Apply for Scholarships at the Juventus Football Academy

We will provide in a precise and complete manner the procedure and requirements for applying for scholarships offered by the Juventus Football Academy. These scholarships are available to teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 and 21.

One of the most illustrious examples of brilliance in Italian soccer is the Juventus Football Club, which has its headquarters in Turin. Unquestionably, Juventus is a legendary club, having won the Italian Serie A championship and having a long and illustrious history in the sport of European football.


Having been founded in 1897, it is considered to be one of the most venerable football organizations in Italy. “I Bianconeri” (The Black and Whites) and “la Vecchia Signora” (Old Lady) are only two of the nicknames that are often used to refer to Juventus, which brings to mind the illustrious history of the club in European football. Frequently discussed topics pertaining to the club include the recruiting of young players for Juventus, the club’s academy, and various training regimens.

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Juventus History

Juventus has won a total of 36 league championships, 13 Coppa Italia wins, and eight Supercoppa Italiana trophies during the course of their long history. In addition, they have established records in each of these international competitions. Their achievements on the international stage include winning two Intercontinental Cups, two European Cups and UEFA Champions League trophies, a European Cup Winners’ Cup, a UEFA National Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, and a UEFA Intertoto Cup. Therefore, Juventus has an important place in the history of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), which is responsible for football in Italy.

Apart from the accomplishments they have achieved on the field, the club has a strong connection with its supporters and is the most financially successful football institution in Italy in terms of income. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the Ballon d’Or five times, is one of the luminaries who they proudly include into their lineup. At the Allianz Stadium, which is the most important venue for Juventus, there is a capacity of 41,507 seats.

A comprehensive youth development program that is centered on the cultivation of future stars is maintained by Juventus. Our most recent insights into the club will cover topics such as the initiatives of the Juventus youth academy, insights into the Juventus school team, routes to become a player in the Juventus youth academy, and the application procedure by which one may join the Juventus youth academy.


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Juventus Youth Academy

Prowess and promise have been shown by a great number of players who have come from the ranks of the Youth Academy. These individuals have often received help and instruction from the senior squad playing for Juventus. There is a wide range of youthful talent represented at the school, beginning with undergraduate students and continuing on to graduate students.

The Juventus Football Club, which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious sports schools in Europe, particularly in Italy, has also expanded its educational programs to a number of places throughout the world. The academy takes a great deal of pleasure in its workforce, which includes seasoned professionals, healthcare specialists, academic tutors, and other individuals who are all dedicated to encouraging the development of young individuals who are aspiring to achieve something. In addition to holiday programs, yearly training sessions, and specialized training camps, they provide a variety of programs that are specifically designed for young players and performers.

Additionally, young athletes actively engage in developmental matches at the academy, which helps them hone their competitive abilities and enhance their competitive acumen. During the course of their time spent at the Juventus Youth school, exceptional players were often presented with opportunity to advance their positions within the school. At the same time, emerging talents have the ability to attract the attention of other teams that are committed to investing in their potential. Mentorship or short-term training chances with experienced club coaches are often made available by Juventus to those who have great potential but are constrained by budgetary restrictions.

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Requirements for the Juventus Youth Registration

Participate in Open Tests or special drafts, as was described previously, and join some of the participants. Additionally, there is the option for those who are looking for work to get in touch with Juventus right away. The prerequisites to attend Juventus Youth School have been developed by our staff here, using materials from the Scouts as a source of information. enrollment of young people in Juventus, the Juventus youth academy, the Juventus academy, and theaters

Possessing a strong academic record and receiving recommendations from your educational institution.
Please provide detailed information about yourself, including your past clubs (if you have any) and your contact information.
Particularly for those under the age of 18, parental approval is required.
Proof of financial need is required in order to be considered for a scholarship at the Juventus Football Academy.
You should make an effort to send a video of yourself; this approach is mostly directed for applicants from other countries.

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Signing Up for the Juventus Youth Academy

Apply by going to the Club Academy website, which may be found at

Registration for the Juventus Youth Academy, trials for the Juventus Youth Academy, scholarships for attendance at the Juventus Academy, and sites of the Juventus Academy

Scholarships may be applied for via the following website:

Please dial (+39) 0114530486 to reach the Juventus Youth Academy directly.
Monday through Friday (10 am to 8 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 2 pm) service is offered all year (except holidays).

Regardless, there is no extra charge for the service, and it varies based on the tariff plan you signed with your telecom operator.
An alternative is to visit and register using your email or phone number, Its free.

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