football Stars Football Academy

The goal of the Football Stars football academy is to increase the popularity of sport among the people living in the Oława and Domaniów communes, especially among young school-age children. Children aged 5 to 12 can participate in organised football training in the towns of Bystrzyca, Drzemlikowice, and Wierzbnie.

The Academy’s mission is to make football more widely accepted and to motivate kids to be active among their classmates. Especially for whom sports are primarily just enjoyable activities. At the Academy, we want to identify and nurture football talent in addition to nurturing our players’ passion for sports.

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6. Łódź Football Academy

The Football Academy was established for both individuals who simply have a passion for football and for kids and parents who are passionate about it. We cater to people who wish to learn new things in addition to honing their football talents.

Children as young as four years old can enrol in sports classes at the Football Academy. We are searching for energetic, lively kids who are keen to interact with their peers. We develop the concepts of fair play, teach the fundamentals of a sports lifestyle from the ground up. Hence finding and developing exceptional athletes who, in a few years, may win over fans of the national team.

The academy aims to inculcate in kids a genuine passion for sports through play-based instruction. Playing sports should be joyful and fun! We separate individuals into age categories and modify training regimens accordingly. Young football players learn from us the values of fair play, self-motivation, and doing good deeds for the community. We offer top-notch sports facilities for training, expert coaching services, and frequent outings to training camps in the summer and winter.

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7. Sportsmate360 Academy

Since its founding in 2021, Sportsmate360 Academy has grown to be recognised as one of the top private residential football academies in the world. It regularly competes with some of the biggest clubs in Europe. It also gives gifted football players the opportunity to live and experience the life of a full-time professional football player in Poland.

Our Academy staff remains committed to staying on the cutting edge of contemporary coaching techniques. The attention to detail in our programme demonstrates our experience in giving players the best professional experience possible. Every member of our staff at the Academy is a minimum of a UEFA A licenced coach.

The goal is to provide players the resources they need to succeed. With thousands of hours of experience and a staff full of current and past elite athletes, Sportsmate360 Academy’s coaching is unbeatable.

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8. BVB Evonik Football Academy

For all young football enthusiasts, the BVB Evonik Football Academy offers an amazing opportunity. In our training sessions, where our BVB coaches will teach you everything that stars like Marco Reus and Youssoufa Moukoko learned as young players, you will experience football at its simplest and have fun.

The programme operates around the BVB Youth Department’s sporting idea, which we employ to continuously raise participant football performance. Our coaches not only teach football-specific skills like dribbling, trickery, shooting, etc., but they also emphasise the enjoyable aspects of the game.

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9. Prestige Football Academy

The establishment of Prestige Football Academy in 2019 came about by a deep passion for football. Our goal is to spread a deep passion and fascination for the amazing game of football among kids and adults of all sexes, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Everyone in our academy can fulfil their dreams of achievement, growth, and immense enjoyment from playing football. Our focus is on children and their unique needs, interests, and dreams. Specially designed development programmes enable our players to enjoy playing football and progressively improve their skills. Hence, they can one day fulfil their dreams of becoming professional players. The development programmes are founded on the extensive expertise of our coaches and best practices from globally renowned football academies like AJAX Amsterdam, BENFICA Lisbon, or ATLETICO DE Madrid.

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