2023 Top 10 Best Football Academies In Spain

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Introduction To Football Academies In Spain

In the world of football, Spain has long been revered as a powerhouse. People know it for its dynamic play, technical prowess, and rich history of producing some of the most skilled players on the planet.

For you to make it into football academies in Spain, you ought to have football talent. Then, you must be willing to work hard in training. However, with good coaching and training, you will be able to harness and develop your football skills. That is why you need to enrol in one of the reputable football academies in Spain. This way, you are on your path to be a professional footballer



Which Football Academy Is The Best In Spain?

A Football Academy serves as a training ground for passionate young footballers, where they receive instructions on the fundamentals of the game. These academies have a longstanding history, and new ones continue to emerge. Meanwhile, they reflect the growing prominence and global recognition of football as the premier sport.

Attending the top football academy in Spain can enhance your skills and elevate your game to a higher standard. This is by providing you with advanced training and substantial experience in youth football competitions.


The top-tier football academies globally are primarily located in Spain, with Real Madrid and Barcelona reigning supreme. Also, the leading academies in Spain belong to prominent clubs such as Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. Nonetheless, there exist more affordable and accessible academies that offer excellent opportunities for aspiring footballers to advance their careers.

10 Best Football Academies In Spain

1. Alicante Football Academy

The Alicante Football Academy, situated in Alicante, Spain, is a premier youth football training center. It boasts world-class amenities, including top-tier training fields, a modern gym, and upscale accommodations.

The primary goal of this academy is to provide rigorous coaching sessions aimed at enhancing and nurturing players’ abilities. Here, you can train alongside international peers in the mornings, under the guidance of UEFA Pro licensed coaches.

Upon enrolling in this academy, try to put on a good performance. When you meet the necessary standards, you may have the opportunity to practice with esteemed Spanish football clubs during evening and weekend trials. This way, you will enhance your chances of becoming a professional player in Spain.

Address: Calle Dr. Perez Mateos, 2, 03550 Sant Joan d’Alacant, Alicante, Spain

Contact: +34 656 28 89 90

Fees: €1900 Per month


2. Kaptiva Sports Academy Barcelona

Kaptiva Sports Academy, situated in Barcelona, Spain, is a global football academy offering a comprehensive football program. They designed it to assist young players aged 12 to 18 from around the world in realizing their maximum potential.

This football academy’s goal is to educate and nurture young players, guiding them towards future excellence as top-tier players. The academy provides a comprehensive yearly program open to football talent worldwide. However, through these offerings, the academy cultivates unique opportunities for players to develop their football skills and personal growth during their tenure with the academy.

Address: Avinguda del Pla del Vinyet, 110, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain.

Contact: +34 931 59 72 67

Fees: €1,000 – €41,000


3. Spain Soccer Academy

The Spain Soccer Academy, situated in Sevilla, Spain, is a prestigious global football academy catering for young players aged 14-23. It provides an integrated Exchange Program that combines academic studies with professional sports training. Also, they ensure a holistic development for the aspiring talents of tomorrow.

Address: Av. Dinamarca, s/n, 41012 Sevilla, Spain

Contact: +34 696 16 41 96

Fees: €1900 Per month


4. Alicante City Football Club Academy

Alicante City Football Club Academy (ACFC) is a global football academy based in Spain. Its primary goal is to provide players with the resources they require to reach their full potential. The institution boasts state-of-the-art amenities designed to facilitate player growth, education, and the acquisition of essential skills. Also, it fosters their path towards professional excellence.

The ACFC Academy offers top-notch training facilities, including a well-equipped pitch, gym, spa, comfortable lodging with a swimming pool, and various other amenities.

Address: Av. Locutor Vicente Hipólito, 28, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Contact: +34 965 02 01 75

Fees: €2000 per month


5. International Football Academy Soccer Inter-Action

Soccer Inter-Action (SIA) is a global football academy located in Spain that utilizes a comprehensive method to educate and nurture football players.

SIA has successfully established a supportive atmosphere that fosters education and elevates football abilities. This guarantees that all participants, including players and coaches, in our programs will enhance their skills and heighten their prospects of pursuing a career in professional football.

Their mission of “Teach through Football” seeks to support the growth of young players and contribute to their holistic development. Our initiatives are customized to fulfill the demands of a top-tier setting, providing a direct route to a career in football through our “SIA Academy for players” initiative.

Address: Carretera CV590, km 51, CV-590, km 51, 46810, Valencia, Spain.

Contact: +34 962 22 42 43

Fees: Not Revealed


6. FC Malaga City Academy

FC Malaga City Academy, founded in 2013, is an esteemed international football academy situated in Spain. It has gained recognition for its role in nurturing and shaping the careers of upcoming football talents.

The academy is renowned for its competition against prominent European clubs. Also, it offers aspiring footballers the chance to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of a professional player in Spain.

Malaga City Academy presents a variety of programs that involve intensive training almost every day. Also, it presents an unparalleled schedule of matches, the chance to learn from top-notch professional coaches, and customized development strategies designed to enhance your chances of success.

Address: C. Puerto de la Cruz, Numero 3, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain.

Contact: Nil

Fees: €2,500 (a month), €12,500(half  season – 5 months) €19,850(full season – 10 months)


7. MV8 Madrid Football Academy

MV8 Madrid Football Academy, founded in 2015, is a premier football academy in Spain renowned for its ability to draw young aspiring athletes.

The primary aim of the academy is to assist and direct each player, helping them move towards their desired accomplishments. At MV8 Madrid Football Academy, all players will have the chance to engage in both football training and academic studies. However, ensuring a strong education for our players is paramount, and we will consistently seek out the most suitable opportunities for them.

They provide various programs, such as their year-long football academy initiative. This program is tailored to offer aspiring young athletes aged 15 to 25 the chance to receive professional training and play.

Address: Calle de Fco. Largo Caballero, 6, 28100 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.


Fees: €2000 per month


8.  Getafe International Madrid Football Academy

The Getafe International Madrid Football Academy serves as the endorsed academy for the Getafe CF team in the Spanish top-tier league. They provide a specialized football Program for aspiring young players, enabling them to train in a professional environment and pursue their high school education at an American School in Madrid simultaneously.

At the Getafe International Madrid Football Academy, players will undergo an initial evaluation to determine their starting point, and we will develop an individualised strategy to enhance their development throughout the program.

Throughout the program, players will regularly obtain updates on their development and advancement, ensuring they stay informed about their progress throughout the entire program.

Address: C/ PONIENTE, 20 URBANIZACION, MONTE ALINA, 28223 Madrid, Spain

Contact: +34 917 99 34 41

Fees: Fees: €17,000 for 5 months; €32,000 for 10 months (full semester).


9. RMA Mallorca Football Academy

The RMA Mallorca is a football school situated in Calvia Beach, Magaluf, catering to both boys and girls of various skill levels.

RMA Mallorca holds the reputation of being the foremost football academy for young players, offering an extensive selection of football training and camps along the South West coast of Mallorca.

They offer Development Centers suitable for newcomers and those seeking a more sociable gaming experience, as well as Professional Development Centers and One-on-One Coaching for players in need of structured and demanding training sessions.

Address: Avenida pere Vaquer ramis, 07181 Magaluf, Spain

Contact: +34 691 17 32 65

Fees: Nil


10. Marbella Football Academy

Marbella International Football Academy, located in Spain, provides various football coaching programs for young players aged 16 to 24, with the goal of nurturing aspiring professional footballers through its full-time program.

They offer players assistance, guidance, and a stage to demonstrate and enhance their skills every day. Furthermore, they supply top-notch training, dietary plans, recovery sessions, and more. The academy, established in 2020, aims to assist young athletes in balancing their education with their football pursuits.

The Marbella academy is closely connected to the Europa Point Football Club, offering players the opportunity to engage in professional football alongside and against international players.

Address: Situated in the heart of Costa del Sol, Marbella.

Contact: +34 609 53 75 50

Fees: Nil


Reasons For Joining Football Academy In London

Football academies provide you with the chance to learn, enhance your skills, gain a deep understanding of the sport, and, most crucially, offer you a platform to showcase your talent to a global audience. Within these academies, you can demonstrate your football prowess and reveal to the world your capabilities as a player.

The Football Academy aims to enhance your skills, offering a platform to display your talents. Meanwhile, this potentially leads to a career-defining opportunity. Notably, around 90% of academy alumni secure lucrative professional contracts with leading teams. This is as a result of their outstanding performances while at the academy.

What Is The Registration Fee For Joining A Football Academy In Spain?

Regarding this matter, the fees vary between academies and depend on the package you select. Certain academies charge a fee for trials, whereas others do not. To determine the cost, the most effective approach is to visit the websites of each academy or reach out to them via email or phone to clarify all the necessary details.


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